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Is Cuomo Ignoring the Evidence Against Gay Marriage? (Updated)

Is Cuomo Ignoring the Evidence Against Gay Marriage? (Updated)

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Published by RogerWilliams
America ... and New York ... can no longer avoid the public policy implications of gay-militant deception, manipulation and intimidation!
America ... and New York ... can no longer avoid the public policy implications of gay-militant deception, manipulation and intimidation!

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Published by: RogerWilliams on May 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(For another perspective, see Peter Sprigg and the FRC’s “The Top Ten Harms of Same-Sex Marriage”)REASON 1: AMERICA ... AND NEW YORK ... WILL REASSESS THE EVIDENCE AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY & TRANSGENDERISMDr Paul McHugh: “Surgical Sex”http://www.policystudies.ca/documents/Surgical_Sex_Change.pdf 
Paul McHugh is University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
..We have wasted scientific and technical resources and damaged our professional credibility by collaborating with madness rather thantrying to study, cure, and ultimately prevent it….”REASON 2: AMERICA WILL REJECT THE EFFORT BY A COMPLICIT MEDIA TO SWAMP THEM WITH DISINFORMATION!
Lawyer and author Roger J. Magnuson ... on Gay America’s determination with hijacking Black America’s struggle!(“
 Are Gay Rights Right?: Making Sense of the Controversy 
”; Multnomah Press; 1992; Portland, Oregon 97266).The excerpt below is taken from his arguments at pgs. 67-107, specifically p. 82-89):“...
As we have already seen, proponents of gay rights laws rely heavily on an analogy to other human rights legislation. If human rights lawshave provided protection to other minorities, why should society not add one more group to those protected from discrimination? Hitching their wagon to the broadly based support Americans have traditionally given civil rights laws, gay rights advocates have made surprising progress inthe past decade.The human rights analogy, though popular and politically understandable, cannot withstand careful analysis. Adding homosexual behaviour to alist of classes that includes racial and religious minorities makes no sense. The tenuous balance of social interests represented by these laws isreflected in the few, and carefully chosen, classes they protect. Relief has been given only in extraordinary circumstances.To add another protected class, at least five requirements have had to be shown:(1) A demonstrable pattern of discrimination …(2) … based on criteria that are arbitrary and irrational …(3) … causing substantial injury …(4) … to a class of people with an unchangeable or immutable status …(5) … which has no element of moral fault...
REASON 3: AMERICA ... AND NEW YORK ... WILL AGAIN REJECT GAY-MILITANT INTIMIDATION!“Matt Gurney: California's gay marriage vote sparks retribution”
Posted: November 14, 2008, 1:00 PM by Kelly McParland
Democracy requires voters to sometimes decide painful, contentious issues. An absolute prerequisite to that is being able to rest assuredthat one may cast their vote – and yes, donate their money – safe in the knowledge that their legally-discharged democratic duty will not exposethem to vigilante retribution or political intimidation
.Eckern chose to step aside without a fight, and seems genuinely mortified to have caused offence.
I cannot help but wonder, though, what would havehappened if he'd stuck by his guns and simply stated that how he spent his money was his business?
Would the California Musical Theater havechampioned their employee's right to vote his conscience, or would they have exercised political censorship by finding some way to turf him for supportingYes on 8?Scott Eckern is an accidental symbol, a man thrust into the spotlight by the vagaries of chance and the realities of instant electronic communication. Butthere are thousands of others like him who have been left equally exposed to revenge or social stigmatization for disagreeing with another person's opinion.
Democracy cuts both ways, and financial supporters of gay marriage are just as vulnerable to retaliation as those who opposed it. The aftermathof this campaign has already turned ugly, and if the situation deteriorates further, lives could well be endangered.
When contacted for comment, Andrew Pugno, a spokesman for the Yes on 8 Campaign, wrote,
"It is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It isscary. And notable that law enforcement and government leaders stand by silently."
California's choice to publish the names, addresses, andoccupations of those who donate large sums to political causes is not only dangerous politically, but could quickly become dangerous in the most literalsense possible. With tempers running hot, the shaming of Scott Eckern and his resignation might strike some as a victory.
