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Table Of Contents

How to Start & Market an Online Business
Introduction to
Introduction to GuruGrounds.com
About Gurugrounds.com and What We Teach
Use this information as a reference when creating your business
Things You Should Know About GuruGrounds
Who We Created GuruGrounds For
Course #1
Starting an Online Business
Course 1: How to Start an Online Business
Section 1: The Various Internet Business Models
Why You Should Start An Online Business Now!
What Type of Online Business Is Right For You?
Thinking In the Long Term
The Many Faces of Online Business
The First Steps
Section 2: Getting Started With Your Online Business
How to Think Like an Entrepreneur
Further Examination of Your Business Idea
Applying the SWOT Analysis
An Idea That's Right for You
How Feasible Is Your Online Business?
Products and Services
Management Experience
The Marketplace
The Competition
The Costs of Business
Identifying Your Target Market
Classifying Your Customer
How to Find Out Exactly Who Your Customer Is
Sizing Up Your Markets Competition
Section 3: How to Make a Proper Business Plan
The Importance of a Business Plan
How a Business Plan Should Be Structured
Getting Help with Writing the Business Plan
Deciding Whether Or Not to Hire a Professional
What You’ll Get From A Professional Business Plan Writer
Thinking Long Term When Writing a Business Plan
Section 4: Funding Your Online Business
The Low-Cost, Tight Budget Method
The Frugal Lifestyle
Every Penny Counts
Making Do with Nothing
The Benefits of Being Frugal
Finding a Good Investor
Friends and Family
Investment Angels
Venture Capitalist
Alternative Financing Sources
Buying an Existing Website
Section 5: Serving Your Online Customers with Integrity
The Customer Comes First
Writing a Customer Pledge
Policies, Policies, Policies
Privacy Policy
Terms of Services
Shipping Policy
Return Policy
Protecting Young Users
Other Policies to Consider
Keeping Your Word
Section 6: Setting Up Your Office and Workspace
An Effective Floor Plan
Office Equipment
The Office Computer
Tools of the Trade
Web Browsers
Email Management
Document Viewing and Editing
Media Viewing and Editing
Internet Connection
Course #2
Business Finance & Legal
Course 2: Legal Issues and Managing Your Businesses Money
Section 1: Keeping Your Internet Business Legal and Within the Law
Maintaining A Legitimate Legal Business
Employer Identification Number (EIN)
Getting a Resale Certificate
Creating a Business Account with Your Bank
Department Of Health Permit
Employee Forms and Regulations
Zoning Laws And Restrictions For A Home Business
Obtaining the All Mighty Business Licenses
Section 2: Choosing the Best Business Structure For You
Determining What Organization Will Work Best
Sole Proprietorship
Fictitious Name Registration
Sole Proprietorship with Your Spouse
Limited Liability Company
Incorporating Your Business
The Two Types of Corporations
Choosing To Incorporate
Changing the Legal Structure Down the Road
Section 3: Trademarks and Copyrighting
Why Trademarks and Copyrights Are Important
Income Statement
QuickBooks and Accounting Software
Hiring a Professional
How to Work With a Tax Professional
Finding the Best Professionals for Your Business
Good Recordkeeping Habits
Paper Work
Course #3
Web Design for Your Online
Course 3: How to Design a Website for Your Internet Business
Section 1: The Right Domain Name for Your Internet Business
Carefully Choosing Your Domain Name
What Makes A Good Domain Name?
Where to Register the Domain Name
What You Should Do If Your Domain Name Is Already Taken
Exploring More Options
Buying a Domain Name
Why Finding a Good Domain Name Is So Hard To Find
The Domain Name Extension
Being Creative with the Domain Naming Process
Section 2: User Friendly Website Design
Optimizing You Website for Profitability
What Is Good Website Design?
