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Vol.1 Issue 1

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Published by Mando Conde

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Published by: Mando Conde on May 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Whats Really in OurWater
 Fluoride is a known poison yet it presentsitself in our municipal water supply. Although theEnvironmental Protection Agency sets certainstandards for any known harmful element presentin our municipal drinking water, this informationonly presents itself once searched. Being thatwater is essential to our survival, we as consumersdeserve to know what we are ingesting via ourlocal water supply.Every year the City of Kingsville WaterProduction Department releases an AnnualDrinking Water Quality Report which details thequality of our water as well as the levels of contaminants derived from samples through aperiod of time ranging from same year to fouryears. With that being said lets take a look what isfluoride and where the levels stand in our watersupply.Since any of us could remember, fluoridehas been known to be a necessary component togood dental hygiene. Many dentists recommendfluoride based toothpaste for healthy teeth; youveheard the advertisements: 9 out of 10recommend so and so fluoride toothpaste.Fluoride is an anion reduced form of fluorine bonding with other elements thus creatingfluoride compounds. Although fluoride compoundsoccur naturally, fluoride is also a byproduct of aluminum and fertilizer production. Fluoridecompounds range from sarin, anorganophosphorus compound classified as aweapon of mass destruction; to efavirenz, a life-saving pharmaceutical used in the treatment of HIV. Fluoride compounds are also used in theproduction of Prozac and Teflon.There are two types of fluoride compoundsin which many cities purposely mix into municipalwater supply systems: sodium fluoride which holdstitle to a level 3 health and hazard rating accordingto a Mallinckrodt Chemicals MSDS, as well as theEU classification of toxic and an irritant, need Imention that sodium fluoride is the ingredient inmany rat and roach poisons? The other fluoridecompound is hexafluorosilicic acid used in manyproducts such as antipsychotics, antibiotics, andanesthetics. The EU classification stands atcorrosive.Over exposure to fluoride compounds canlead to dental fluorosis, as well as osetosclerosis,which may be why the EPA has finally lowered theMaximum Contaminant Level Goal [MCLG allowsfor a margin of safety] of fluoride from 4 parts permillion to .7 parts per million. The 2009 AnnualDrinking Water Quality Report for the City of Kingsville reports an average of.68 ppm with amaximum level of .75 ppm. I had contacted theperson in charge of our Water ProductionDepartment in Kingsville with the inquiry of whattype of fluoride compound was added to our waterand was told that Kingsville does not fluoridate thewater, and the reason for the fluoride readingswere due to the erosion of natural deposits,however, the 2009 ADWQR states that the fluoridepresent is due to natural occurrences anddischarge from fertilizer and aluminum factories.Dental fluorosis occurs when a childreceives too much fluoride during tooth
Page | 2development and can cause brittleness, yellowing,and cracking of the teeth. Osteosclerosis causesthe hardening of bones and has been known to becaused by an overdose of fluorides. Although it isthought to be beneficial to our dental hygiene it isonly meant to be used as a topical regiment ratherthan ingested. Go to your medicine cabinet andread the active ingredient on the tube of toothpaste. What does the warning state? Fluoridemay be used pharmaceutically but we have notbeen advised by our physicians to take fluorideeveryday of our lives for the rest of our lives. Oneof the main problems with fluoride is that it bio-accumulates in the body, making the supposedsmall dose of .68 seem relevant to ourawareness.So many products available to us containfluoride including powder eggs and wheat flour,not to mention that many foods are sprayed withpesticides containing fluoride compounds.Fluoride is also linked to lower IQs andbeing used in drugs such as Prozac, it is known tomake people tame and docile. Do we really want tohave our water filled with something that makespeople obedient? Hitler used sodium fluoride in hisconcentration camps to turn the prisoners intocattle so that there would be less of an objection,or at his best [complete acceptance], to theirimminent death.Arsenic is also prominently present in ourwater supply. The EPA MCLG for arsenic stands at 0parts per billion yet has a Maximum ContainmentLevel [highest allowed level] of 10 ppb. Theaverage