Those who would celebrateshould be mindful, however, of the potential ramifications of having opened this particular Pandora's Box. Indeed, opponents of Proposition 8might soon rue the day that in their earnest and understandable haste to drive the government out of their bedrooms, they pushed themselvesinto another citizen's voting booth….”REASON 4: AMERICANS ... AND NEW YORKERS ... WILL AGAIN REJECT GAY-MILITANT PSYCHO-VIOLENCE“Prop. 8 supporters suffer vandalism, violence”
 Associated Press - 11/3/2008 7:15:00 AM
SAN DIEGO - A pastor leading efforts to pass a ballot initiative that would end same-sex "marriage" in California says the campaign has become the targetof vandalism and violence.
“... Rev. Jim Garlow says signs urging a "Yes" vote on Proposition 8 are being stolen, churches have been pelted with eggs, cars have beenparked outside the homes of supporters bearing the message "Bigots live here," and some supporters have been physically assaulted. Garlowsays a pastor even had the windows of his car shot out because he was displaying a "Yes on 8" sticker. "One man in Modesto was beaten as hewas handing out 'Yes on 8' signs, and had stitches in his eye," he adds."We have boys dying...protecting our freedom in Iraq, while we have our freedom being taken as people rip signs out and destroy them anddeface them," says Pastor Garlow. "It's quite an amazing venue to find ourselves in [here] in America.
"Proposition 8 would amend the state constitution to say, "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." The measure issupported by evangelical Christian, Roman Catholic, and Mormon groups. It is opposed by Unitarians and Episcopalians ...”
Homosexuality is not a Civil Right
"by Robert Regier and Daniel Garcia ( 
“…. When protecting one’s inalienable and civil rights, the government must discern between liberty and license. This requires that rights attachto persons because of their humanity, not because of their behaviors, and certainly not those behaviors that Western legal and moral traditionhas regarded as inimical to the "Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God," as stated in the Declaration. Yet, today some advocate granting "rights" to behaviors hostile to the most fundamental forms of self-government—family, church, andcommunity. This is especially the case with homosexual activists, who ironically seek to hijack the moral capital of the civil rights movement….”REASON 6: AMERICA WILL AGAIN REJECT A HOAX THAT IGNORES THE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE
The Removal of Homosexuality from the Psychiatric Manual
"by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi( 
All three great pioneers of psychiatry--Freud, Jung and Adler--saw homosexuality as disordered. Yet today, homosexuality is not to befound in the psychiatric manual of mental disorders. Were these three great pioneers just reflecting the ignorance and prejudice of their times?Is this radical shift due to our modern-day enlightened, sophisticated attitude? Has there been any new research to account for this shift of opinion? I submit that no new psychological or sociological research justifies this shift. Research did not settle the question. Research simplystopped, and it is politics that has silenced the professional dialogue. Now, the only studies on homosexuality are from an advocacyperspective.Militant gay advocates working in a small but forceful network have caused apathy and confusion within our society. They insist that acceptanceof the homosexual as a person cannot occur without endorsement of the homosexual condition. Intellectual circles too--who are self-consciousabout sounding intolerant--proclaim homosexuality as normal, yet it is still not so for the average person for whom it "just doesn't seem right…. Yet in the history of psychiatry, has a heterosexual ever sought treatment for distress about his heterosexuality and wished to becomehomosexual? When I put that question in correspondence to the chairman of the
Nomenclature Committee, Robert L. Spitzer, he replied:"the answer, as you suspected, is no". Why does the profession no longer consider homosexuality a problem? .... ”REASON 7: AMERICA WILL AGAIN REJECT A HOAX THAT IGNORES THE PSYCHO-SEXUAL ... AND POLICE ... EVIDENCE!The law review
Crafting Bi/Homosexual Youth
”, by Dr. Judith Reisman,14 REGENT U. L. REV. 283, 326 (2002); http://www.regent.edu/news/lawreview/articles/14_2Reisman.doc; pp 9-11 of 60) C. Hiding Dirty Laundry“... The biases of the media are revealed as much by what is not reported as what is reported.Homosexual authors David Island and Patrick Letellier attempt to expose inter-gay violence in their book,Men Who Beat the Men Who LoveThem, estimating that up to "650,000 gay men" are annually battered; "a gay man is [
