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Emphas.is Added - American Photo Magazine

Emphas.is Added - American Photo Magazine

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Published by Miki Johnson
An article by Michelle Bogre in American Photo Magazine, May/June 2011, about photojournalism crowdfunding platform Emphas.is.
An article by Michelle Bogre in American Photo Magazine, May/June 2011, about photojournalism crowdfunding platform Emphas.is.

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Published by: Miki Johnson on May 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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mecnmg.cm my/june 2011
   ©   c   h  r   i  s  t  o  p   h   B  a  n      r  t
Christoph Bangert shotthis photo o soldiers romDagger Company (4thInantry Division) fringmortar rounds towardpositions in the Koren-gal Valley, Aghanistan.Bangert is using publicsupport via Emphas.isto und his projectdocumenting the fghtover Kandahar Province.
juy/ugu 2011 mecnmg.cm
Emphas.is addEd
A 21st-century funding model for photographers promotes vital newphotojournalism by appealing to the audience, not the outlets
by michelle bogre
 marh 8, oas va otrv was’tsr h’d hav th o to rtr toaos. Withot fdi, his abitios sv-ar prot doti th last srvivi holdotsof th coist ovt wold li ioplt.’d b to north Kora, cba, chia ad Vit-a rpatdl. aos was his last stop. hr hplad to photoraph th raii c-traido rrillas livi i hidi si 1975, whth u.. lft Vita. Bt h was havi trobloi p with th $8,800 h dd for xpss.B marh 10, va otrv was osidrablor optiisti. hat was th da ephas.is, aw rowdfdi wbsit for photoraphrs,lahd. is prot was o of th rst ifatrd, ad i its rst 24 hors oli, it hadrivd $1,985, alost a qartr of th fds hdd. B pril 4, 127 bakrs had doatd ortha $8,800 ad va otrv st ot for oth-ast sia to ak th prod.hr ar svral othr rowdfdi sits(th ost faos is Kikstartr), bt whr ostothrs rprst a varit of prot tps arossall fors of dia, ephas.is has a silar visio:to t photooralis fdd i a ra whotlts ar dri p ad assits ar sar.Bod aki idividal prots possibl, it aisto bild a oit of ad doors who aritrstd both i lobal isss ad i spportiqalit oralis. “W watd to rat a platforwhr photoraphrs wold b abl to o-iat dirtl with bakrs,” sas Kari BKhlifa, a award-wii nw york cit–basdphotooralist who ofodd ephas.is with hispartr, ia hrs, forrl th sior photoditor with
aazi, ad Fal Dwvr,a trt bsiss osltat.“W thoht abot how or wh popl osdia ad ralizd that th or adis doit throh soial tworki sits,” hrs sas.s o’d xpt fro a opt bor i th a of soial dia, itrativit ad prsoal ivolv-t ar k opots. “athr tha st fdviwrs storis, w lt th pbli did what thwat to s fdd ad ovrd. opl still arabot ws. W st d to iv th a platforwhr th a b ivolvd.”h ativit o ephas.is i th rst fw wks
mecnmg.cm my/june 2011
   ©     o    a  s  v  a  n     o  u  t  r  y  v    ;     p  p  o  s   i  t    :   ©   g  u   i   l   l  a  u           r   b  a  u  t
“rather thanfeed viewersstories,we letthe publicdecide whatthey wantto see.”

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