Web Design Principles 101
Choosing Your Design
Flash Web Design
Function, Function, Function
User Experience
Adding Function to Your Website
Base functions:
Interactive functions
Enhancing functions
Section 3: Building a Website on a Shoe String Budget
Planning For Success
Guidelines for Good Page Layouts
Realistic Expectations
Common Issues That Occur While Developing a Website
Building a Website On Your Own
WordPress and Other Simple to Use Website Creators
Finding the Best Webmaster/ Website Designer
Web Design Firms
Freelance Web Designers
Making Sure You’re Not Paying Too Much
Ways To Speed Up The Website Development
Protecting Your Business Idea
Section 4: Hosting Your Website
The Terms You Need To Know When Seeking a Hosting Service
Finding the Best Host
Section 5: Creating User and Search Engine Friendly Content
Effective Internet Writing
Writing for the Internet
Understanding Your Reader
It’s Not What You Sell, It’s How You Package It
Sorting It All Out
Deciding Which Action Takes Priority
Motivating Your User to Take Action
Search Engines Friendly Words
Section 6: Launching Your Website
Hosted and Uploaded
Testing, Testing, Testing
Course #4
Operating An Online Business
Course 4: How to Operate Your Online Business
Section 1: Ways to Monetize Your Online Business
Selling Physical Products
How to Make Profit
Producing Your Own Products
Buying Products to Sell Them Online
Buying Wholesale Items in Bulk
Drop Shipping
Selling Your Skills and Services
Making Yourself Look Credible
Information Products
Selling Ad Space
Analyzing the Numbers
Affiliate Advertising
Multiple Streams of Income
Section 2: Marketing Affiliate Programs
The Ins And Outs of Affiliate Programs
Affiliate Terms You Should Know
products or services
join up to. These are the people selling the products and items
together to offer and join up to affiliate programs
Publisher: The entity that wants to become an affiliate
Advertiser: Same as merchant
that the user came from you
gram so you can earn a commission
Joining an Affiliate Network
Avoiding Scams and Staying Legitimate
Illegal Affiliates
Legal but Not Nice Affiliates
Creating an Information Product 101
Finding Topics That Sell
Research, Research, Research
Organizing Your Information
Creating an EBook
Marketing and Selling Your E-Book
Creating a Webinar
Section 4: Payment Options for Your Internet Business
Credit Cards and Merchant Accounts
Payment Gateways
Merchant Account Fees
Alternative Payment Methods
Protecting Yourself from Fraud
Section 5: Shopping Carts and Ecommerce
The Variety of Shopping Carts
Back End
Front End
Hosted Shopping Carts
Purchasing Shopping Cart Software
Custom Made Shopping Cart
Section 6: Inventory
Using EBay to Find Out What People Are Buying
Doing Your Research
How to Price Your Products
How to Handle Your Inventory
Marketing Your Self as a Low Price Leader
Keeping A Limited, Specialized Inventory
Online Business
Systematizing the Process
In-House Delivery
Outsourcing Fulfillment
Finding the Best Fulfillment House for You
Shipping and Handling
Shipping Labels and Postage
International Orders
Keeping Things in Check on the Back End
Shelving System
Course #5
Security and Your Online
ness Online
Business Online
Your Legal Responsibility as the Merchant
Dealing with Charge Backs
Securing Your Customers Information
Securing Your Website
Seals of Approval and Displaying Certificates
Denial of Service
Protecting Yourself and Your Business
Saving and Backing Up Data
Course #6
Setting Up an Online Store
Course 6: Storefronts and How They Work
Section 1: Using a Storefront for Your Online Business
The Essential Features of a Storefront
Storefront Reliability
Marketing Tools
Administrative Back-End
Recommended Storefronts
Section 2: Amazon aStore And Other Storefronts
Pro Merchant
Section 3: Yahoo! E-Commerce Store
Yahoo Store Functions
Getting Started With Your Yahoo Store
Yahoo Plans
Yahoo Fees
Section 4: Using EBay for Your Internet Business
Starting Out On EBay
The Benefits of Running an Auction
EBay Store
Setting Up Your EBay Store
Power Seller
Course #7
Setting Up Your Business
Course 7: Getting Your Brick and Mortar Business Online
Connecting Your Online and Offline Store
How to Manage Your Inventory
Deciding On Inventory
Section 2: Getting to Know Your Online and Offline Customers
