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Makalah Elektro - Directly Modulated CATV Transport Systems Using Negative Dispersion Fiber

Makalah Elektro - Directly Modulated CATV Transport Systems Using Negative Dispersion Fiber

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Published by Yoga Nurzaman

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Published by: Yoga Nurzaman on May 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This manuscript has been accepted for rapid publication in Optical Engineering Letters. This version has not beenedited or formatted for publication; the final printed article may differ due to copyediting of the manuscript. Thefinal version of the manuscript is scheduled to appear in the March 2005 issue of 
Optical Engineering 
(Volume 44, Number 3)
Directly modulated CATV transport systems using negative dispersion fiber
Hai-Han Lu
 National Taipei University of TechnologyInstitute of Electro-Optical EngineeringTaipei, 10608, TaiwanE-Mail: hhlu@ntut.edu.tw
Je-Wei LiawYi-Shiuan LeeWan-Lin TsaiYu-Jie Ji
 National Taipei University of TechnologyDepartment of Electrical EngineeringTaipei, 10608, Taiwan ________ 
Manuscript OE L040280R received May 23, 2004; revised manuscript received December 1, 2004; accepted for  publication December 7, 2004; appeared online December 13, 2004.© 2005 Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers
A directly modulated AM-VSB CATV transport system using negative dispersionfiber (NDF) as the transmission medium is proposed and successfully demonstrated. Good  performances of carrier-to-noise radio (CNR), composite second order (CSO) and compositetriple beat (CTB) were obtained over a-70 km NDF transport without optical amplification.Directly modulated laser has a positive chirp, while NDF has a negative dispersion propertyin the transmission fiber, this negative dispersion property compensates the laser chirp and results in system with better transmission performance.Subject terms:directly modulated laser; frequency chirp; negative dispersion fiber.
1 Introduction
To extend the transmission distance is the goal of the fiber optical CATV transport systems.Fiber chromatic dispersion is one of the most severe limiting factors in long-haul lightwavetransport systems. If the fiber transmission length exceeds several tens of kilometers,dispersion effect can cause intolerable amounts of composite second order (CSO) and composite triple beat (CTB) distortions. It is necessary to use dispersion compensationdevices, such as chirped fiber grating or dispersion compensation fiber,
to overcome thedispersion effect and consequently decrease the nonlinear distortion. But dispersioncompensation device increase the cost and complexity of systems; for a successfuldeployment of lightwave transport systems, the cost and complexity are obviouslyconsiderable concern. Recently, a directly modulated transmitter has become attractive for lightwave transport systems, because it costs lower compared with an externally modulated transmitter. Directly modulated transmitter, however, has a large chirp which limits thetransmission distance due to small dispersion tolerance. In pervious studies, negativedispersion fiber (NDF) has been used as the transmission medium in digital lightwavetransport systems.
But its application in analog lightwave transport systems has notaddressed. NDF, which has negative dispersion, is expected to compensate positive laser chirp and improve the dispersion tolerance in a directly modulated CATV transport system.In this work, the architecture of a directly modulated CATV transport system over NDF linksis proposed. We successfully demonstrate that, directly modulated CATV signals can betransmitted maximum up to 70 km of NDF without optical amplification.
2 Experimental Setup
The experimental system configuration of our proposed directly modulated CATV transportsystems using NDF as the transmission medium is shown in figure 1. RF carriers generated 

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