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Published by jagadishprasad

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: jagadishprasad on May 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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wealth : its management (spirituality in 21st century)
 wealth is actually defined by how to allocate it to solve personal, professional relationships.wealth is personal and to manage is what economics iscorporate wealth management also is related to economicsbut actually how should wealth be managed : according to spirituality in olden generation thought by me is that money is never talked aboutand is to be accepted in whichever denomination it comes to individuals and is never ever debated under spiritualism  just now on 5th of April 2011 i thought of a better plan to define spiritual money in commercialaspect to be adopted by everyone but restricted the definition to 21st century do you want to know what i think about spiritual money in commercial terms. if you appreciate itand follow it you are benefited , if i don't say it i need not write about it hats off to me to make a bold presentation , lets give myself a laddumoney is always defined as “man made money and money made man run”beautiful quotation according to me money if satisfies the definition of family satisfaction till that family is intoexistence on earth and is able to give itself mental peace with money being around both in bankand cash in hand and is of help to it instead of burden , you lived the life of spiritualism if the same money even if more or less cannot give mental peace and thinking about moneygives tension to the world and to themselves can be termed as commercial aspect of moneydefinition which if continued the family has led a butchered life in today's century is my definition of spiritual family money aspect 
think what wealth can actually determine your path ?
too much of wealth leads to destruction than construction think ? allocating funds to crucial people and managing people is crucial than solution to wealth affairseither corporate or personal think ? 
its amazing fact of life is USA is talking now a days a language of buyer centric where buyersactually determine the path of sales. i question them as to how is it possible. it is alwaysaccording to me seller centric where seller determines the path of where technology is leadingand is in better position to understand average customers point of view and counter attack byspecifically redesigning the model to get it again approved by buyers and not one buyer  in INDIA asian paints asked buyer to redesign the house model in an ERP format but accordingto me can never be approved 100 percent by buyers without seller actually showing the finaloutput without which decision to be made by buyers of Asian paints is impossible another example is TATAS actually came up with a new model of 2 pricing at 1 lakh and2.5 lakh per car under 2 models . buyers never came up with that model. it was tatas whohighlighted and buyers made small changes and variation in the model but as usual had toaccept the model designed by tatas and chose according to their taste. at the most color would be specified by them but other ways it is entire technology if talkedabout is seller centric . Sony initially failed because it did not take into consideration cost factor involved other wise itsold Walkman initially on seller centric terms . buyers never knew their requirement and did nothad foresight that Walkman type can every exist during the times of AKIO MORITA . companies have foresight and vision as to where to lead the company the buyers usually areassociated with shares market and based upon success of seller products shares change handsto bulls and bears sellers product path is not chosen by buyers it is convenience of usage of seller products whichdetermine the market of products designed by sellers it is sellers with technology and intention to do business determines the company and
economies path and not the other way round 
think why buyers models are failing and how come seller centric output always issaleable to end consumer ? why the difference? NEXT FARMERS PROBLEM OF MONEY 
does the government bodies of both state and central have financial strength. if they have under their belt i have got a brilliant plan to discuss with them .summation is purchase land from farmers who have point 5 acres of land under their belt and cumulativelyincrease the geographical boundary to acres of land and ask them to work in it by giving themsalary to them to work in the fields on a fixed salary package in that way government with the help of ICRISAT can organise and create food for the countrythrough monitoring the farmers output by asking them to produce anything as per the need of the country and not letting farmers chose their own crops for their survival farmer don't leave the vegetation crops because they will be paid fixed salary for working for fewhours with additional benefit like vocational training also being provided to thembygovernment i hope this can be implementable by governments where government gets money to purchaselands through Internet advertisements etc 
think what can be the role of companies associated with farming community ? NEXT
continuation of farmers problem in INDIA 
I was studying and is still studying russia and would suggest everyone to read history of countries and its economic background. i came to realize many things specially the one i wastalking above thought process related to farmersthe term they used for above solution even though i didnt copy from them was collectivism meaning , under collectivism all farms to be purchased by soviet russia under stalin rule and usethem for basic industry purpose.without my knowledge i came to same conclusion but on voluntary basis by farmers is what my

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