Comparing the Online and Offline Shopping Experience
What the Online Shopper Will Expect From You
Section 3: Common Problems with Getting Your Business Online
Managing Your Inventory
Allowing Your Customers to Track Their Orders
Fulfilling Orders
Dealing With Returned Products from Online Purchases
Course #8
Targeting Your Audience
Course 8: Selling To a Niche Market
Section 1: Finding an Untapped Niche to Sell To
Finding a Niche
Section 2: The Children and Elderly Niche Markets
Marketing To the Younger Audiences
Keeping the Younger Market Interested
Keep the Parents in Mind
Policies and Guidelines
The Over 50 Market
Web Designing For The Older Markets
Section 3: Blogging about Niche Markets
Getting People to Read Your Blog
Finding a Good Topic to Write About
Your “Schtik”
Earning Money
Blog Platforms
Course #9
Marketing Your Online Business
Course 9: How to Market Your Internet Business Online 101
Section 1: Increasing the Number of Sales for Your Online Business
Conversion Rates and Other Formulas
The Basics to Marketing Your Website
Section 2: Having a Good Reputation on the Internet
Writing Articles
Article Directories and Places To Write Reviews
Writing Reviews
Distributing Your Articles
Interacting With Your Community
Marketing Yourself as an Expert
Section 3: Marketing Your Internet Business Online
Marketing Strategy
Creating Your Brand
Email Newsletters
Deciding What to Write For Your Newsletter
Newsletter Formats
Distributing Your Newsletter
Automation and Creating Systems to Simplify Your Life
Search Engine Advertising
Knowing When To Use Pay Per Click Advertising
Marketing In the Offline World
Section 4: Increasing Your Conversion Rates
Getting Customers to Stay On Your Website
Creating Original Content
User Generated Content
Giving Customers What They Want Before They Know It
Watching Your Customers Every Action
Making Your Website Buyer Friendly
Simplifying Shopping Experience
The Dangers of Assuming What Your Customers Want
Finding out What the Customers Really Want
Customers Come First
Converting Viewers into Buyers
Deals and Promotions and the Power of Scarcity
Section 5: Web Analytics and Tracking Your Customers
Using Your Data to Make Changes
Section 6: Search Engine Optimization and Ranking High In Google
How Search Engines Work
The Most Important Aspects of SEO
Submitting You Website to the Search Engines
Section 2: Making Money on the Internet
Affiliates Assistance
Joint Venturing
Section 3: Branding and Marketing For Your Online Business
Color Selection
Site Layout
Section 4: Connecting and Integrating Your Multiple Sites
Section 5: How to Write Excellent Web Copy
Section 6: How to Find an Expert Marketer
Course #11
Social Media Marketing
Course 11: Social Media Marketing
Section 1: What Is Social Media?
Understanding and Exploring Social Media
Social Networks
Bookmarking Sites
Preparing Your Style
Developing Your Profile
Selecting Your Sites
Reviewing Your Content
Planning a Routine
Section 4: Top Social Media Sites and How To Use Them
Section 6: Non-Intrusive Internet Marketing
Course #12
Advertising Online
Course 12: PPC and the Basics of Online Advertising
Section 1: Understanding What PPC Advertising Is
Search Engine Relevancy
PPC Pros and Cons
Section 2: The Big Players in PPC Advertising
Comparing the Big Players
Lesson 3: How to Create an Excellent PPC Keyword List
Google Keywords Tool
Choosing, Organizing and Working With Keywords
Match Types
Destination URLs
Keyword Tracking and Changing Your Keyword List
Section 4: How to Write Ads That Convert and Make Money
Structure of PPC Ads
Writing A PPC Ad
Test for Successful Ads
Section 5: How to Budget and Bid for Keywords
Having A PPC Budget
Keyword Bidding
Schedule Bidding and Spending
Section 6: Understanding the Law When It Comes To PPC
Click Fraud
Section 7: Tips, Tools, and Tricks of the Trade for PPC Advertising
Managing Content Network Campaigns
Course #13
Basic Blogging & Podcasting
Course 13: Basic Guide to Blogging and Podcasting
Lesson 1: Choosing a Profitable Topic to Blog About
Choosing Your Blog Topic
Find Your Competitors
Section 2: Starting a Blog for Your Online Business
Blogging Tools
Other Blogging Options
Setting Up Your Blog
RSS Feeds
Section 3: How to Write Like a Professional Blogger
