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Lady Chaterly: Episode Four

Lady Chaterly: Episode Four

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Published by Ian Beardsley
Lady Chaterly puts forth her theory in ethnomusicology.
Lady Chaterly puts forth her theory in ethnomusicology.

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Published by: Ian Beardsley on May 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lady Chaterly: Episode Four (John’s Event Horizon)Lady Chaterly: I have developed a theory in ethnomusicology. John playsthe oud, a Middle Eastern fretless lute and lives in a cul-de-sac at thenorthernmost point of a suburban track home development. Bedouins go tohis house and celebration arises with hand drums, singing, and clapping tohis playing. The event is heard by neighbors and passerbies. They in turnform a view of the event and carry it to the local market in the samecommunity wherein shoppers get a diluted version of what was actuallyhappening. The shoppers, in turn, carry their diluted version of the event,perhaps even altered as to what it actually was, and carry it home to wherethe rest of the family only knows something middle eastern was going on intheir community, but the exact nature of it at this degree of separation hasvanished completely. They exist at 2.8 miles south of the event, thesouthernmost point of his community. We say that John’s event horizon, thepoint at which his philosophy of life vanishes, is 2.8 miles north of thesouthernmost point of his community.Everyone in the community has a different understanding of what happenedthat night, and in this community everyone is transformed to a differentdegree and a different way.The Bedouins, late at night after the celebration, drive Mercedes and Porchesan hour west to their homes in The Hollywood Hills. Their new frame of mind after the celebration changes every person’s philosophy within thesphere of their community.The next day, John is doing a rock and roll gig in Los Angeles, and the nightof Bedouin celebration changed his view towards music. The entire bandplayed something of a completely different philosophy than they played theweek before at the same place. This transforms a great deal of people in theimmediate vicinity.It then followed that the people within John’s event horizon went to workwith a new frame of mind that changed the way their co-workers did things.The night of the Bedouin celebration at John’s house he served hot dogs. Itwas then reported back to John by his brother-in-law who had a hot dogstand in front of the Home Depot that his hot dog sales doubled.

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