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Handout 9

Handout 9

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Published by wokky77

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Published by: wokky77 on May 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Christian Story Part 3
First two weeks of covering the Christian story:1. This world is a good world2. This world is a broken and bad world
The core problem being idolatry
treating something other than God as if itwas God
The difficulty some Christians have with
themes (the example of lament in the Bible)Part 3
Redemption - the purchase back of something that had been lostWhat does God do with a broken creation?
Presumably God could simply decide to start again.
God does not make junk and he does not junk what he has made.
The Bible as one long story of salvation - seeking to restore and renewcreation so that it can reach its appointed goal.
The place of the Old Testament as preparation:-
the law shows our need of forgiveness-
the sacrificial system of Israel shows the way to forgiveness
Jesus as the chapter on which the whole plot turns
The Christian Story Part 3
The basic idea in the Christian gospel is that God does for us what we cannotdo for ourselves.
A story of substitution
For the essence of sin is man substituting himself for God, while the essence of salvation is God substituting himself for man.
(John Stott)
God did not then, inflict pain on someone else, but rather on the cross absorbed the pain, violence and evil of the world into himself. Therefore the God of the Bible is not like the primitive deities who demanded our blood for their wrath to be appeased. Rather, this is a God who becomes human and offers his own lifeblood in order tohonour moral justice and merciful love so that some day he can destroy all evilwithout destroying us.
(Tim Keller)
The cross is the point where God and sinful man mergewith a crash and the way to life is opened 
 but the crash is on the heart of God.
(Oswald Chambers)The difference between religion and the gospel.
The gospel is good news for bad people
the gospel is not for good folk.Thinking through the implications:
God saves the world by fully becoming a human being
God is personally involved with us
God knows what it is like to suffer
There is nothing inherently ungodly about having a body
Jesus maintained holiness, yet could stay in contact with unholy people.
The Christian Story Part 3
the act of reconciling two things which were previously in a state of hostility.The scandal of the cross
Christianity is the only religion which has at its centre the humiliation of its God.
 (Bruce Shelley)If the cross of Christ is true - then servanthood is at the centre of the universe.The struggle to servants when using our giftsIf God is not too high and mighty to be a servant......
The central claim of the Christian faith is that Jesus is raised from the dead
 completely (body and soul).
You could (potentially) disprove Christianity.
If Jesus rose from the dead, it changes everything.
The hope of eternity in the Christian faith is not immortality of the soul, it isresurrection from the dead.
resurrection as the perfecting of a human body

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