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Walter Russell - The Message of the Divine Iliad 2

Walter Russell - The Message of the Divine Iliad 2

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Published by enchantedmoon143

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Published by: enchantedmoon143 on May 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Message of the Divine IliadWalter RussellVolume IIPrefaceIf these words be read as words of mine, then indeed are they but mine, andhave I failed to translate true those inspired words of Light written upon myheart by Him whom thou art, and Whom I am, as I am also thee. If these words be read as “I am I” and “thou art thou,” and the skies andwinds and trees are things apart, separate and separable, and God afar  beyond unknowable and unreachable, then have I failed indeed my Father’swork to do-and are my words to thee unholy things; and I, who wrote themdown, am to thee unholy.If these words be read as words alone, and not as that One Idea of Unity, thestar, the morning dew, thou, the violet and me all One, then are my words but words.If these words be read by man, to whom love is but a word, measurable, and by him controlled, then indeed is God’s Messenger of Love dead; and do I blaspheme His name by resurrecting Him in me as God’s Messenger of Love; so hear me when I say that if thou art not God’s Messenger of Love,then has the Nazarene lived on earth for naught.To me all things in this universe are One, and that One the God of creationwhom I am; and thou art also He when thou knowest that thou art.If God lives he lives in thee and me.Was that divine Idea of Love meaneth for God’s illumined Messengers alonewhose clay has long returned to dust, or does God’s Love live in thee andme?
If God be one—Creator of All, then I am He, and I am All; and I am Hisknowing, and His thinking; and I am creating with my knowing and mythinking.Is the beach just grains of sand, or is the sand the beach?Is the beach one thing, or is it grains of sand—divisible?If these words be only mine, then am I but a grain of sand and not the beach;and as a grain of sand my words are little words for other grains of sandslike me.But if I am the beach my words are not alone mine but Ocean’s words, and,therefore, are they mighty with all of Ocean’s majesty.And to thee, if thou art but a grain of sand, these words are too big; andOcean’s words as though they were not.If I be but clay alone and not eternal Man, and eternal Man not God, thenwere all God’s illumined Messengers of Light also but clay and notKnowing Sons of God.Such is not my thinking, for that which lived in them was Love which couldnot die, so lives in me as Light of Love by which I am anointed.Love, if it be more than word, is eternal Light of God. And If Light of Love be in my knowing, then art thou the son of God through thy knowing.My illumined knowing is herein set down in words of Man’s sensingtranslated from God’s language of Light through which God speaks to allinspired Sons of Light who know God’s Love in them. When thou knowestLove then shalt thou know that neither thou, nor giant sun, nor blade of grasscan say the words “I am alone I,” for in my Father’s house there is but ONE,and that ONE He, and thee, and me. Walter Russell
THE BOOK OF LOVEA communion1.I am in thy Light, O my father.2.I Am Thy Light.3.Thou has anointed me with Thy Light of all-knowing to give to manfor his unfolding.4.Thy Balance must I give him; that he shall know power.5.Thy Law must I give him; that he shall know peace.6.Thy Love must I give him; that he shall know unity.7.Thy Beauty must I give him; that thy rhythmic thinking shall inspirehim to rhythmic thinking.8.Thy Light must I give him; that he may commune with Thee in Thylanguage of Light.9.Consciousness of Thee must I give him; that he shall forever be Thee.10.Freedom from his senses must I give him; that he shall rise above hissensing and find Thy kingdom of his long seeking.11.Thy Knowing must I give him; that he may create with thee; that hemay command Thy electric body to his will for his needs; that he maycommand his electric body to Thy perfection.12.That which I know in Light, must I translate into words, for whichthere are no words.13.Wordless essence must I translate into words of man.14.The Source must I picture in extensions of the Source.15.Idea must I unfold as illusions of Idea.16.Reality must I paint with the pigments of unreality.17.To the sense-conscious must I bring Cosmic Consciousness.18.To the outer man must I talk from the pulpit of the inner man.19.I am of the race of messengers to man, the root of a race who knownot time, nor breadth, nor height, nor depth, nor other dimension of man.20.I am thy messenger of Love. There is no fear nor hate in Thee.21.I am thy messenger of Life. There is no death nor darkness in ThyLight.22.Make thou me a worthy messenger.23.Be Thou me.24.Thy power be my power. Thy essence, my essence.25.Unfold Thou Thy concept through me.26.Be me, that I may be not alone I.27.Be me, that I may be the universe.

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