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Russian Revolution Part 2

Russian Revolution Part 2

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Published by Joyce Seo

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Published by: Joyce Seo on May 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Russian Revolution Part 2
Anti-communism foreign government invaded to help the whites
Britian. US in Nw, Japan in Vladivostok, France in S
Why did the Bolsheviks win the Civil War?
Well organized, disciplined Red ArmyLeader: Leon Trotsky ± military geniusLenin¶s right hand manAble to maintain military disciplinePopular opposition to foreign interventionPeasant feared that the monarchy would be reestablishedLand would be taken awayBolshevik ruthlessnessDid everything in order to stay in power 
 New Economic Policy [NEP] (1921-1924)
Cost of the Civil War was enormousEconomy in shamblesLenin realized that Russia needed a TEMPOPRARY break before continuing on path tocommunism = NEPLenin called it two steps back to advance one step forwardRestored market economy and limited private enterprise to produce goodsState decides how much is produced and how much is chargedPeasants allowed to grow goods for market and keep profitsConcentrated on rebuilding the infrastructureEverything was shambled and fell apartTried to modernize RussiaElectrification campaignEconomically, was a great successThis was temporary though ± not Lenin¶s ultimate goalMove towards the industrial, nationalized government that wasn¶t built aroundagricultureOnly did it to appease the peasants
Creation of the Soviet Union [1920-1923]
Red Army reconquered territory of former Russian EmpireAgain, a multi-national, multi-ethnic countrySaw it as their job to bring back the territories that they had lostHowever, it couldn¶t be seen as Russia being imperialistic because imperialismwas against communism ± was associated with the capitalist WestMaintained fiction that territories were reuniting with Russia by their own Free WillIndependent socialist republics declared, which then joined Russia in federal systemBolsheviks helped other countries1920 ± Ukraine joined with Russia to create Union of Socialist Republics [USSR]1921 ± Caucuses reconqueuredGeorgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan joinedIn reality, they wanted to make sure Russia was in controlOther leaders were dumped and replaced by Russians to be in charge of differentcountries

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