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Published by Art Bulla

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Published by: Art Bulla on May 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Revelation of history of House of Israel, and tracing of ordination to Melchizedec Priesthood held byPatriarchs of Twelve Tribes. Calling of Moses. Moses ordained under the hands of Jethro, his father-in-law. Melchizedec Priesthood withdrawn because of rebellion. Substitution of Aaronic or Levitical Priesthood. Abraham descended from Shem, one of three sons of Noah. Shem is Melchizedec, or King of Salem. Africannations descended from Ham. Ham’s wife, Egyptus, from whom Egypt takes its name. Curse of Cain preserved in land, through flood by Egyptus. Order of Enoch or United order respecified. Received December, 1980.
nd now, saith the Lord God of Israel,my chosen, I the Lord God shallgiven unto those who ask in alldiligence and humility before me,knowledge concerning the manwhom I have formed that through hismouth it is that I should speak unto theeO man, that thou shouldst also partakewith me of Eternal Life, for this verily is that which isthe greatest of the gifts of God.2 For it is my desire that ye should fulfill themeasure of your creation and partake with meof such an exceeding weight of might, glory,power and intelligence that thy tongue, O man,is unable in the working thereof to express themight thereof which doth exceed in power,might and glory and joy anything which is orhas been upon the earth, which might, glory, itis written that the sun which shineth in thefirmament is written of as being typical.3 Yea, thus saith the Lord, thy God who it isthat doth speak unto thee by the might andpower of my spirit which it is that doth bearrecord of me, saith the Lord, that the powerwhich is in possession of my sons Abraham,Isaac and Jacob surpasseth all things for theyare Gods, yea even the sons of God, and if theyshould appear unto thee, O man, it would causethe destruction of the earth upon which thoustandest, for I the Lord thy God have given allthings unto them, for they are they who haveabided the law unto which they were createdand thus they are bodies celestial, for theirglory is that glory which is compared unto thesun in the brightness of their appearing.4 And these things are after the oath and Cove-nant of the Melchizedec Priesthood, which isafter the Order of Enoch, which is after theOrder of the Son of God, which Order is writtenby the hand of my servant Paul, who is also aparticipant in these things, O man, is withoutbeginning of days or end of years, yea, and isalso without father or mother.5 And it is through this Holy Order that allthings are dispensed unto the children of menwhich pertain unto godliness, and without thisPriesthood, yea even the Holy Priesthood after75
The Revelations of Jesus Christ
the Order of the Son of God, the power of godliness is not manifest unto men in the flesh.6 For no man can see the face of God and live,unless it should be that he is ordained after thisOrder, and no man taketh this honor, yea, eventhe honor and might of my Holy Priesthoodunless he is called and ordained as was Moseswho also is in the similitude of mine OnlyBegotten, with whom I spake face to face.7 And Moses received the Priesthood fromJethro, the Midianite, who it is received theHoly Priesthood from under the hands of thefathers, even Abraham, who received it fromunder the hands of Melchizedec, who receivedit under the hands of the Fathers before theflood,and Noah his Father, who was alsoordained unto mine Holy Order, by the whichhe receive the revelations of God and the ordi-nances thereof and would have saved thechildren of men with an everlasting salvation, if they would hearken unto him and the wordswhich I the Lord God did speak unto themthrough the agency of this Order.8 And Noah did receive the Priesthood underthe hands of Methuselah, who it was that wasordained by Adam as was Enoch.9 And Adam was ordained by Eloheim.10 And thus it is that this priesthoodcontinueth in all generations and is the meansby which salvation is wrought out among thechildren of men, and is the medium throughwhich I the Lord your God reveal the mysteries,yea, the unsearchable things of God unto them,and is the medium through which all scriptureis given for the benefit of the children of men,and is the foundation of all righteous govern-ment which also is after the Order of Enoch orthat which is called the United Order in thewhich men were freed at that time from alltemporal bondage, in the which all whoparticipated therein have all things in common,and every man esteemed his neighbor ashimself in things which are of a temporalnature.11 And it is my will, saith the Lord God of Israel, who also was ordained after mine Order,that this Order spoken of which is called theOrder of Enoch or that United Order shouldagain be established upon the earth that theymay be prepared for that which is to comewhich is the collapse or the fall of Babylon theGreat which is after the Order of that Evil Onewho it is