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Emotional Evolution: The Thin Red Line

Emotional Evolution: The Thin Red Line

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Published by CPinckley
Emotional evolution is the wave of the future and the key to creating a new Earth
Emotional evolution is the wave of the future and the key to creating a new Earth

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Published by: CPinckley on May 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Emotional Evolution-
The Thin Red Line
The Power of the Emotional Body
 The emotional body is the throne room of your reality creation. The reason thatthere is so much power in the emotional body is because it is the primary controlcenter for your vibrational rate of attraction and what you are magnetic to on a dayto day basis. The emotional body has the ability to amplify and infuse any thoughtthat you think into a powerful, creative wave of energy that you can blast out intothe Universe to attract like thoughts to it. This, in turn, begins to collect likevibrational wave patterns which coalesce and return back to you like a boomerang,thus creating your physical reality. It doesn’t necessarily matter what the thoughtis, what matters is how active your emotional body is during the time period thatyou think the thought.If your emotional body is active then the thought will inherently become morepowerful. The reason this is so is because your emotional body infuses the thoughtwill vital life force and a magnetic resonance. The emotional body charges thethought based upon your internal concept of what you think you want and what youthink you do not want. The strongest desires, which are often held at asubconscious level, will have the most powerful effect upon your emotional body. If you have a strong desire not to be poor, this will unfortunately be translated intoyour emotional body as the fear of being poor which will send fear based thoughtsout into the ethers to begin the construction of that very unwanted reality foryourself.However, if you happen to allow yourself to focus your thoughts on things thatreally bring you joy then you will leverage your ability to harness the emotionalbody via infusing your thoughts with the
power of your emotional body, andthus create more things that are wanted in your reality.
Being Emotionally Honest
 Trouble often comes in the form of not allowing yourself to express ‘what is’ for youin the moment. Often, people will become fearful of their thoughts and begin todeny their authentic feeling nature in lieu of what they think that they are supposedto be thinking. This can be problematic because, if you are feeling badly, and youare infusing your thoughts with this bad feeling, even though you are trying to bepositive, you will create negative results for yourself. In other words trying to bepositive when you are obviously feeling negative does not make the negativefeeling go away. In fact, it may even amplify your negative thoughts because nowyou are adding resistance to it as well. Take an interaction where two people run into each other at the line in the grocerystore. One is not feeling so good, but feels the need to project the positive image of ‘well being’ for fear that it will be discovered that all is not well. The other person
may not be consciously aware of this energy, but they will sense it and react to itunconsciously, attempting to avoid this person and their negative energy field. Abetter way for the person who is under emotional duress to handle this would be toallow themselves to fully feel this energy for a moment, to inquire as to where it’scoming from, and then just be with it. Walking around pretending everything is okwhen it is clearly not only serves to compound the problem and perhaps begin tosuppress this emotional energy even deeper where it will create yet furtherproblems.
The Emotionally Honest Person
Many of the most evolved beings on the planet can be denoted by their ability to beemotionally honest. There is a fine line between telling it as it is, complaining, andactually being emotionally honest with where you are in life.In the first instance, a person who ‘tells it as it is’ is usually attempting to validatetheir story with the telling of it. This isn’t actually true emotional honesty becausethis person is creating an excuse to feel this way rather than address the issuewithin them self. You know this type of person because they will tell you the storyin a sort of monotone type of way that doesn’t leave you with a good feeling afterit’s done. It comes across as a rather fatalistic story, where there really isn’t thepossibility of change; it is simply the cold hard facts. The second version is also not authentic emotional honesty, but is easier to identify.In this second variation the person is just venting and complaining about their lifeand not really interested in changing their thinking or doing the necessary work. This is slightly different than the first because this person is usually even moreunconscious and unaware of how they are creating their life. The complaining hasbecome part of their ‘story’ on a daily basis and they are not usually interested inhelp. However, this type of person is often times more open to receiving help thanthe first variation.Authentic emotional honesty, however, is a much different type of thing. This typeof person is different in that they are able to let their guard down and share theirstory with you, without additionally creating a victimizing mentality. When theemotionally honest person speaks, they are often imparting real life lessons viatheir own story and you know it because there is never an implied ‘should’ or‘should not’ in anything they say. There is no unconscious projection orunconscious reactivity in this person. They are completely aware that they arecreating their own reality even if they haven’t pinpointed how they are doing it. Themost striking aspect of this type of person is the courage they demonstrate in theirability to tell their story in front of other people in the face of much potentialprojection and unconscious reactivity. Most people do not know how to handlesomeone who is emotionally honest because most people are nowhere near that

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