] abused . . . every 90 seconds."How many of these battered men die at the hands of other homosexuals?There were 3327 cases of gay-on-gay "domestic violence" reported by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs in 1997 — three timesthe number of "anti-gay" "intimidation" or assaults alleged upon homosexuals that same year.Island and Letellier document inter-gay battery as the primary homosexual health problem after 1) AIDS (males), Cancer (females) and 2) drugabuse.They write, "The Director of the Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project . . . in San Francisco stated that domestic violence may affect and poisonas many as fifty percent of gay male couples." "We believe that far too many [heterosexual] husbands . . . are violent, but that their proportion iscloser to twenty percent." "Domestic violence is acknowledged, talked about, and dealt with more in straight relationships than in gay malerelationships."Approximately 21,000 Americans are murdered every year, an average of 58 each day, compared to two killings allegedly based on "sexualorientation" in 1996. These hard data find "gay" men to be at far greater risk of harm from other gay men and from outraged, often former boyabuse victims, than from homophobic rednecks. Yet Island and Letellier find establishment media and the homosexual media will not print the truth about inter-gay violence. Why?It "would be just plain bad press for gays and . . . all bad news needs to be suppressed. . . . [G]ay men truly . . . . have a proportionate share of violent individuals in their midst who bash other gay men [and boys] in startlingly high numbers." "The gay community needs to recognize thatwealthy, white, educated, ‘politically correct’ gay men batter their lovers."The Advocate, the premier magazine for homosexual readers, reports that a minimum of seventy-five percent of its readers admit to engaging inviolent sex; twenty percent engaged in sadistic "bondage and discipline"; and fifty-five percent engaged in other sex acts using painful objects.Compared to heterosexual distrust or dislike, the rare assault inflicted on someone at a bar and the singular, although horrible, aberrant murder,it is fair to say that the on-going, most significant "hate crimes" against homosexuals are, as Kirk and Madsen noted, inflicted by homosexuals.In 1987, "the San Francisco police responded to no fewer than 100 calls per month for gay and lesbian domestic violence. . . . [T]here arethousands upon thousands of victims of gay men’s domestic violence in the United States each month."In 1981, the homosexual press reported that about ten percent of San Francisco’s homicides resulted from homosexual sadomasochistic abuse,a finding that would be in keeping with the Reisman & Johnson data (discussed hereinafter), and that of several homophile researchers whocited self-confessed sadism among upscale homosexual Advocate readers
What, exactly, are the facts for New York ... and America ... today?
Does the dearth of reportage on the issues above mean that the “social revolution” caused by “gay rights” is deliberately masking ... or hiding ...an underbelly of psychosocial, psychosexual, criminal, medical and psychiatric chaos? When will it implode?REASON 8: AMERICA WILL REJECT THE MEDIA’S ... AND HOLLYWOOD’S ... EFFORT TO BULLY AND FOOL THEM!
Lawyer and author Roger J. Magnuson(“
 Are Gay Rights Right?: Making Sense of the Controversy 
”; Multnomah Press; 1992; Portland, Oregon 97266).The excerpt below is taken from his arguments at pg. 137)Let’s see how New York’s pro-gay-marriage politicians and media stand up to this indictment!
Listen carefully to their arguments!
Lawyer Roger J. Magnuson who makes the point at page 137 that gay militants typically use a fourfold tactical plan in their initiatives at deception:
a) They avoid, whenever possible, serious public debate over gay rights measures,b) If debate is imminent, they seek to intimidate opposing voices into silence.c) If debate occurs, they use ad hominem arguments; label opponents as superstituous, insensitive and ignorant.d) If the debate goes beyond ad hominem labelling, they avoid at all costs discussion of homosexual behaviour, and keep the discussion asabstract as possible - civil rights, discrimination, minority status.REASON 9: AMERICA WILL ASK ... WHAT ELSE DO WE KNOW ABOUT THIS PSYCHOSEXUAL DISORDER?A psychosexual or mental disorder, when given the space to consider itself “normal”, will always seek to impose its madness on society!
Dr. Steve Baldwin’s law review “
(http://www.regent.edu/news/lawreview/articles/14_2Baldwin.doc  ) 14 REGENT U.L. REV. 267 2002) illustrates the imperative that should guide entire national policies:“..