level of arsenic in our water for the yearsof 2005-2008 was 5 ppb with a maximum level of 6ppb. The 2009 ADWQR states the followingwarning:While your drinking water meetsEPAs standard for arsenic, it doescontain low levels of arsenic. EPAsstandard balances the currentunderstanding of arsenics possiblehealth effects against the costs of removing arsenic from drinkingwater. EPA continues to researchthe health effects of low levels of arsenic, which is a mineral knownto cause cancer in humans at highconcentrations and is linked toother health effects such as skindamage and circulatory problems.EPAs warning leads me to believe thatthey would rather wait and find out how much of low levels of arsenic would be too much beforethey implement legislation to remove arsenicversus cost efficiency. Are we really just lab ratswaiting for a final conclusion of low level exposureover a lifetime? Must we wait for side-effectsbefore we initiate action?Many chocolate candies label an allergywarning on the wrapper. Alcohol and tobaccoproducts are covered with surgeon generalwarning's of their use. If these products areproducts of choice, then why does a productessential to us, not reveal such a warning? Whymust we go and search for such warnings insteadof being presented to us through our water bills.All the information in this article is open tothe public and I challenge you to do your ownresearch. Perhaps what you will find will anger youas it did I. Perhaps the information you will find willprompt you to see the injustice of not placingthese findings on the front line rather than filed inthe back of the cabinet. Or perhaps the naïvethinking, which imprisons most, will remainshackled by the strong hold of denial.
Doctor Exposes Fluoride as Poison
Professional Perspectives: Fluoride inTap Water
Arsenic: Courtney Kozul, ToxicologyGraduate Student, Dartmouth MedicalSchool
Government Says Too Much Fluoride inWater
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American Electric Power began a pilotprogram in 2009 in South Bend, IND known asgridSMART, which AEP states, is designed forgreater customer control over usage, as well asto reduce overall demand, consumption, andemissions. This initiative is also designed toimprove customer service and internal efficiencies.Through the pilot program AEP was able tomanage its grid from back office systems, such asbillings, to meter and distribution field equipment.Also, time-of-day rate plans were able to shiftdemand to different times which creates costsavings through better system management,reduced fuel consumption, and even theftreduction.The Department of Energy provided half the funding, 75 million dollars, for an even biggerprogram in Ohio involving 110,000 meters. Withcustomer volunteers in Ohio, AEP was able tocommunicate with thermostats to raisetemperatures in their homes during the coolingseason and stated we can control usage directlybetween the meter and the home thoroughwireless technology. Seems a bit hypocritical forAEP to control usage when the gridSMARTinitiative was to give the customer greater controlWith the success of the pilot programs,AEP Texas began a four year conversion (2009-2013) to smart meters. The Public UtilityCommission of Texas enacted an advanced meterrule in 2007 allowing AEP to recover the cost of installing one million smart meters through a tenyear surchargeAlthough the initial goal of thegridSMART program is for customer benefit, itseems as if the utility company holds all the cardsregarding our electrical usage. But what happenswhen electricity becomes scarce? With this newtechnology being implemented, would we reallyhave any control once scarcity arises?In 2008 Obama told the San Francisco Gatethat under his new plan of cap and tradeelectricity prices would skyrocket and coalpowered plants would go bankrupt due to EPAregulations of greenhouse gases.In 1999 51% of electricity in the U.S. wasgenerated from coal power. The DOE\EIA 2020projection, in the Annual Energy Outlook 2000,estimated that 48.6% of electricity will come fromcoal. AEPs website states that if we didnt use coalwe wouldnt be able to use all the things that runon electricity in our house and perhaps the qualityof life and the GDP would decline.By allowing this technology to invade ourhomes under the guise of reduced bills and greatercustomer control, we are setting the stage for atotal take over. As Obama kills the coal industry,causing prices to soar, it seems imminent that hewould intervene with his socialist agenda of government knows best. AEP has already laid thegroundwork to give over complete control of ourhomes and whos to say he wont take advantage.
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