that doth rule and bear sway in thehearts and minds of the children of men at thistime, for thus saith the Lord, this greed whichdoth motivate men to such a marked degreethat the children of men are held for theirexistence at the mercy of harsh taskmasters whoit is that doth grind the faces of the poor andmeek of the earth and trod them under foot, forI the Lord God have seen their oppressions andhave heard their cries for they have ascendedup unto me.12 Therefor it is my will that they should befreed from these things be being obedient untothe dictates of my righteous servant that onceagain my Holy Order may be establishedamong them that all distinctions of a temporalnature should be done away among you.13 For thus saith the Lord there is enough inthe earth and the surplus thereof that all shouldreceive enough that their need of a temporalnature should be met, for life is more than thatwhich a man or woman doth eat or that whichthey shall wear, saith the Lord.14 And it is for this reason that mine Orderwhich is after the Order of Aaron which is notafter the Order of Melchizedec, but is after thatorder which pertaineth unto the temporal needsof man should be established.15 And this is the calling of a Bishop which isan office and calling pertaining unto the Orderof Aaron, that he should preside over the Orderof Enoch, or the United Order, which pertainethunto that economic condition which I desirethat those who call themselves after my name76
should adopt, saith the Lord God of Israel.16 And Timothy who is now with me was thefirst Bishop at Ephesus, and he was ordainedunder the hands of my servant Paul who wasOrdained an Apostle which is an office in theMelchizedec Priesthood, under the hands of Peter, whom it was that I the Lord thy God didcommit the keys of these things, yea even thatof the Holy Priesthood of the Son of God that heshould judge, yea, even the House of Israelalong with James and John my servants whoare Presidents of this Priesthood under thedirection of the Only Begotten, even at thistime.17 And inasmuch as these mine Apostles werekilled, my priesthood which is after the Orderof Melchizedec of old was taken or removed,that the whole earth was plunged into such anexceeding great darkness as has not beenknown among the children of men before orsince, in the which I the Lord thy God did suf-fer my spirit that it should be withdrawn fromoff the earth and man whom I have createdafter mine own image did become even as thebeast of the field, that he should kill or be killedeven as the beasts of the forest.18 And this, O man, was known as the dark ormiddle ages.19 And thus I the Lord God hid my face fromman who I created, and this because, evenbecause they did slay my servants when theycame among them that they should testify that Ithe Lord God had come among them in theflesh.20 And these mine Apostles were eyewitnessesof my glory and they were sent to testify of these things and they also would have savedman whom I have created, but they would not.21 And this because in their pride and wisdomin the which they lusted after the vain things of apparel and ornaments and gold and silver andshunned that which doth give life and salva-tion, yea O man, know ye not that the streets of the City of God are paved with that gold whichye do lust after?22 Why is it that ye cannot see me and knowme who it is that doth speak unto you for I too,am after the Order of Melchizedec, yea evenJesus of Nazereth, whom ye have not known?23 And therefor it is for this reason that I theLord thy God have caused that another Priestshould arise ter the Order of Melchizedec thathe too should be ordained also unto mineApostleship which office and calling myservant doth hold for both time and eternity, forhe is after mine Order and was with me fromthe beginning and his spirit was foreordainedbefore the world was in the council of the Godsthat he should come forth at this time that Imay prove unto the children of men that I amthe same, yesterday, today, and forever, andbecause I the Lord thy God have given unto thechildren of men, one gift, ye need not supposethat I cannot give another.24 For he too is in the similitude of mine OnlyBegotten.25 And all those who will not be obedient untome through him, will I the Lord God destroyform off the face of the earth.26 For the day fast approacheth in the which Ithe Lord God have caused that my spirit shouldagain be withdrawn from off the face of theearth except among those who are obedientunto the dictates of my righteous servant evenas the children of Israel were obedient untoMoses in that day which I did deliver them alsofrom both temporal and spiritual bondage.27 And now, O man, who is it that doth mock or counsel me, saith the Lord, in these things?28 For they are they who shall taste of mywrath and suffer with the devil and his angelsin that hell spoken of, for I the Lord will not bemocked.29 Even so, I the Lord thy God, who it is thatdoth speak unto thee, will explain these thingsunto thee, O man, who doth exalt thyself in the77

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