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Commission script 3

Commission script 3

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Published by d97rolph

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Published by: d97rolph on May 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Daniel Rolph
Version 4
Title Screen in style of 1950s Educational Film:ANTIBODIESTitle is replaced by a blank screenNARRATOR (V.O)We all know that it’s no fun being ill. However,scientists have discovered the culprits: Germs!Two “Wanted” Posters appear showing different bacteria.NARRATOR (V.O)Whenever the bodies defences are breached, thesegerms seize their opportunity and invade!A drawing of a Human with a cut on their finger appears.A magnifying glass zooms in on the cut, showingindividual red blood cells, with bacteria. The cameratracks them into a blood vessel.NARRATOR (V.O)Once inside their victim, these germs immediatelybegin to multiply, stealing food and oxygen from thebody.Initially there are only a few Bacteria which begin todivide.- Continued -
NARRATOR (V.O)Unless they are stopped, these insidious invaderswill destroy their victim from the inside.The Bacteria begin to outnumber the red blood cellsNARRATOR (V.O)However, the human body is not defenceless.Throughout the bloodstream, countless White bloodcells patrol, looking for any sign of germs.Several White Blood Cells enters the screen.NARRATOR (V.O)To do this, they take advantage of germs greatestweakness. Science has discovered that every germ iscovered with tiny chemical markers that scientistscall “Antigens”. In addition, each different typeof germ has its own unique Antigen.A magnifying glass zooms in on the surface of twodifferent bacteria, revealing the different antigens oneach.NARRATOR (V.O)Whenever a White Blood Cell encounters a germ, itanalyses these antigens and begins to producespecial proteins called “Antibodies”

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