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04 Proverbs+Phrases

04 Proverbs+Phrases



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Published by Fouad Pecco

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Fouad Pecco on May 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prepared By,Mohamed Fou'adEnglish Instructor 
1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.2- Actions speak louder than words.4- Adam's ale is the brew.5- Advice when most needed is least heeded.6- After a storm comes a calm.7- All are not thieves that dogs bark at.8- All cats are grey in the dark.9- All good things come to an end.10- All is fair in love and war.11- All's fish that comes to the net.12- All's well that ends well.13- All lay loads on a willing horse.14- All roads lead to Rome15- All that glitters is not gold.ىف ةانمعز .رثكأ حي بلق جي (اغ) د : فرح همرتفاو ءادصأ بح أ أ .ب د ك  ر غل.نع يد  ا رثكأ اأو ) ثم رظ " ن   "550( رثكأ ، مس  دحت امع : فرح مرت.دحت ام رت أ بجي : ةاع ق حو . امل"بلو دج  دح ةد ىف بت  ءاأ دصأ س "ا  ياضت  أ بجي أ أ . ئ سأ ىف دح  دح ةإ انسأو اسؤم ركأ ف ىت هإ ذإ .ةراع.ءاطخ) ثم رظ106) (207) (256) (288) (416) (565( 3- Accidents will happen in the best regulatedfamilies.رش د ح و .رش سأ ءام إ ان قي ثم ملكو حAdam's aleيد ر و .آ  ىن .ءامل مظع املك : أ .اج ه خي و ا ااتحي  حن.ىقمح دنع ا امت  املك ، حن ىإ احرش   رطش را  ا أ : صاع ك ءود ى "ءاخ ادش د ى " قي نتف بير ك ارثي ةاع  إ أ :  بير ك  .راما ن  رانماف .ا ً  ً بيرغ  ي د و ) ثم رظ487(أ : ىنمو ا ا ظ ىف طق ك :فرح مرتاو .ل هاتي خد مف .مأ ه ةرل ىا امج.م ءاسن ف وم طن ادنع : دأ ورس :ىنمو .يا ا نسح ءاش ك :فرح مرت.ودي ىنو .رحو بح ف ه مس ش ك :فرح مرتف امك ا اع ف اجرت امت نمي :ثم.بح  بلق رظل ر غتس أ لع إ أ .رحثم محو .م ف  اط ا اك :فرح مرتو ىت دئاف ىلع ح ف صر تن أ بجي أ .لل ةدئا  اك  امف .يانا ةر رخ ىلع ت ذإ ر  ك  " .ف  اس هفاص ا ي ف نس يان"ام محتي  دن اح اف .قن ف متس  اك ادنع ش ىلع ثم طنيو .طم اح ث ام ي ا م أ دج ذ و خإو او دج مي حتسي  ص و (غش ام) ا ىف هنع اقيو ،  ) دج يلج ف .ا صي أ ا Willinghorse(ب اس) فرح اانو ((او ىإ ؤ رط ك).دو د و ئاو ان أ ىن أ .(محش ءاض اك ا) ر ىف هلاقيو .ا ًذ ملي ا ك  ) ثم رظ .ارظ  ءاش ىلع ح أ بجي 19(
Prepared By,Mohamed Fou'adEnglish Instructor 
16- All things are difficult before they are easy.18- Any port in a storm.19- Appearnces are deceptiveر  و امل مي ةرثك ا ان21- Art is long, life is short.22- As well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb.23- As you make your bed, so you must lie in it.24- As you sow, so shall you reap.25- Ask no questions and be told lies.
26- Avoid a questioner for he is also a tattler.27- Bad news travels fast28- A bad penny always comes back.29- A bad shearer, never had a good sickle.30- A bad workman always blames his tools.31- The bait hides the hook.32- Barking dogs seldom bite.33- Be just before you are generous..ىو واحم د ص ود ءاش ك ) اث رظ320) (389) (562( د  أ .ا ًتم  جي نل اتإ ةرتف ود بئ معاس رمتس أ مي و ، هفر وأ بو  ةرتف  اس ) ثم رظ .ذ و مي 708(17- All works and no play makes Jack a dullboy..ءان أ ق يرح  ود ا ف :فرح مرتأ ىلع طني ثم و .