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Baphomet Solve Et Coagula Ceremony - 2011-05-11

Baphomet Solve Et Coagula Ceremony - 2011-05-11

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Published by Andrieh Vitimus

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Published by: Andrieh Vitimus on May 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Home> Baphomet Solve et Coagula Ceremony
Baphomet Solve et Coagula Ceremony
05/11/2011 - 9:47am 
Submitted byandrieh
on Wed, 05/11/2011 - 9:47amegregore creation
Written by Andrieh Vitimus
While the original Mass of Chaos Baphomet ritual appears in ?Liber Null and Psychonaut? by Peter Carroll,this particular ritual variation comes from my personal work with the egregore and represents a practicalsynthesis of the materials within
Hands On Chaos Magic.
This ritual works with the Levi concept of Baphomet expressed by the phrase ?Solve Et Coagula? whichtranslates to dissolve and reform. This ritual utilizes my experience of dissolution in a stepwise ritual that endsin creation of a new form. This requires some experience with servitor creation, evocation, banishing, andsub-
modality work (NLP). This should be considered an intermediate to advanced ritual. Baphomet is such acomplicated entity that I can't even justify a short introduction. Just do a google search when you have acouple hours. Needless to say, this ritual calls for working with Baphomet as referenced by Levi?s phrase, notthe satanic version nor the ?monstrous version?.Before doing this ritual, all participants should have a positive group purpose. This is a multipurpose ritual anddoes have to be adapted to different ritual purposes. Each participant should have an issue in their lives thatthey are willing to transmute. We have performed this ritual with several deep seated issues. This ritual willpersonify those issues into external entities. More on this technique for those who have not had theopportunity to attend the workshops in person can be found in the book ?Hands On Chaos Magic? by AndriehVitimus.
Cauldron or flame proof container to burn paper in151 Rum or other Highly Flammable Non-Toxic substanceBlack paperLancetsAn image or statue of BaphometRed PaintChaos Star picture or icon.Small tableRitual Robes are helpful.Fire extinguisher (remember- safety first!)White paper or nice parchmentSet up an altar and place the cauldron at the center of the table. Each participant should bloody a piece ofblack paper extensively, using the lancets before the ritual begins. (Be careful and no stabbing your fellowritualists!)Each participant should be placed around the table and cauldron in a circle. Ritual robes are helpful. Becauseof the presence of an open and continuous flame, ritual nudity is not recommended for this.
Predefined Roles (this ritual could be done aslisted with as little as 2 people)
Banish by your preferred method. ?Hands On Chaos Magic? has several available
State your intention: To dissolve a negative aspect of our lives and create a new entity to ?Do X?
Pick up their black piece of paper, and start using random speech (glossolalia). They shouldimagine the black sheet as an endless plane much like the mirrors that trappedGeneral Zod
in Superman II.As they continue to use the glossolalia they should see, feel, hear, and even smell memories of the issuetroubling them and imagine all of that flowing into the plane created by the blood and black paper. Theyshould continue with the glossolalia as they hold the paper- filling with the vibe and memories that areattached to the issue they are transmuting. The Glossolalia should continue until each participant gets stuckchanting a name for the entity that represents the issue. They should at this point continue to chant the nameof the entity they discovered while allowing a form, possibly a sigil, or even more appearing before them, whileimaging the entity inside the paper.Once they have fully evoked the entity into the paper, they should place the paper inside the cauldron andcontinue to evoke the entity now trapped on the paper in the cauldron. Evocation of this sort is more fullycovered in ?Hands On Chaos Magic?.
 While the participants are creating their entities, the celebrant will draw Chaos stars (8 pointedstars) over the table at each line of the following Enochian:OL - SONUF - VAROSAGAI - GOHUVOUINA - VABZIR - DE - TEHOM - QUADMONAHZIR - ILE - IAIDA - DAYES PRAF - ELILAZIRDO - KIAFI - CAOSAGO - MOSPELEH - TELOCHPANPIRA - MALPIRGAY - CAOSAGIZAZAS ZAZAS NASATANATA ZAZASThe English version of this is not used but for information's sake here is the translation.I - Reign - Over You - SaithThe Dragon - Eagle - of - the Primal ChaosI Am - the First - the Highest - That Live In - the First AetherI Am - the Terror - of the Earth - the Horns - of DeathPouring Down - the Fires of Life - On the Earth(The final line cannot be translated)(This is Peter Carroll?s Original Invocation of Chaos). On each line of the Enochian, the Celebrant should

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