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Eerdmans Spring / Summer 2011 Academic Catalog

Eerdmans Spring / Summer 2011 Academic Catalog

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. on May 10, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Spring / Summer 
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
toll ree
  
1 Biblical Studies8 Commentaries13 Religious Studies14 Theology22 Philosophical Theology24 Practical Theology27 Ethics30 The Church32 Worship33 Religion & Society37 Religious History39 Humanities39 General Inormation40 Order Form41 Index
P’ L   R
Arland J. Hultgren
 Splendid, insightul commentary on one o the most signicant theological documents ever written
T L   G
Ian Christopher Levy
 Inaugural volume in a new series o medieval biblical commentaries
A I  AM R
Tammi J. Schneider
 New basic textbook on ancient Middle Eastern religiousbelie and practice
 J C   L   M
Mark A. Noll
 Forward-looking ollow-up to the landmark
S  t Ev M
M  L
Cristina Grenholm
 Illuminating theological-biblical study o maternal lovethat moves beyond gendered stereotypes
H P
Hans Boersma
Wake-up call or Western Christians to retrieve a sacramental worldview
M T M?
Keith Ward
 Rigorous philosophical refection on the transcendenceo the human soul 
F B G  S P
D. G. Hart
 Iconoclastic history o American evangelical engagement with conservative politics
F t t p-t-t t  E k — tt  kt,-pt  - tt — vt
W  y   t w t  ty,t wt y
R. R. R
N Wtt 
B E
 J Cttt
B Wtt III
R Mw
 y t —    vt tt? 
t w E , pv pt   t, t, t,  t xp w ty’ pp t t t vyy . J  w t t k v   wtt  tw  t.
toll ree
   www..
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
I   L  I    C L   S  T   U I   E   S  
Critical Issues in Paul’s Most Famous Letter 
Richard N. Longenecker
It R,
a kind o introduction-ahead-o-time to Richard Longenecker’s orthcoming commentary on Romans, is a major achievement in itsown right, the ruit o at least ty years o scholar-ship on the apostle Paul and on Romans in particular.. . . Longenecker succeeds admirably in putting themany issues surrounding Romans in the broadest pos-sible historical context, encompassing not just recent  ashions but the legacy o centuries. Seasoned scholarsand beginning students alike have every reason to be grateul.”
 — J. R M
M Stt Uvty
“Longenecker addresses here the major questionsabout this intriguing letter, setting out his own viewscogently and clearly, with airness and respect or those with whom he disagrees, and drawing upondecades o research andreection. Reasonable,clear, well-inormed,and instructive in everychapter, this extensiveintroduction to Romansdeserves a place in anyscholarly collection on Paul’s most-discussedletter.”
 — L H
Uvty  E
“This extended introduction to Romans . . . is clearlyand simply presented and will be o immensevalue not only to students who need a guide to thecomplexities o recent discussions o Romans but also to all who want to gain insight into the author’sown distinctive ‘take’ on the structure and purposeo the letter. I warmly commend it and look orwardeagerly to the publication o the commentary whoseharbinger it is.”
 — I. H M
Uvty  A
“A veteran interpreter o Paul here takes on issues — some perennial, some o more recent ocus —important or understanding Paul’s weightiest letter. Students will nd this to be an inormed introduc-tion to a host o crucial subjects; as a handy reerencework, the book merits a place on the shelves o schol-ars as well. Warmly commended or both!”
 — S W
MMt Uvty
Richard N. Longenecker
 p -t  Nw Ttt t Wy C, U-vty  Tt. H y pv k
The Christology o Early Jewish Christian-ity
The Ministry and Message o Paul.
978-0-8028-6619-6 / paperback / 518 pages$40.00 [£26.99] / Available
James D. G. Dunn
T pt p   wy pt   t tt t   t ty  t Nw Ttt.I
 Jesus, Paul, and the Gospels
 J D t txt  t t  t tt v   tCt  Jw  Ity,Sp,  I.T t kqy ptt Gp t  Jw  P t  Ct —   y Ptttpptv. E  t pt wwtt t t w- pp ttp tt y  w   t t,k t k     t-t  v k t wt y t Ct ty.
 Some o the topics illuminated by Dunnin this volume:
W, wy,  w t Gp w wt-t  wt w  xpt  t
T ty  tty  t Gp
T t   t ptP   t
Pt  tty  ttytw t t  J   P —  w t  t tw“J, P,  t Gp
 orms both a cap-stone and an introduction to Dunn’s groundbreak-ing works about the beginnings o Christianity. I I had one volume to put in the hands o someone whoasked, ‘Where do I begin to read Dunn?’ this wouldbe the book.”
 — S MK
Nt Pk Uvty
 James D. G. Dunn
 Ltt PEt  Dvty t t Uvty  D  E. H y t k
 Jesus Remembered
 Beginning rom Jerusalem
(v     
Christianity in the Making 
)  t  R, C-  P,  Gt.
978-0-8028-6645-5 / paperback / 221 pages$21.00 [£13.99] / June
 Jewish Daily Life in the Time of Jesus
Jodi Magness
Pp  p  ty   tjt  t ty   tvty t t t S Tp p Pt — t t  p  J’  ty. H J M x ty vt  w t Jw y  J, G,I,  P t -tty b.c.e. t c.e.
“Jodi Magness bringsliterary evidence romboth Jewish and NewTestament writings together with extensive archaeo-logical material to produce a literally ‘down to earth’ picture o the conditions and customs o daily lie inthe late Second Temple period. Essential reading or all who are interested in that period.”
 — F M
Ot Ittt, Ox Uvty
“A superb handbook on Jewish daily lie in the late Second Temple period. Magness demonstrates howtexts and archaeology, with careul scholarship, canilluminate each other. This book will be valuable or undergraduates, graduate students, and all scholarso the period or a long time to come.”
 — S W C
Uvty  Nk-L
“Bringing together archaeological evidence, SecondTemple period sources including the Dead Sea Scrolls,and early Christian literature, Magness illuminatesnumerous aspects o the daily lie o Second Temple Jews. Her originality and her mastery o the sourcesmake this a major contribution to our eld.”
 — L H. S
Nw Yk Uvty
 Jodi Magness
 K Dt P-  T Ex  Ey Jt t Uvty  Nt C t CpH. H t wk  t w-w k
The Archaeology o Qumran andthe Dead Sea Scrolls
The Archaeology o the Early Islamic Settlement in Palestine.
978-0-8028-6558-8 / paperback / 408 pages45 BW illustrations / $25.00 [£16.99] / Available

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