Unfortunately, the truth is stranger than fiction. Research confirms that homosexuals molest children at a rate vastly higher thanheterosexuals, and the mainstream homosexual culture commonly promotes sex with children. Homosexual leaders repeatedly argue for thefreedom to engage in consensual sex with children, and blind surveys reveal a shockingly high number of homosexuals admit to sexual contactwith minors. Indeed, the homosexual community is driving the worldwide campaign to lower the age of consent ...
(See W.D. Erickson et al, Behavior Patterns of Child Molesters, 17 ARCHIVES SEXUAL BEHAV. I, 83 [1988] and numerous other references onpage 2 of 16 in Dr. Baldwin’s review)REASON 10: AMERICA WILL ASK ... WHY ARE WE PREOCCUPIED WITH IGNORING THE MEDICAL EVIDENCE?Does this explain why gay militancy will ALWAYS seek to control the health sector in activist states?
Their position is perplexing given the hard medical evidence:"...
The Surgeon General has said, "Condoms provide some protection, but anal intercourse is simply too dangerous a practice...." ("Condomsand sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS": Article 7, FDA document 90-4239).
David Ostrow et al have gone to great lengths to explain why the Surgeon General has adopted this position, and it bears repeating at this stage:"...
The physiology of the rectum makes it clear that sodomy is unnatural. The inward expansion of the rectum during anal intercourse frequentlytears the rectal lining, resulting in spasms, colitis, cramps, and a variety of other physical responses. Furthermore, sperm can readily penetratethe rectal wall (the vagina cannot be so readily penetrated) and do massive immunological damage, leaving the body vulnerable to a bewilderingvariety of opportunistic infections....
" (David Ostrow et al, eds., “Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Homosexual Men”, New York, Plenum Medical BookCo., 1982 in the article “Hemorrhoids, Anal Fissure and Condylomata Acuminata”; G. Manligit et al., “Chronic Immune Stimulation by Sperm Alloantigens,” in the Journal of the American Medical Association 251, 1984 … 237-241; See also J. Richards et al., “Rectal Insemination Modifies ImmuneResponses in Rabbits,” Science 224 … 1984 … 390-392; G. Shearer and A. Rabson, “Semen and Aids,” Nature 308 … 1984:230). (These and other citations in Roger Magnuson's "
 Are Gay Rights Right? Making Sense of the Controvers
"; Multhnomah Press:)… and to the extent that the homosexual population in the USA circa 1987 (
1 to 5%
of the total population) was responsible for more than
of thenational cases of syphilis and gonorrhoea, New Yorkers will not wilfully ignore the fact that
we can expect a similarly dramatic and disproportionateeffect in the contracting and spread of rectal gonorrhoea, gonorrhoea of the throat, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, herpes, CMV, urethritis, pediculosis,scabies, venereal warts and intestinal parasites in addition to the incidence of HIV.
(Source: Kate Leishman, “AIDS and Syplillis”, The AtlanticMonthly. January 1988, 20, 21; E. Rowe, “Homosexual Politics”, CLA, 1984, , 17; P. Buchanan and J. Muir, “Gay Times and Diseases,” The AmericanSpectator, August 1984, 15-18; L. Corey and A. Holmes, “Sexual Transmission of Hepatitis A in Homosexual Men”, New England Journal Of Medicine 3021980 435-8; Gerald Mandell et al., eds., Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases, 3rd ed., New York, John Wiley 1990, 2280-84; J. Kassler, “GayMen’s Health”, New York, Harper & Row, 1983, 38;) as cited by Roger J Magnuson …
What are the current medical facts for New York and the USA?How much more of a strain will outbreaks be on city/state/national budgets?And then, again, there is MRSA ... with an aggressiveness of infection 19 times more for homosexual populations.REASON 11: AMERICA ... AND NEW YORK ... WILL ASK ... HAS THE MEDICAL DATA REMAINED CONSISTENT OVER 10 YEARS?“Prevalence of HIV Infection in the United States, 1984 to 1992”John M. Karon, Ph.D., et al;Journal of the American Medical Association, July 10, 1996, Table 4.
Males who have sex with males account for over half of all HIV infections in the United States, the mid-range estimate being approximately 450,000cases out of a total of 750,000....”This for 4% of the population! Again, does this explain why, without exception, gay-activism will always seek to control the health sector in activist states?
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