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Secrets the Weight Loss Industry

Secrets the Weight Loss Industry

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Published by Ken Connor

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Published by: Ken Connor on May 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2010 The Healing Canopy1
2010 The Healing Canopy2
Legal Disclaimer
The entire content of this report is for reference purposes only. It is not intended to be asubstitute for advice given by a medical doctor. It is not advised to use the informationcontained in this report for self-diagnosis or treating any disease or condition. If yoususpect that you have a medical condition, contact your primary care physicianimmediately. Information and statements regarding any nutritional supplements have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and are not intendedto diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.
Copyright Notice© 2010 The Healing Canopy. All Rights Reserved.
 All content contained in “Secrets the Weight Loss Industry Hopes You Never Find Out”is protected under copyright. All literary work contained in “Secrets the Weight LossIndustry Hopes You Never Find Out” is the sole property of its publisher and can only bereprinted with written permission.
2010 The Healing Canopy3
Like the waistlines of many North Americans today, the weight loss industry is growingat a rapid rate with no sign of decreasing any time soon.We are bombarded through mass media with more exercise gadgets, fat burningsupplements, fitness gurus, diet books, specialized weight loss centers and weight losstelevision programs than ever before. Yet somehow more than half of all NorthAmericans are overweight and even worse, one third of the population is now classifiedas clinically obese.Logic would dictate that with the vast sums of money being spent on all of these weightloss products, that everyone would be the proud owner of “six pack abs” and “buns of steel”. Unfortunately for most people the only six-pack and buns they're familiar with,come from cases of beer and the fast food industry.So what’s really going on here? How can so many continue to fail in their efforts to shedexcess body fat permanently? Could it be that an entire generation of people have beencursed by their parent’s bad genes or is it simply an over abundance of readily availablefast foods that is the major culprit?The sad truth is that the very individuals and companies you look to for answers when itcomes to weight loss are not actually in the business of helping you to lose weight. Iknow it sound preposterous, maybe even down right crazy to claim that the weight lossindustry doesn’t want you to lose weight, but read on and I promise you it will start tomake sense…You see it's really all about making money on the promise of a better body and not theactual delivery - selling the sizzle and not the steak. The commercial weight loss industryis built upon and depends on yo-yo dieters and fad exercisers, without whom the entirehouse of cards would come crumbling down and billions of dollars in profit along with it.The sad fact is that there is no big reoccurring revenue in helping people become fit andhealthy permanently. Helping people to help themselves and coaching them to becomeindependently healthy just isn’t very profitable. After all, most of the companies involvedin the weight loss industry are not selling health; they’re simply selling widgets.If you feel you’ve been taken advantage of by some aspect of the weight loss industry,then what you’re about to discover in this report can help you to avoid wasting another dime of your hard earned money on ineffective weight loss products and services.You will finally learn the truth about healthy sustainable weight loss that will have youlooking and more importantly, feeling great for the rest of your life!

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