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Getting Out of Dodge – May 7

Getting Out of Dodge – May 7

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Published by: Aurelia Masterson of Panamalaw.org on May 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Getting Out of Dodge – May 7, 2011
What Is It Like to Live in GuatemalaIntroduction
– This is written for a target audience consisting of those living in North America, Europeand Australia. This is the second of the series. It seems that the first one was well received so we arestaying with it. Many people are interesting in leaving their home countries recently. We will be continuingthe Fall of the American Empire newsletters as well.
Some Departure Motivations
- The USA is pushing the envelope again with the muslims in the middleeast. Europe is right in there with the USA. They are meddling and are probably going to get some terroristattacks if they keep it up which I think they most assuredly will. They are going to attract a real terroristattack or make one up again. This should lead to more and more patriot act controls. This will make lifeawful.
How it is Now
- The TSA sexual molestations have blown over and the people have adjusted to them. Idoubt the people will adopt to invasive body cavity searches which is their next move. They find someonewith a destructive device in a body cavity and then you are there.The economy progressively deteriorates. People do nothing.Homelessness grows and the government spends billions on foreign aid and foreign wars instead of helpingthe homeless. The people do nothing.Obama is not able to authoritatively prove he was born in USA and the people do nothing.Obama care with death counseling for those too sick or old and sick is taking hold and the people donothing.People get arrested for organic farming and the people do nothing.People get arrested for selling non pasteurized milk and the people do nothing.Gas is $4.00 a gallon and expected to hit $6.00 and the people do nothing.The police taser elderly people in bed, women and children, people in cars and all over for talking back andthe people do nothing.The ponzi scheme federal reserve bank continues and the people do nothing.They keep forcing vaccines on people and they do nothing.Child and family services keeps abducting children and the people do nothing.Private lawyers and governments keep on confiscating the peoples money out of their home country bank accounts and the people do nothing.There are more people incarcerated in the USA than any other country and the people do nothing. The vastmajority of these people go to jail for victimless crimes. These are referred to as political crimes.
Corrections officers easily earn over $100,000 per year these days.The theme in the USA is the people do nothing. In the EU the people seem to be more active in theirresistance.
Consider the Middle East
– Believe it or not this is going to affect North America and the EU. Themiddle east is boiling now. Soon the pot will boil over. The USA is not smart enough to not meddle inother peoples affairs. The EU is following them. They will get dragged into this in one way or another.They will spill their soldiers blood to protect the full dictatorships of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain andothers. The Saudis buy billions of dollars of weapons from USA with their oil revenue. Guess who profitsfrom these weapons sales. They are talking sanctions against Syria, Iran and others. The USA is a softcountry for terrorism. Their borders are open. The schools, hospitals, nursing homes, malls, publictransportation, bridges, hi rise buildings etc are all soft exposed targets. This does not bother thegovernment in that it is no threat to them and provides an alibi to do more patriot act like controls if such areal act of terrorism occurred. They dislike the airplane threat because the planes can be flown intogovernment targets and this would force the government to shoot down a plane full of civilians. This wouldscare a lot of people and open their eyes as to what their government is really about. This is a hard thing tocover up so they try to prevent it in their own foolish way. Their TSA screening does little except make itharder to hijack a plane. A terrorist could easily shoot down a plane taking off or landing by shooting itwith a shoulder fired missile near the runway from a vehicle, building, etc. Remember the USA has openborders and weapons smuggling is easy. They get tons of drugs in every week don't they. Again this doesnot seem to bother the government because it would not affect them. It would give them an alibi for morecontrols over the people. If the government cared about terrorism the first thing to do would have been toshut the borders some years ago. They never even came close to doing this.
Serious Threats
– You may not always be able to leave. One day soon they may invoke exit visas. Gettingmoney out of the home country banks to foreign countries can be stopped easily. Over the last ten yearsthings got progressively worse. Freedoms are constantly eroding. Would you have believed that TSAwould be molesting men, women and children in plain sight at the airports ten years ago. Don't think youknow what they are going to do a year from now, you don't. They will keep pushing it until the people stopthem. Have you seen any signs of the people ending it? Of course not. It is going to keep getting worse.They want the people entirely dependent on the government and in total fear of the government with nochance for resistance. Governments are evil cruel taskmasters. Look at the IRS to see how merciful theyare. Submission to an evil empire is only going to delay what they have in store for the people.
A Small Percentage Are Waking Up
