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A Picture Celebration of My Two Year SCRIBD Anniversary

A Picture Celebration of My Two Year SCRIBD Anniversary



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Published by Rose
The story of how and why I got involved with SCRIBD. Twenty-six pages --Yikes! Don't worry; it's mostly pictures!
The story of how and why I got involved with SCRIBD. Twenty-six pages --Yikes! Don't worry; it's mostly pictures!

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Published by: Rose on May 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Picture Celebration of My Two Year SCRIBD Anniversary
I called this drawing Seven Spirals. It was used as my SCRIBDprofile picture from 2008 to the summer of 2009.The spiral is about eyes and about hugs and about spinning.Spinning deeper and deeper, spinning into another world . . .
My SCRIBD story never was mine alone. From the beginning, ithas always been about a connection with a special friend. Afriend who, in those days, was so very desperate and angry --lashing out, driving everyone away, hopeless, unapproachable.But, even during the worst of it, there were times when he wascalm and would let me, and only me, into his world.Others said I should let him go, that I should give up. They saidhe would only destroy me. And sometimes I could see sometruth in what they said. Still, there was a part of him that was sovery beautiful, a wounded soul longing to be healed, longing tobe loved and accepted. There was a part of him that was beyondrational, possessing a wisdom belonging to a better world. Andeven through the most hopeless of times, I knew where to findthat part of him – a free spirit – existing, living, thriving in thesurreal world of SCRIBD.By the fall of 2008, so much had happened, bringing me to thestrange point in the story where I had been strongly cautioned,even flat out forbidden, by persons representing all areas of mylife, both personal and professional, to have any contact with thisparticular friend. But I felt some kind of overpoweringcompulsion to try just one more time to reach him. I felt like Ihad something to say and if only I could try just one more time, just one more different way to say it, then just maybe he wouldhear me . . .The idea came to me that I should write something and upload itto SCRIBD. But I had to do it in a way that my friend wouldn'tknow it was me. If he knew it was me, I was afraid he would just block out what I had to say. And of course I didn't wantanyone else to know I was in communication with my friendeither; that would be too risky for me.Just opening a SCRIBD account was no easy matter, not for me.I had no computer, no personal e-mail address, and very littleinterest in such things. Still, there I was at the public library, not
wanting to be too much of a bother, asking for assistance fromstrangers. The library staff was helpful, though. And soon I wasall set, with an e-mail address, a password, some minimalknowledge of how to find SCRIBD on the library computers, andmy new secret identity! RoseDQ was born.A Rose by Any Other NameI did not understand how to “upload”. I studied the matter for atime, pulled together what little computer experience I had frommy job, and managed to come up with the thought – Oh, I get it;it's like how we do our time sheets and then send them to oursupervisor by e-mail.My first upload was called simply “Rose. It was more or less justa test to see if I really did understand how the process worked.But it was also meant to be a message to my friend that he

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Rose added this note
Well, y'know, I'm not much of a whiner. Usually. But sometimes I just miss the early years, when there were fun surprises, something to hope for and look forward to on SCRIBD!
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Rose added this note
Happy Anniversary to me!! FOUR years now with SCRIBD!! Wow!
Rose added this note
Well, I do have my complaints from time to time and definitely things have changed a lot over the past 3 and a half years, but, of course, I have to also say SCRIBD has been good to me. And maybe I will get really bored and move on, but I will always be grateful for the inspiration and the opportunity and the stage where I could share my heart for a time. Thanks!!
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Aniruddha Sastikar added this note
"Happy 3rd Anniversary". I haven't been able to read any of your tales/stories/artwork though, this one is too appealing. I surely will read it later.
Rose added this note
RoseDQ was born in October just like me! She turns 3 this month!
Rose added this note
Wow! Time does fly when you're having fun, as they say! Now I've been on SCRIBD for almost THREE years!!

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