Avoiding Writers Block
Section 4: Networking With Other Bloggers
Lesson 5: Building Community and The World Of Blogging
Lesson 6: How to Promote Your Blog Posts
Posting On StumbleUpon
Submit To Digg
Other Social Marketing Sites
Section 7: Basic Guide to Podcasting
Windows PC programs:
Max OS X:
Preparing a Script and Recording Your Podcast
Encoding and Uploading
Course #14
Email Marketing
Course 14: Effective Email Marketing
Section 1: Setting Up an Email Marketing Strategy
Section 2: How to Become a Trusted Email Sender
2.Discard ambiguously named emails:if you aren’t sure who
4.Confirm permission to send email:Obtaining emails from
Avoiding Spam Complaints
Section 3: How to Build a Quality Email Subscriber List
Collecting Subscriber Information through Email
CategoryDescription Use Examples
Collecting Subscriber Information through Website
Collecting Subscriber Information Person
Collecting Subscriber Information with Print
Incentives for Signups
List Building with List Brokers
Section 4: How to Create an Effective Marketing Email
Filling Out the From Line
Completing a Subject Line
Branding Emails
Basics of Email Layout
Email and Images
Emails and Text
Emails and Links
Section 5: How to Create Valuable Email Content
Valuable Offers
Effective Calls to Action
20% discount
ative email
Section 6: Tracking Your Results with Email Marketing
Section 7: Increasing Your Emails Deliverability
Course #15
The Essentials of Web Analytics
Course 15: Guide to Web Analytics
Section 1: Getting Started With Web Analytics
Understanding What Can and Can’t Be Done With Web Analytics
What Analytics Can Do
What Analytics Can’t Do For You
How Reporting Tools Work
Log Files
Deciding Which Reporting Tool to Go With
Setting up Your Server for Log File Reporting
Creating an Account with Google Analytics
Tracking Searches
Excluding IP Addresses From Google Analytics
Section 2: Keeping Track Of Your Internet Businesses Traffic
Hits Aren’t Everything
The Most Important Traffic Metrics
Unique Visitors
Page Views
Time on Site
Keeping a Close Eye on Your Referrers
Section 3: Referrer Metrics and Analytics
Understanding the Referring Analytic Terms
How to Use Referral Data
Referring Keywords
Section 4: Determining the Quality of Traffic with Analytics
Determining and Applying Benchmarks
Bounce Rates
Key Performance Indicators
Course #16
Search Engine Optimization
Course 16: Ranking High In Google with Good SEO
Section 1: Increasing Sales with SEO
The Purpose of Search Engines
Common SEO Terms
Be Cautious Of SEO “Experts”
How the Search Engines Determine Relevancy
Black Hat SEO
Search Engine Webmaster Tools
Keeping a Tab on Your Results
Section 2: SEO and Effectively Using Keywords
Understanding Your Target Market
The Long Tail Theory
Tools To Find the Best Keywords
Picking Out the Best Keywords
Having a Master Keyword List
Inspect the Competition
Section 3: Common Problems with Search Engines and SEO
Roadblocks to Getting Noticed By the Search Engines
Making It Easy For the Search Engines to Crawl Your Website
Ajax and DHTML
Why You Shouldn’t Have Flash Websites
Client Side Redirects
The Firefox Web Developer Toolbar
Duplicate Content
Broken Links
Section 4: Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines
Optimizing Your Site Structure for Search Engines
Having Rules and Structure
Section 5: How to Capitalize On Blended Search Results
The Other Stuff Google Will Blend In
Geo Search
Section 6: How to Write Quality Web Copy For SEO
Brainstorming Ideas
Writing for the Web
Title Tags
Description Tags
Make Writing a Routine
How to Find Writers
Section 7: Techniques for Link Building and Getting Backlinks
Link Votes
Linkable Content
Making It Easy To Share
Easy Places and Ways To Get Backlinks
Approaching Others for Linkbacks
Widgets, Addons, Apps and Plug-Ins
Link Bait
Quality over Quantity
What to Avoid
Seeing What Your Competition Is Doing
Section 9: SEO Experts and What They Can Do For You
Finding the Right SEO Expert
Are They Qualified?
Questions To Ask Your Potential SEO Experts
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GuruGrounds - GuruGrounds.com – How to Start and Market an Online Business

GuruGrounds - GuruGrounds.com – How to Start and Market an Online Business

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