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March 2011 RI Public Safety Blotter

March 2011 RI Public Safety Blotter

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Published by rooseveltislander

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Published by: rooseveltislander on May 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PUBLIC SAFETY DEPARTMENTINCIDENT REPORT SUMMARYMARCH, 2011INCIDENTLOCATIONDESCRIPTIONALARMS (VEHICLE/PREMISE)3/18/2011566 Main StAlarm sounded at location due to door being unsecured. Lock appearedto be damaged. Repairman on scene to repair the lock. Alarm was resetand door was secured.3/19/2011556 Main StSmoke alarm sounded at location. No smoke or fire conditions present.Alarm was reset.3/20/2011580 Main StAlarm sounded at location due to four individuals on the roof. Individualswere tenants and were advised they were in an unauthorized area.Individuals were escorted out of area.3/20/2011Opp 425 Main StReport of vehicle alarm sounding at location. Vehicle owner not known.Alarm was silenced.3/21/2011513 Main StAlarm sounded at location. Search of area found all to be in order. Alarmwas reset and door was secured.AIDED (EMS / TRANSPORT CASES)63ANIMAL NUISANCE3/7/2011540 Main StReporter advised an unknown dog on a leash walking with his ownertried to bite his dog. No injuries to the dog. Search for dog and owneryielded negative results.CHILD ABUSECOURT DOCUMENT (SERVING)HOUSING (LANDLORD / TENANT)3/27/2011560 Main StVictim advised a guest was staying at her apartment temporarily andrefuses to leave. NYPD contacted and on scene for report. Buildingmanagement notified of incident.DISABLED VEHICLES3/30/2011F/O 546 Main StMTA Bus observed out of service. Mechanic on scene to correctcondition. Bus was put back in service.DISPUTES (VERBAL)3/5/2011531 Main StDispute between leaseholder (male subject) and tenant (female victim).R/O responded to location where victim stated she feared for her safety.Victim collected her belongings with R/O present. Subject wrote victim acheck for the rent and security deposit return and victim returned the key.
3/5/2011250 Main StDispute between two males at location with regard to a basketball game.Both parties separated, refused to press charges and refused EMS.3/9/2011400 Main StReporter advised a passenger on the bus waited until the bus was emptyto advise him that he did not like the way he parallel parked. Passengerrefused to rovide information.3/10/2011544 Main StPassenger and access-a-ride driver involved in a dispute over transport.Both parties cooperated with each other and the driver continued on hiswa.3/11/2011425 Main StDispute between employee, employer and employee's husband over apiece of documentation. Employer advised when document was found itwould be iven to emloee.3/12/2011549 Main StUnknown female and employee having a dispute at location. Female wasescorted from the premises.3/12/2011579 Main StFemale victim advised of a dispute with another female at location.Victim had a strong smell of alcohol and appeared to be intoxicated.3/15/2011580 Main StVictim advised of having a physical altercation with unknown youths.EMS refused. NYPD contacted but did not respond.3/19/2011250 Main StDispute with regard to a soccer game at location. All units responded aswell as NYPD. Male victim treated by EMS. Crowd dispersed and gamewas discontinued.3/24/20112-4 River RdFemale victim advised of a dispute between her and the concierge at herapartment with regard to entering and exiting the building. Uponinvestigation concierge advised tenant was not following the rules.Victim was referred to buildin manaement.ESCORTS3/1/2011Opp 300 Main StVending machine operator escorted to location to attend to the sodamachine.3/10/2011504 Main StDisoriented male hospital patient escorted back to the hospital by R/O.Hospital police took custody of him.3/11/201130 River RdVictim requested escort while she moved out of her apartment. Victimpacked her belongings and was escorted to car service without incident.3/20/2011546 Main StHome health aid requested escort to residence as her patient could notopen the door. Tenant verified identification of aid and was let into theapartment.3/21/2011684 Main StR/O on scene to witness employee locker being clipped and emptied.3/23/2011575 Main StService escorted to location to install an intercom handset. Jobcompleted and door was secured.EVICTIONFOUND PROPERTY3/3/2011688 Main StFound wallet at location. Property secured at PSD.3/4/2011546 Main StDebit card found at location. Property secured at PSD.3/8/2011Main St Bus #6Found cell phone at location. Property secured at PSD.3/13/2011300 Main StFound wallet at location. Property secured at PSD.
3/26/2011300 Main StFound credit card at location. Owner identified and contacted. Propertysecured at PSD.3/27/2011Opp 475 Main StFound bag containing various clothing items at location. Propertysecured at PSD.3/28/2011S/O 540 Main StFound wallet at location. Owner notified. Property secured at PSD.3/29/2011520 Main StFound passport at location. Owner unable to be contacted. Passportwas returned to the State Department who will then locate the owner.GAS LEAK3/23/2011555 Main StReport of gas smell at location. Upon arrival tenant left the stove on.Super on scene to check the area for any leaks. Windows were opened.Stove in order.HAZARDOUS CONDITION3/7/2011688 Main StLights observed out at location. Management advised of condition.3/14/2011546 Main StFoldaway cot observed in hallway of location. Building managementnotified to correct the condition.3/19/2011540 Main StMattress observed left in the hallway of location. Building managementnotified to correct the condition.3/19/2011546 Main StFeces observed in the stairwell of location. Building managementnotified to correct the condition.3/27/2011688 Main StLights observed out at location. Management advised of condition.HEALTH HAZARDOUS CONDITIONIDENTITY THEFT3/7/2011546 Main StFemale victim advised an unknown person made purchases using herdebit card from her bank account. NYPD responded to scene for report.3/31/2011563 Main StFemale victim advised unknown person emailed her using a friends nameasking for money. Victim sent over $7,000 to unknown subject. Victimwent to 114 Pct for report.ILLEGAL DUMPING (GARAGE)INVESTIGATIONS (NON-CRIM.)3/1/2011546 Main StReporter advised of unknown person attempting to enter her apartmenton three separate occasions. No sign of forced entry or tampering ofdoor.3/2/2011Main StReporter requested Officer to intervene on behalf of her son and hisgirlfriend who were arguing. Upon investigation report was unfounded.3/2/2011595 Main StReporter advised of smell of illegal substance. Upon arrival and search ofarea report was unfounded.

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