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Dan Smoot Report ROTN 19740130

Dan Smoot Report ROTN 19740130

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Published by Hal Shurtleff
An article from Dan Smoot on the difference between a republic and a democracy
An article from Dan Smoot on the difference between a republic and a democracy

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Hal Shurtleff on May 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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t Ct
.100 ,porl
On Restoring he RepublicA
rprsntati dmocracy s a potica systm n whch thpop prodcay, by maority ot at th pols, sct thr rulrsTh rurs thn, by ajority ot among thmsls ha absolutpowr to ma whatr laws thy plas for gorning th pop.Thr is a suprficial smarity btwn a rprsntat dmocracyand
consttutonal rpublc but n ssnc th two kinds of gomnt ar opposits th fundamnta da of on is damtricayoppod to th fndamnta da of th othrn a constitutional Rpubc th pop, by majority ot at thpos, sct thr rulrs. Th rurs thn by maority ot amongthmss, ha powr to mak laws for gorning th pop Butnotic th ast dffrnc n a constitutiona Rpubc th ctdrurs do not ha
powr; and thy cannot ma
whateverlaw they pleae,
bcaus thr powr s sry rstrictd by awrttn consttuton whch ony th pop can galy chang
Equality Versus Lberty
Th dal of a docracy s unrsa uaty Th da of aconsttutona Rpubc is ndidua brty Ths two das armutualy xcus Euait of al mn n th ys of God andbfor th aw s a conditon ssntial to indidual lbrty; but noothr nd of uait is possibl Sustaind gornmn tal ffort toach matral ualty for al nitably fas, and aways nds ntyranny of on nd or anothr and thr arsra kindsthtyranny of a onma dctatorshp, of a gisati assmby, of anuncontrolab buraucracy, of a udcia oigarchy or of ariants andcobnations of ths
January 3 
Conside o example the outcome o the two geat poiticaupheavals o the atte pat o the Eighteenth Centuy the AmecanRevouton which omay began n 1776 and the Fench Revoution whch began thiteen yeas ate (789 Both ae in ou tmewdely thought o as ebelons against tyanny; and the sogans hadappaent smlaties; yet they wee poounly dieent om eachotheThe Ameican Decaaon o Independence poclamed that almen ae ceated eual Eual beoe thei Ceato they mut theeoe be eual beoe the aw egadles o the obvou ineuaty inhuman socety The Decaation says that men ae endowed wthunalienable ghts and that the pupose o govement i to ecuethee ghts The unalienabe ights o man enumeated n the Decaaton o ndependence do not include
but they do nclude
aong wth lie and pusuit o happines n shot the ideal o the Ameican Revolution was the ea o a consttutona Republc:attanment o maxmum indiviua human bety in an oganedand odey societyThe ogan o the Fenh Revoluton bety Euality Bothehood) poclaims bety a on o thee geat obective; but as ittued out
as a catchwod o the Fench Revoution meant t meant anythng at al) uetaned icense o those on topThe eal batte cy o he Fench Revoluion wa
equaliy and roherhood;
and the emembeed symbol o the Fench Revoutoni the guilotne Any man who hd hs head above the cowd waubect to having hs head cut o because the Fenc Revolutionlkets ultmate poeny the Communist Conspiacy called o alevelngdown t was an eualtaan movemet built upon a hatedo indvda supeoty Sueee eveybody into a common mod o euaity; then the ay and incompetent may not ee neiobecause the vey desie o ndividua peonal excellence wl become a natonal sin utimatey ecognied as mental llness.The Fench Revolution o the supposed dea o democacyeualitaansmended i apoleon dictatoshp and a boodbatho Euope.
The Review Of he NEWS
The America Revoutio was a movemet ed by great idividualswostood above the commoaiy of ma, ot because of their ladsor teir famiies, bu because of heir superiority as huma beigstheir maood ad teir ideals. They were folowed by idividuaswho admired the seriority of teir grea forebears ad wad obe free so tha their ow sos might cimb tat high, if tey had i ithem to cimb. The America Revouio for te idea of a cosiutioa Republic for a poiical system tha would guaratee maximum idividua libery by imitig the power of govemesucceeded ad produced o oy sesatioal materia prosperity forAmericas bu aso the brigtest beaco of hope for a makid thathuma hads ad ever iged.vs  
ut before he America atio was a ceury od there bega alog, tortuous process of covertig e costitutioa Repubic toa represetaive democracyby perversio, subersio, ad erosioof our magifice costiutioal system. Te War for SouteIdepedecewhic wet io the history books as the ivil Warwas a roduct ad o te begiig of that process. Durig hetragic era of ate which foowed he ivil War e RecostructioPeriodtwo dreadfu lesios o our cositutoal system weremadeThey are caed the Fourtee ad Fifteet Amedmets tote osituio.Te Fourtee Amedmet, desiged by he radica eaders ithe Recostructio ogress to erpetuate the power of their political caba by atioaizig states' rights, was ever costitutioayrafied by he states bu the radica ogress had it proclaimedadoped (Jue 13, 866) ad i became the basis for s of hefedera court decisios which have cofused ad corrupted the meaig of America cosiuioa govemetTe Fifteeth Amedmet (ratified Feruary 17, 1870) was ieded, osesiby, to proibit federa ad stae govermets fromdeyig the vote to quaified Negroes ut t abrogates a fudameta cocept of our origia cositutioa sysemamey, that
Jaay 3 3

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