رت و ادو ا ق أ بجي أ"ء اح لتي بيرغ" ش أ قي اح ا ف اس ) ثم رظ358(عدخ راظم) ثم رظ15) (487(  أ ىإ ري ثمو : ىلأ ا ًمئ اا ا :فرح مرت) ثم رظ .س ا ًمئ  هلم 220( 20- The apples on the other side of the wall arethe sweetestمت هلع  ذإ ا ًقنش دي ميدق نز ىف ان ا انك إ :قي ثم و .ج وأ  ًم ورسم اك ذإ ا ي و .ورسم م رغص أ رك ء ةدو رس) ثم رظ342(.ه انتي  أو شرف ب  أ :فرح مرت.لمع ا مح ثم   محو إ أ "د ز " ىإ اس ثم ىإ رأ ثم ذإو ،ًرش ىقل ًرش عز ذف .ا هتم ا   ئاتن.ُرخ ىقل ًرخ عز ) ثم رظ "د يد امك"23(ع تلأ ةرثك دنع اغ ئان ءا   ةاع .م  أ.رغ ىإ تأ ق ف رتي  ًرثك سي  ا ًير قتني س ر) ثم رظأ337) (508( ىإ افد أ دأ وا ذإ ئ لم إ : فرح مرتف متسي ثم و .اي ي ىف هإ ر أ د  ، يرخ.ا ًا هن رتي ، اص ر ش ع ، عامت .ها ىسنو لئا هلق أ أ ىلع ايأ د ي  لي  ، ان صأ  هتن   :ىفرح ىنم) ثم رظ .را ر  اك ذإ هوأ30(ىلع اخإ  ءاقإ واحي ا ًرثك م ءأ ف ي  ""ورظ وأ ، رد وأ ىلع هلمع ء ت قلي ا ر ا .اس ثم ف امك .س لمع جت ف بس اأ ًراظت ، هدو هوأ ح بجي هأ ىنمو .ةانس ي ط :فرح مرت.بئا لخ ي ام ذإ .غ رعامل ًرثك دي  أ ىنمو .  ًرثك ن ت .ديد ني "هاس دي ر  "بجي هأ ىنمو "ا ًميرك  أ  ًاع ك" :فرح مرت.لاج ايد يزت أد أ  ق ان ءاطعإ لع
Prepared By,Mohamed Fou'adEnglish Instructor 
34- The beaten road is the safest.35- Beauty is but skin deep.36- Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.37- Beggars must not be choosers.38- The best dish swims near the bottom.39- Best is cheapest.40- The best is often the enemy of the good.41- The best of friends must part.42- Better an egg todey than a hen tomorrow.43- Better be a fool than knave.45- Better be sure than sorry.47- Better bend than break.48- Better late than never. أ بجي هأ ىنمو .م  م يرط :ثم فر  دت :وأ .فور ر افأ ىف ام وأ دجم ع ح .يرخ اج ) ثم رظأ)425(ا ًح هلخ ي دقف ىا امجا رتغ قف دلج م امج : مرتودي مج أ ىنمو :ري  ع ىف امج :ىفرح ىنماث  ر غل ف ث رأو : ًم ري   ك د  ًم ر ا ، س م امج "  أ  رق".ر رظ ف  ًم ي) اث رظ188) (535) (642) (657( و رطضم أ ىنمو .واتي  وذاح :فرح مرت"او ذاح" .م  هلع بتي ، اخ ه  ) لثم رظ488) (293(   ةرو : امع ف س ةدج مس :ىفرح ىنم.م ه  ب و هلع ح  أ  ثم.خ   :فرح ىنمىلع اامت نميو - ي ىق ةدج ءاش أ ذ رسو  .خ  د دم ىلع اف لعو أ د ا دتست ًد طتو  ايرت ت ، خر ءاش.ارف انإ أ .سحل ًودع ي ا ا ًا س :ىفرح ىنمانلمع  ( س) ــ م رو ط د س ح ان .اا ) ثم رظ319()  ثم هلع طني 9ضفأ ىت يا ش  أ انو .() ثم رظ .هف ني   ىي أ بجي ءادص9(:  رع ث رأ .د ٍ ا  سأ  ض ح ثم  ىو ةرج ىلع ةر  رخ د ف ع)  52.(د و رم و .رش ن ك .ا ًثخ  و ا ً ك دو ص ءاغو ،  لأ ءاغ امن ، جس ىإ  ايؤي .دمت ش  امن   سأ زجع ر (وز أ)  ىك :فرح مرتوت أ ىإ ةأرم ا ًص وأ طخ - عدي ثم و .ا اخ .ادت اش  ًد الدي جع ر 44- Better be an old man's darling than a youagman's slave.ملك sure- يدق اانم لمتس انsafeىنو .آ أ - رظ  "  أ  ًد دكت أ  سأ :و و ثم"ا ط  لر دو" "بئن  ل ب ف دأ يذ و بلك أ ك ، م ل س اج ف ذ اك إو ىت ًدئا وأ ا ًسئ ك ظع اس ا ًا    ضفأ46- Better be the head of a dog than the tail of alion:رس و ءانحوانتي أو ، بلتي  أ بجي اس أ ىإ عدي ثم  ًد ، هفخو ءا  رأ د  ر   .نحني أ  ًد رسنف ، ةق ه ) اث رظ117) (273) (539( :د و ،  ًلًرخت ، دع ع دأ رختي ادنع ءاً  ةاع متسي ثم هلمع دع  سأ ًرخت و ب مع : و رخآ ىن هو .هت

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