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Fallout Pnp 2.0

Fallout Pnp 2.0

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Published by Brandi Thunberg

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Published by: Brandi Thunberg on May 06, 2011
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Acknowledgements and Notes
need to thank some very supportivepeople, without whom this projectnever would have happened. Thanksto Elizabeth for being you; thanks toMiroslav for running such a wonderfulwebsite; thanks to my playtesters:Roman, Mike, Karen, Pete, and Arch;thanks for all the supportive emails,and suggestions, from people toonumerous to name; thanks to Brian Fargo,Interplay, and Black Isle for makingsuch great role-playing games; thanks toMichael Owen and Itsatrap, the ScorpionHunter, for ideas and rules regardingcondition modifiers to armor; mega-thanks to Ausir for compiling the mostcomprehensive list of missing items anderrors, and to Roman for compilinganother useful list; thanks to ChrisTaylor of Interplay for making thepublication of this game a possibility;thanks to Ausir (again!) for pointingour more errors and inconsistencies;thanks to Zillameth for setting mestraight on the conditions of towns inthe Fallout universe; thanks to theentire Fallout PnP Yahoogroup (Egroup)for the inspirational discussions,especially about weapons and weaponsmodifications – without you, thisignorant progressive still wouldn’t knowthe difference between a chamber and amagazine. Thanks also to No Mutants Allowed and Freelancer, who provided mewith pictures of weapons so I didn’thave to make hundreds of screenshots.Some names and images in this book arecopyright Interplay Productions, Inc.,and are used with permission. Someimages are copyright Paragon Software,and are used with permission.This is officially version 2.0 of theFallout: PNP RPG rules. I’ve kept allthe rules from the game’s SPECIAL systemintact, except for gun damage, which Imodified – without any change to theresulting numbers – for ease of play ona tabletop. Heavy weapons, artillerypieces, and vehicles I had to completelymake up on my own; for my sources,please see the bibliography at the end.I made some tweaks here and there tomake the rules a little more“realistic,” like allowing both barrelsof a double-barrel shotgun to be firedat once. I included some other weaponsfor the sake of realism and variety. Ifthere is a glaring error or problem withthe game, please feel free to email meat unasoda@hotmail.com and I will behappy to make the necessary changes.Version 1.1 changes – Added conditionmodifier rules for weapons and armor,fixed simple typos, fixed factual errorsregarding “canon” Fallout locations.Version 1.2 changes – AdjustedLouisville Slugger damage, fixed varioustypos and tweaked sentence structures,added Perks previously left out,adjusted rolls to reflect errata in theFallout readme files, added Karmaerrata, added the optional, streamlinedBurst Fire rules.Version 1.5 changes – Tweaked sentencestructure and grammar to make the bookmore readable and to clear up severalconfusing passages, fixed spacing andformat problems; fixed several minorerrors; added canon location“Scrapheap,” fixed the index; added adetailed vehicle combat system; addedpictures of weapons, armor, andequipment; overhauled racial aspects ofcharacter creation and added new racesto reflect Tactics additions; added newTraits and Perks from Tactics; added newweapons and armor from Tactics; addedsome non-redundant armor from Wasteland;added helpful essays; added the Table ofContents; added character archetypes;added a “sample adventure.”Version 2.0 changes – mostly tweaks onadditions in the 1.5 version.Reformatted many of the pages.
A Word About Role Playing and theFallout Universe
reating a role-playing game is muchlike a high-wire act in the circus:one walks a very fine lineattempting to please as many people aspossible. Fallout: Pencil and Paper RPGwas created for two groups of gamers –those who enjoyed the Fallout computergames and wanted to have a tabletopversion for their Saturday night role-playing sessions, and those people whohad not played the computer game butwere interested or curious in the post-Nuclear role-playing environment. It ismy sincere hope that this game providesthe best experience for both kinds ofRPG groups.
Fallout: Pencil and Paper RPG wasdesigned to be flexible in its rulestructure. The system of charactercreation and combat was drawn directlyfrom Fallout’s SPECIAL system, becauseit is one of the more intuitive RPGsystems I've encountered. However,because a computer can do manycalculations in a short amount of time,and keep track of millions of variables,the combat system can get a littlecomplex at times. I've tried to providea character sheet that places all thenecessary numbers in one place for easeof use, but some players may find thattedious. Which brings me to my next(and last) point.This book is designed as a guide. Thereason we role-play is to allow ourimaginations to take us to another worldfor a brief time. It is not to sitthere and roll dice and punch numbersinto a calculator all night. I've role-played with both kinds of groups, andwhen I've GMed, I've leaned towards thefirst kind – more story, less dice andnumbers. I would skip looking up tablesand such and make things up on the fly.For rules junkies, there are plenty oftables and things to keep you going. Ieven encourage you to make your owntables for things like critical hits,perhaps using mine as a guide. Forthose more prone to loose, formlessrole-playing, feel free to discardtables, rolls, or whatever else suitsyour fancy. The idea behind this gameis to have fun, so if you find somethingdoesn't work for your group, please feelfree to get rid of it.I’ve omitted some of the Tactics rules,or changed others slightly, because theyare rules that belong more in a tacticalcombat simulator than a roleplaying gameand would probably unbalance a PnP RPG.For example, I kept the original Fallout2 idea that ghouls could wear the samearmor that humans could, and I changedthe way that First Aid and Doctor skillswere used in combat (healing peoplecompletely in 1 round would haveseriously unbalanced the game). I’msure diligent players will note otherchanges as well; please keep in mindthat I’ve carefully considered thoserules and the spirit of a tabletop RPG,and adapted them accordingly.I get a lot of emails imploring me toadd things to the game; since this is asexact an adaptation of the SPECIALsystem as I can make, I usually only addthings that are “canon” or are obviouslymissing from the game. However, thereare some things in the games that arefairly redundant. You may not see everyweapon in Tactics in this manual,because one much like it already exists.It actually appears that some of theweapons in Tactics are factuallyincorrect as well; when I’ve noticed afactual error in a weapon description ora kind of ammo a gun uses, I’ve tried tofix it and maintain the spirit of thegame.One more thing: I realize this is veryconfusing, but the Fallout world usesthe Metric system to measure everything
weight, which is measured instandard-system pounds. I prefer metricbecause of the easy conversions, butsince the game was originally programmedand created by Americans, weightprobably slipped through the cracks.Sorry about that. I’m not going tochange it, either.

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