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The Last Supper

The Last Supper



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Published by AuthorBalogun
A student learns a harsh lesson about taking the bitter with the sweet.
A student learns a harsh lesson about taking the bitter with the sweet.

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Published by: AuthorBalogun on May 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Balogun Gboyega was making yam pudding.The old War Chief knelt on a small, straw mat, which lay on a patch of worn grass at the foot of a hill of red-hot stones. A large, black iron pot sat upon the glowing rocks.Master Gboyega poured steaming, hot water from a smaller pot. As Gboyega picked up the ironladle to stir the yam, his student, Jokoo, slithered into the shadows of the trees behind him.The War Chief placed his face close to the pot of yam pudding and inhaled deeply. Gboyegaclosed his eyes and his full lips formed a slight smile. The old master sighed, as the sweet, spicyaroma licked gently at his nostrils.Jokoo stepped forward and prepared to announce his presence, but, seeing the master kneeling,unaware, froze his tongue. The young warrior stared intensely at the back of Master Gboyega¶sneck and his muscles began to tense. This was his chance. With the War Chief out of the way,the Oba ± the king ± would be an easy kill.Jokoo bit his bottom lip in anticipation. ³One blow,´ Jokoo whispered. ³One blow and it¶sdone.´Master Gboyega dipped the ladle into the pot and withdrew a mound of sweet, yam pudding.Gboyega poured the pudding into a wooden bowl that rested beside his left knee.Jokoo took quick, silent strides towards Master Gboyega, until he was within striking distance.The old master continued to dip the ladle into the iron pot.Jokoo¶s breathing grew shallow as he raised his right fist above his head and slowly torque hissinewy torso. The young warrior¶s massive arm began to tremble as he willed searing, pulsingenergy into his fist.The young warrior¶s ase ± his killing energy ± screamed to be unleashed and he exhaled as helurched forward to deliver the powerful blow.Suddenly, Master Gboyega turned and extended the bowl of hot yam pudding towards Jokoo¶schest. ³It is always a pleasure when a student pays me a visit,´ Gboyega said, smiling. ³Here,try some of my yam pudding.´Master Gboyega¶s dark, piercing eyes locked onto Jokoo¶s stony visage and the student felt as if he had run into an invisible, impenetrable side of a mountain. All of Jokoo¶s killing asedissipated, like the steam which rose from the bowl of yam pudding and swirled into nothingnessas it crept towards his face.

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