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Evaulation Media Part 3

Evaulation Media Part 3

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Published by kumaonacloud

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: kumaonacloud on May 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What impact did the media institution Film4have on each production stage and why?Zak Lake Gorman
When planning commenced on my then untitled British Social Realist film I knew that thefact it would be presented by ³Film4´ would have a huge impact on what would be my finishedproduct. I researched recurring themes in both ³Film4¶s´ body of work and British SocialRealist films and found that aspiration, negative and surrogate father figures were oftenshown in these films (³This Is England´, ³East Is East´, ³Slumdog Millionaire´, ³28 DaysLater´, ³Fish Tank´, ³Bullet Boy´, ³Kidulthood´)in addition to the characters often livingwith working class families in urban areas. I incorporated these themes into my workbecause I wanted this film not to feel unlike a typical ³Film4´ British Social Realistfilm. Due to the success of British Social Realist films such as ³East Is East´ that have aniche British Asian target audience that is usually untouched ,I decided to market the filmat this audience especially after the success of the ³Film4´ film ³Slumdog Millionaire´which was well received by this audience.
Due to the fact this film was commissioned by ³Film4´ in my planning I knew my story had tobe realistic and deal with subject matter that isn¶t explored in mainstream Hollywoodcinema. Using this knowledge and the fact my target audience was a young Asian Britishaudience I decided to have the story revolve around a British Asian family but inparticular a young girl in the family because this would go against stereotypes (,that³Film4´ I believe would benefit from avoiding) in addition to having a more dramaticprotagonist. In my research I discovered a ³Channel 4´ documentary ³Ambreen: The GirlBoxer´about a teenage British Muslim girl trying to become a boxer. The story of thedocumentary had everything I needed for my film and also because it was based on a truestory appealed even more to me because it would already have an established audience andthe documentary was owned by ³Channel 4´ so I knew I would be able to use this documentaryas a source of inspiration.
³Film4´ had a constant presence in my work which made me create characters which couldparticularly conform to the characters in their previous body of work while also appealingto my target audience because they¶re realistic characters who my target audience may befamiliar with; in particular the brother who is considered a bad Muslim and has a historyof violence and drug abuse.
When looking for locations to film at we knew they would have to be true to where they¶re supposedto represent, so we could not cheat with locations by filming in an area which is renown for a highCaucasian population or filming in locations that have had to be set dressed to suit our purposes.Baring this in mind we used existing real locations that had high populations of British Muslimsand also the locations had to be what we said they were, so scenes were filmed in real gyms andreal changing rooms to give the film the authenticity ³Film4´ is renown for in addition to beingfilmed entirely in Ilford, Forest Gate and Seven Kings where there is a large Asian population.
The authenticity of our work was something we knew we had to have to a high standard because it¶s a³Film4´ British social realist film so we made sure that all our actors portraying British Muslimswere British Muslims in addition to having the character ³Hashaem Khan's´ actor (the protagonistsolder brother) have past experiences with boxing and drug abuse so the authenticity of the actorsperformance was high enough that the audience would be engrossed in his performance. When castingmy principle actors I made them take part three times a week in boxing classes so when filmingtheir training it would be realistic and seem like a real boxing warm up. Our actor Farhan Soogunwho portrays our referee was selected to play that chosen character because he has past experiencesof refereeing boxing matches as a hobby and could therefore accurately portray the character withnot much direction needed because he had done so refereeing before.
The equipment we used also had to represent the fact it¶s a ³Film4´ production. We decide to usehandheld camerawork from a Mini DV with a tripod used for certain shots after viewing Danny Boyle¶s³28 Days Later´ which gives off an almost documentary style to the film which we believed wouldbenefit the films style, it should also be noted that ³28 Days Later2 is a ³Film4´ production so weknew that this directing style would help the product feel in house to ³Film4´. To enhance thedocumentary style of filmmaking we would often rest the camera on objects or structures in theenvironment to engross the audience by making them feel like an observer in the film.

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