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Visual fox pro 1

Visual fox pro 1

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Published by Shiv Pathak

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Published by: Shiv Pathak on May 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Computer by using a (DBMS) data base management system software than in Computer Terminology. This file is called data base.In another words we may say that the organized Collection of relatedinformation is called data base.STARTING VISUAL FOX-PROBefore we start visual fox-pro it must be installedon the hard disk. If visual Fox-pro is already installed then following steps must be doneto start the visual fox-proclick on start button then start menu appear Click on programme submenu choose MS Visual studio and then chose MS-Visual fox- pro 6.0.The main screen open with the active Command window.THE MAIN MENU SYSTEM:Visual fox-pro menu system has main paths:(1)Menu bar (2)Menu Pad(3)Popup menu(4)Menu option
Command Window:
The Window at the Command window which isused to enter the fox-pro Command to perform Several operation in Visual foxpro, theCommand Window is automatically opened.(Note:- That Command Window is used only for entering the commander where as theanother part of the Screen is used for displaying the result. Results are not display in theCommand window that window is called programme window.
1.CREATE Command
This is Used to Create a data base file.Syntax :- Create DBF File nameAfter the using this Command the data base structure windowappear In this window we specify the number of fields and their name and their sizeAnd their type.
The name of field may be up to character long. It doesn’t allow any mark (1~) underscore (-) Can be use for this purpose. In structure of data base we can input therecord into the date base file.TABLE DESIGNER  NAMEThe name specify the name of the field, field name may be consist of letter, number and underscore character but the name of field must be started with analphabet, field can be up to 10 character long.(Note :- Space and other marks are not allow in a field name)TYPEType specify the data type that the field can store. A field type can be 1to 13 types.Type of data base are-CHARACTER Character is the most Common data type in table. Character field store 1 to 254 alphabet, numeric character such as leter, number symbol, space,character is the kdefault field type and it is not used for calculation. NumericNumeric field is used to store numbers with or without decimal place, number can be upto 20 digits In length.FloatFloat type of field can have a width upto 20 digits, includingOn optional +,- and (decimal). This field is used for scientific and static Calculation floattype of field is used in business Calculation.INTEGER The integer type is use for non decimal numeric value. In the table the integer field typeis stored or a 4 byte binary value so it require less memory than other numeric data type. DATEDate field is stored in America Format (MM/DD/YY). The Visualfoxpro automatically show the standard width for the 8 character including the slash (1).DATE/TIMEDate/time fields contain Combination of the data and time. Thevalue is stored in the format of YY/MM/dd/hh/mm/ss. DoubleDouble type of field allow you to store data that require a higher degree of  precision. This is most use in scientific and engineering application.
(Note :- The double data type holds numeric data but it does calculate withFor more accuracy then the numeric data type.LOGICALLogical field is a single char or false which represiting a truerepresenting ‘True’ or ‘F’ and ‘n’ Represent ‘False’.MEMOMemo field is also type of black of text unlink a character field.Visual foxpro, create a specify ‘FPT’ file ‘FPT’ text memo field are limited onlyBy the available space on hard disk. We cannot compare this field to another Field.CURRENCYThis field is used to store money value. Its contents are accurate of four decimal place.GENERALThe most Common use of which store OLE (object linking andembbeding) whose size is limited only by available memory. In this type we can Insert picture.111. WIDTHWe can use the width of column to define the maximum number of character or digit that can be stored in field.DATA TYPE → DISCRIPTION SIZECharacter Any text 1 to 254 bytesCurrency Curr. Amount s bytesMemory 1 to 20 by Tesin table.Float INT./float Double a double floating point number → 8 byteIntegar int value 4 byteLogical value value of true of false 1 bytesMemo ref. Of an. Ole 4 bytes.

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