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May Newsletter

May Newsletter

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Published by capitalhigh

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Published by: capitalhigh on May 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vice Principals:
Clinton H. Giles
Our job is to improve, not just maintain.”
R Tommy CanterburyWendy D BaileySusan M YoungAngela S Cruikshank 
The safety and welfare of all students are aconcern and a responsibility of the school. Alvisitors to the campus are expected to assist inmaintaining a safe and orderly environment at Capital High School. All visitors to the school arerequired to register by showing proper Id in themain office, and may be asked to present theivisitors pass as they move throughout the building. Permission to be at school is limited to visitors withlegitimate school business.
1.Parents are always welcome at Capital HighSchool. We ask that an appointment be made to visita teacher or classroom.2.The school policy shall be to accept onlythose visitors who have legitimate business at theschool.3.All visitors must report to the main officefirst to receive a visitor’s pass, show proper Id andto sign the visitor’s register.4.Small children, including infants, shall not be brought to school.5.Visitors will not be issued a pass if theiidentity cannot be verified by an administrator or staff member.6.Students are prohibited from visiting otheschool campuses while school is in session exceptwith prior administrative approval.7.Students who wish to bring other students toclass may do so under the following circumstances:
Prior approval must be obtained from
Prior permission must be obtained fromthe teachers whose classes the visitor will be visitingand
Prior approval must be obtained by the principal of the students who is visiting.8.Student visitors that the administrationdeems inappropriate, may be refused a visitor’s passany time it is considered to be in the best interest of Capital High School, its students, or staff.
Project Graduation News
SENIORS-Don’t miss out on your chance to win $50!Project Graduation will be held at the YMCA aftergraduation. There will be food, fun & prizes for allseniors! We still need you to pick up, fill out, and turn inyour registration forms!
Register for Project Graduation by May 12
and have your name entered into a drawing for $50. Kassie Querry won the$100 Early Bird drawing on April 28!Pick up and return registrations to Mrs. Garrison in room400C or Ms. Bumpus in the main office.We still need more parent volunteers! If you can helpchaperone, you know someone who would like to donatemoney or items to be given as prizes, or you have connectionswith someone who can provide food for the event…we needyour help! Contact Susie Garrison atsagarrison@kcs.kana.k12.wv.usor Luann Adams atluadams@suddenlink.net 
East Academy News
Last month, just prior to spring break, it came to theattention of Capital High School administrators and teachersthat plans were being discussed to implement East Academy,Kanawha County’s alternative school program, into thetraditional school day, on Capital High School’s campus, for the 2011-2012 school year. A series of events (see additionalstories below) helped to stop that from happening; however,in an effort to remove the program completely and utterlyfrom our campus-and every campus which houses traditionalstudents-a campaign named
“Stop East Academy Plans atCapital High School”
has been implemented. Concerned
citizens-students, teachers, administrators, parents, et al- maygo to the link, fill out the form, and write additional concerns.Upon clicking “send,” each Kanawha County school boardmember and Dr. Duerring receives the email. If you areinterested in helping stop this program from continuing to behoused on our campus, please help us by clicking the link andsending in your voice. It made a difference the first time;let’s make it work again!http://bit.ly/capitalhighconcernsIn addition, the next KCS board of education meeting willtake place on Thursday, May 19 at 6 pm sharp. If you are aconcerned, taxpaying Kanawha County citizen, your attendance at this meeting is strongly encouraged! Pleaseread below for additional information regarding this topic:
Letter to Board Members and Dr. RonaldDuerring:
“In response to the April 14 statement from Dr. RonDuerring, “Giles had been told about the plan,” pleaseexamine the following chronology of events:As a frame of reference and as background knowledge,during the ‘Watergate’ investigation, Sen. Sam Ervin, thechairman of the committee conducting the investigation,asked a two-part question of each defendant and witness.That question was, “What did he know and when did he knowit?”In a meeting held in the office of Mr. Mark Milam, KanawhaCounty Schools Assistant Superintendent for Secondary,Adult, Vocational Technical, and Alternative Education on
August 23, 2010
, that included Mr. Roy Jones, Principal of East Academy, Mr. Milam, and me, I stated the following,which was scripted into the notes that I carried into thatmeeting:
First, I need to begin by stating for the record so that allwill know, that I do not, have not, and will not support theproposed expansion of the East Academy program in theCapital High School building where I am presently theprincipal.
At no time have I ever given Mr. Jones oranyone else a different impression.
In fact, in my most recent conversation with Dr. Duerring(06/28/10), I expressed that sentiment in no uncertainterms.”

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