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Imagine - Issue 2 (2009)

Imagine - Issue 2 (2009)

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Published by Chris
The second 2009 edition of Imagine magazine, published by the British pressure group Republic.

Republic advocates for the abolition of the monarchy in favour of a republic.

The second 2009 edition of Imagine magazine, published by the British pressure group Republic.

Republic advocates for the abolition of the monarchy in favour of a republic.


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Published by: Chris on May 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MPs’ expenses row threatens monarchy
Scotland steering group set up
Campaign Map featured on centre pages
2009 | Issue 2
Back issues and more at www.republic.org.uk/imagine
  W  I  N
  A   M  U  G  !   P A  G  E   1  1 
The voice of modern republicanism
Real Progress
Republic continues to make progress onmedia, membership and money
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 Campaign updatesAnnual ConferenceCampaign MapMuch more...
The parliamentary expenses scandalhas triggered a wide ranging debateon reform of Britain’s antiquated andunwritten constitution.Discussion in the media has alsostarted to look at the role of theQueen, with some papers asking if sheshould step in and act by dissolvingparliament while others wondered if the new mood of public hostilitytoward the ruling classes wouldspread to the palace.The Daily Mail’s Peter McKaysuggested “the Crown sits uneasy inthis crisis” and asked if public angerdirected at Parliament could easilyspread into a wholesale re-evaluationof our entire constitutional set-up. Hequoted Republic saying: “The Queenhas demonstrated that she is a lameduck head of state. It is during crisessuch as these that an effective leaderis needed who can stand above thepolitical fray.”“An elected head of state who ischosen and respected by the people,and who has the mandate to speak forthe people, would be able to show realleadership at this time.”The Guardian launched an extensiveseries of articles from columnistsexploring all the various possibilitiesfor constitutional reform. The ensuingonline debate was dominated by pro-republic arguments for wholesalechange.Republic supporter JonathanFreedland argued in his column for a“shift from our current system – whichrests on the belief that the crown-in-parliament is sovereign – to thesimpler notion that it is the peoplewho are sovereign in their own land.”Guardian commentator Gary Younge -who has just signed up as a Republicsupporter - dedicated his column tothe issue of the monarchy. He said:“Those who insist the role is merelysymbolic miss the point. It symbolisessomething extremely corrosive in ourhistory and culture: the notion thatyour life chances are determined notby what you can do, but to whom youwere born – which is the verycornerstone of a society riddled withclass prejudice and privilege.Moreover, it enshrines the notion thatpower can be unaccountable at thevery pinnacle of our system of government.”Republic will be making theconnection between royal andparliamentary expenses when theroyal finance reports come out at theend of June, arguing thataccountability must be applied to alluse of public funds. 
 “The Queen has demonstratedthat she is a lame duck head of state. It is during crises … thatan effective leader is needed.” 
A national debate is now underway about sweeping constitutional reform.
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If we haven’t you could be missing out on importantcampaign news and regular opportunities to help usspread the word and tell the world about what Republicis doing and saying. Email enquiries@republic.org.uk.
MP expenses row triggersserious reform debate
 “It enshrines the notion thatpower can be unaccountable atthe very pinnacle of our systemof government.” 
Maybe this fuss over expenses canbe an opportunity for Republic. Noone has their snouts in the trough asmuch as the Windsor familyMike BickleyCumbria
I thought the Spring Conference wasvery enjoyable. I think it would begreat if more members can getactively involved in the campaign intheir local area. Can we use theinternet more to put people in touchwith each other?Gillian CravenSomerset
The standards campaign is anexcellent idea. I can’t believe peopleare complaining so much about MPsspending taxpayers’ money on moatsand second homes when the Windsorfamily have been abusing thetaxpayer for centuries. How manyhomes and moats do they have?I just hope we can get this exposedwith the freedom of information lawsthat exposed the MPs’ expenses.Lawrence GoodallEdinburgh
The information on Republic Day isinteresting, but can we make more of it next year? Perhaps with morenotice and more information moremembers will get involved.Can I suggest we provide postcardsto all members so they can sendthem to their MP for Republic Day2010? I expect we’ll have a lot of new MPs by then, so maybe we’ll getsome different responses.What are we doing about gettinglocal groups organised? Now’s thetime for action right across thecountry! Scotland is a good start,but we need more groups andactivists in towns around the UK.Bill EmeryLondonIn Britain, power still belongs at thetop – with the crown and the palace of Westminster – unless our rulers deignto "devolve" some of it outward.
 Jonathan Freedland
 When it comes to the little things likedeclaring war and peace, dissolvingparliament and ratifying treaties, allpower lies with the monarch.
Gary Younge
 I think it's one of the greatest mythsthat the monarchy has put forward...it's just patently false. The monarchyhas immense constitutional power.
Professor Adam Tomkins
One of the notions of a democracy isthat you elect those in power and youcan remove them if they abuse it.Fundamentally, it's aboutaccountability.
Imran Khan
 Nominate a quote by emailingimagine@republic.org.uk
The magazine of RepublicRepublicPO Box 69Brighton BN50 9GS
08708 508 825
imagine@republic.org.ukBack issues of 
and moreinformation about the magazinecan be found online atwww.republic.org.uk/imagine.MembersLet us know if you would preferyour copy by post or email.
So they say...
Send your letters to imagine@republic.org.uk 
Republic Scotland sets upSteering Group
Republic Scotland took another stepforward recently when a meeting of volunteers and activists established anew Steering Group.The group met at the University of Glasgow and will next meet at a venuein Edinburgh in early June.Volunteers have agreed that a numberof tasks and jobs need to be sharedout among members, including mediacontact, political lobbying, onlineactivism and events coordination.There was a strong feeling that someaction needs to be organised as earlyas possible and the June meeting willwork on the details of any proposalsthat come forward.Meetings are to be held once a monthand if any Republic members orsupporters would like to attend youshould get in touch with GrahamSmith at the usual address or email.Once a Scotland coordinator has beenagreed contact details will be postedonline. 

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