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telephone manners

telephone manners



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Published by kannadiparamba
Basic telephone manners used in Offices
Basic telephone manners used in Offices

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Published by: kannadiparamba on Sep 04, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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െടലേഫാൺ മരാദകൾ ി* 
How to Practice Telephone Etiquette andManners
Few examples from daily life.
 Al Jaber motors good morning, how may I assist you( how can I help you ?)or Good morning Al Jaber motors, how may I assist you( how can I help you ?)A:Good afternoon, Omars Inn, may I help you?B:Extension 237 please.A:I'm sorry, the line's busy, will you hold?B:Yes, I'll hold. A. Could I speak to Mr.Basheer please?B. I'm sorry, he's in a meeting at the moment.A. Do you know when he'll be back?B. He should be back around four. Can I take a message?A. Yes, please ask him to call Kumar on 629 3478B. 629 3478, right?A. That's right.B. OK, I'll see he gets your message.1. Hello. This is Thomas. May I speak to Ms Sunitha, please?2. Hold the line a moment, I'll check if she is in her office.1. Thank you.2. (after a moment) Yes, Ms Sunitha is in. I'll put you through.1. Hello, this is Ms Sunitha. How can I help you?2. Hello, my name is Thomas and I'm calling to enquire about the position advertisedin Times of India.1. Yes, the position is still open. Could I have your name and number please?2. Certainly, My name is Thomas K.John and my mobile no. is 2244365 
On the telephone, use 'this is...' instead of 'I am'.
 A. Hello, Could I speak to Muneer, please?B. Who's calling, please?A. This is Rasheed. I'm a friend of Muneer.B. Hold the line, please. I'll put your call through. (after a moment) - I'm afraid he'sout at the moment. Can I take a message?A. Yes. Can you ask him to give me a call? My number is 345-8965B. Could you repeat that, please?
A. Certainly. That's 345-8965B. OK. I'll make sure Mr.Muneer gets your message. Thank you. Goodbye.A. Goodbye.
Ending a call
 ‘The last thing you hear is the first thing you remember’(you will need to politely conclude the conversation without offending the individual.Use positive statements to politely signal the end of the conversation.Remember to always treat people the way you would like to be treated yourself, andyou can't go wrong!)Is there anything else I can help you with? ( Is there anything else I can do for you?)……………………………………………….Thank you for calling and have a nice time.OK. Thanks for calling.Wonderful talking with you.I enjoyed talking with you.Thanks for your time and goodbye. 
Key Vocabulary 
 pls hold oncan u please hold on + for a momentmay I know who is speaking?(pronounce as ''menoospeeking?")who is on the line please?who is speaking please?may I know your good name please?This is ...May (Can, Could) I speak to...?I'm calling ...Hold the line a moment... put someone through...Who's calling...?take a message.Is there anything else I can do for you?Thanks for calling.
Good Practice
 If possible, answer promptly - a prompt reply helps get the call of to a good start.Smile when you pick up the phone - the caller can hear it in your voice.Be aware of the pace of your speech - speak at a reading pace, use punctuation and
speak clearlyUse courteous words and phrases: “may I ask you to write and confirm?” soundsmuch better than “you’ll have to put that in writing”.Be positive! Say what you can do, not what you can’t.Avoid using jargon .Accept responsibility for dealing with the call and carry it through.Use closed questions (questions which can be answered simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’) to slowa caller down or check your understanding of information given.
Opening the Call
 ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’Pause before you pick up the receiver, to give yourself time to adopt a positiveattitudeUse the right phrase: “Good Morning / Good Afternoon / Good evening+Company Name
The Conversation
 Take control of directing the call by:Identifying the caller’s needs by using questioning skills - open questions to speed upthe flow and closed questions to slow it down - don’t leave the caller to do all thework.Actively listening - giving ‘verbal nods’ (e.g. ‘I see / I understand) and repeatinginformation back to the caller to test your understanding and gain their agreement.Avoid making assumptions.Take responsibility for the call and any action - say ‘I can’ and ‘I will’ and do it!If you have to go and get some information, do not leave your caller in the dark. Lethim/her know why you are going away from the phone and for how long.Don’t leave an “open” telephone lying on a desk where the conversations of yourself or your colleagues may be overhead.Do your best to ignore colleagues who try to attract your attention or to interrupt youwhile you are in conversation with a caller. If you are unable to ignore them, excuseyourself to the caller and put them on hold while you deal very quickly with theinterruption….and try not to interrupt your colleagues during their calls.
Transferring calls and putting the caller onhold.
 Explain why you need to do this.Ask permission from the caller.On returning to the call THANK the caller for waiting.If there is any chance that the call will be ‘lost’ make sure you have the caller’s nameand telephone number.Only transfer a call when you are certain you know the right person to deal with it.If you cannot answer an enquiry quickly, give the caller the option of your calling back. Tell him/her when you will call back and then stick to that promise. If you have

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