– We are seeing more people getting ready to leave their homecountry than we did in the past, especially in recent weeks. The people are waking up. Most are hoping itwill get better. They do nothing but cling to the prospect of some emerging political hero saving them. Thiscan be Ron Paul (masonic ties), Trump (who knows what he is about really), Palin (one of them or shewould not have been Governor of Alaska), Huckabee (a ex politico with a TV show who probably will be apromise breaker like the rest of the politicians), Romney (another potential promise breaker coming frompolitics) and so the list goes on. Many people are dumb enough to try to put Obama into office again. Haveyou heard any of these people ever talk about ending the federal reserve. Well Ron Paul does. He also startsto run to pull people from say Trump and then stops running. Has he ever accomplished anything or justmade noise and stirred up dust? Do you think he might be there to just attract dissidents and make themthink there still is hope within the system? The system is hopelessly broken and cannot be fixed. They needto start over and none of them are talking like this. You can step aside and watch the decline in comfortfrom another country. If you think this is not patriotic please explain what good staying there is going todo. If anything changed you could always come back couldn't you?
Staying Away From Problems in the USA
– The USA could get hit with terrorist attacks. The could havecivil disobedience. They could have dirty bombs go off. They could get hit with chemical or biological
weapons. Basically we estimate about 1200 miles to get from USA/Mexico Border to inside Guatemalawhere we suggest living. This varies depending on which part of USA you depart from. It is much greater if you leave from the western coast of the USA. This is a big trip for one to take during a crisis. We think it isenough distance. A nuclear blast, dirty bomb, chemical or biological weapon would probably be usedinside the USA much further away from Guatemala. We are talking at least a two and one half hour drive tothe Mexico border from inside Guatemala where we advocate staying. We feel this is a safe distance fromthe USA. The Guatemalan military (19,000) watches the borders. Guatemala has a navy and an air force aswell. During world war two Central and South America stayed out of the fighting. They do not get suckedinto this sort of thing. The muslims are taking control over the middle east countries. There is going to betrouble fairly shortly. The USA dollar is going to keep descending and they will go into hyper inflation.Panama, Ecuador and El Salvador are dollarized. These countries are going to hit a brick wall soon byrelying on a dying currency. The other nations have their own currencies. Guatemala has taken steps toreduce the amount of USD in the country. Their own currency does quite good. They have 4.9 metric tonsof gold reserves and $6.9 billion dollars of foreign currency and gold reserves. Remember you are talkingabout a country with about 14 million people. It has the largest economy in Central America and theirbonds are rated one step under investment grade, which is pretty good.
Latin American Lifestyle
- We will cover lifestyles for different categories of people. We will cover thesense of freedom one has when living offshore compared to the police states. We will cover the highstandard of living available for little cost.
Living with Domestic Help
– For many of you this is foreign. In the USA a live in maid would run about$2000 a month with taxes, workers compensation, unemployment insurance etc. On top of that comes roomand board. Using Guatemala as an example a live in maid runs $140 to $175 a month. This is for a five anda half day work week. You need to provide them with room and board. Normally you would also get themsome uniforms, but this is optional. Generally, the domestic help consists of maids,gardner/repairman/groundskeeper and a chauffeur. There are always a few that prefer to retain abodyguard. This is generally not needed for the vast majority of you but will be covered anyway. We at onetime did hire a chef. It was an interesting experience. They have cooking schools that can be six months upto three years in duration. No matter which school they attended, the chefs will understand how to prepare avariety of healthy tasty meals. A chef will run about $300 to $600 a month depending on the chef and yourneeds. You can have him come for lunch and dinner. You could have him come for breakfast and lunch.You could have him live in and then prepare all three meals. You can use him to cook for dinner partiesentertaining clients.
– In Guatemala the maids are generally Mayan Indians. They usually are raised in small villages inthe outlying areas. We have had some with a high school diploma and others that only attended up to thesecond grade and could not really read or write very well. The Mayans are a diversified group. They have28 different dialects and can often not understand each other. Most do speak spanish although as a secondlanguage, but fluently. If you want one who speaks English you are going to have to buy the DVD's and letthem use a computer to learn it. It would be rare to find an English speaking maid. There are books thatdeal with Spanish for talking to maids. Check Amazon. The Mayans will give you an honest days work.They do NOT steal as a general rule of course. In their villages if one gets caught stealing they get strippedto the underwear and hit with branches quite a bit to teach them a lesson. It works. In the olden days theMayans were fierce warriors and conducting sacrificial idol worshipping ceremonies. Today the Mayanmaids you would be likely to hire would be Catholic or Evangelical Christians. Remember we are usingGuatemala as a reference point. Guatemala is mainly an Evangelical Christian and Catholic country. Manyother Latin American countries are just Catholic. The maids will clean your house so it is spotless.Everyday they will wash the floors, clean every bathroom, dust, and of course the kitchen will be free of dishes stacked in the sink. They will sweep the outside pathways twice a day. The windows will be washedand cleaned. You may need to teach them how to use a dishwasher and then they will run the dishesthrough it. If you prefer dishes done by hand, they will be more comfortable with that. They will be glad towash clothes in the sink with a washboard. We have some items done this way but it can be hard on the

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