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BJ5.12.11 lo

BJ5.12.11 lo

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Published by Angela McFarland
Weekly edition of the Ballston Journal 5.12.11
Weekly edition of the Ballston Journal 5.12.11

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Published by: Angela McFarland on May 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Serving the Community Since June 14, 1798 
Ballston Journal
Ballston Journal
Your Hometown Newspaper 
may 12, 2011Vol.74 N.19
NEWS ...............................1-3ArouNd thE toWN .............2PolicE BlottEr ..................2oPiNioN/NEWS ...................4liViNG ................................5croSSWord PuzzlE ............6SPortS ...............................7clASSiFiEdS ......................13
$72 mll. bd, 3addas, p f vMa 17
th sh dsr’s pr- psd 72.87 n budg,ng wh hr ndds,w f wh r nu- bns, w b up fr v ntusd, m 17.
Dals Pa 3.
LadSpak ssds pass fpss
th d f hng dr-shp sks s n th lguf Wn Vrs f Srgcun s kng dr nh shs. Krsn ovrh,rdnr fr ldrSprk, sx wk urs fr rhgh sh sudns hsd b h lgu sd  ks sp prsn  b  rudr nd rhng u hs sudns wh psssshs qus hs prvd  b wrhwh.
S  Pa 5.
Pa f la als pplB Hlls lass vSs
i k hrn ds fr 
Ballston Spa to nally hit their rst skid of the season, but the
Ss r s n p  hs
a rst round sectional playoff 
g. mnd’s 9-7 ss Burn Hs ks  hr d-fs n  rw fr Bsn Sp.
S  Pa 7.
Bs B 500 a ‘d’ d m
th Bus Bn 500 hd h Srg cun Fr grunds n Surd wsn’ jus fr fun nd gs s h prds wud brng nwqupn n h Srgcun an Shr, .
S  Pa 10.
Submitted Photo
Bernard Domingo, a Zimbabwean artist will be demonstrating his skillsat the Mango Tree Imports on Saturday, May 14, in celebration o WorldFair Trade Day.
BSNB sells ormerManna’s lot or $425K 
th prpr n husng mnn’srng h nd rsurn hs bn sd bBsn Sp Nn Bnk fr pprx$425,000  tr Sn. th rnsn k  p n Wdnsd, m 4, rdng nfrn fr h abn cun crk’s
th prpr ws  sur f nrvrsrr hs r whn h bnk hd nsd-rd sng h   h Srg cunen opprun cun. S fh eoc, n bng  x-gnrng n,
 but a not-for-prot social service organization,was not a good t for 
h dwnwn busnssdsr. th d fr h prpr,  17 lwSr, ws vnubndnd.tr Sn, rgnfr Srg Sprngs, bugh h prpr bus sh sd  ws gd busnss nvs-n. Sn s wns h budngs husngln Rsrn n Srg Sprngsnd nw pnd l lun n Bsn Sp.th budng s n xn ndn,”Sn sd. “i hnk h’s  grwng r nBsn Sp wh hh prk ng n.”Sn sd sh ds n hv nn ndup  s h sp ndsd sn kng pn  rsurnwud hv vrhngh ndd rd n p. Sh sd, hugh,
since the space in zoned
r-r,  nubr f dffrn bus-
nesses could t the bill, such as a retail store
r  h. thr s  dng dk n h bk,, sh sd.
“I would like see something that t’s the
dwnwn Bsn r,” sh sd.Sh hs rd hd nvrsns wh -
cal ofcials, including Mayor John Romano,
sh sd, nd hs hrd  nubr f ppxprss h wud k  s  bnqu h h 10,000 squr f n.
She said the benet, would be its proximity
 h prk, nd wddngs ud b rd h n.Sn sd sh hs bn nrsd n hn prr  h eoc, nd k h p- prun fr h d f hrugh  kh purhs.c Sn  518-281-6392 fr nfrnbu sng h prpr.
Purbrddg nsf n hd
th mn twn Brd Wdnsd, m 4, dsuss hngs nd pn- nrss n h fsfr nsng dgs.th twn Brd s nh dsuss nndn f h wn dddng dd-n ngugfr purbrddg nss.orgn, htwn Brdgrd n  r snurd b cun-n Frnk Bsd hdrd   prvus ng.“th fs fr h purbrddg nss r s fws.Fr 1-10 purbrd dgs, $35nnu f, $10  f, nd $3 f pr g pr n,”sd Bsd. “Fr 11-24dgs  $15 nnu f, $10 f nd  $3 pr g f.Fr 25 pus purbrd dgs’s  $100 nnu f, $10 f nd  $3 pr g f.in ddn  h frgnghr sh b  $3 surhrgfr h unpd, un-nurd purbrd dg nsd fr h purps f rrng un ppun nr.thr sh b  $1 surhrgfr h spd, nurd purbrd dg.”
 Now, those original g
-urs hv hngd nd hrsdns  h ng sdh wnd  knw xnd hw uh r nwud  u f hr  pks fr nsng hr  purbrd dgs.
James Craig, Milton at
-rn rqusd h ngrn pn bus f hw h ndn wudhng nd s h brdwud hv r  hnk h ssu vr.“thr ws n ssu ngng h dg nss-up ps f h sns nubr, h dghd  hv  g n , bu nh ps n ns nubr n h dgs,” sd crg.“th pn h w’rurrn nrd whudn’ d h, bu hr’s  $40
ak fee whether 
w’r gng
ve licenses or 
100 nss sh prpsdndnwud hv 
 be modied, I
hnk  ws $3 g f. thwud nsu subsn hng nwh w’v dvrsds i suggs u hd h pub hrng ngh buv  pn fr nhr nh nd n k  d-sn ngh.”ass Prfssr n hDprn f Ggrphnd Pnnng  h Unvr-s  abn Gn Bunnsd  s rnd fr wns rs fs, rhr hn xs,sn fs n pp hs usng  srv, prk,rrn r r bn-ng  prur ns.“thr s n prndsnn bwn fs ndxs nd  f s n  xhugh s hngs d-d vr h rs h usd b u pd ur prprxs nd hr ws  wh bund f srvs h ug nd  ws  vrd bh,” Bunn sd. “thrwr s ps h ug h grbg n,vn swg nd wr ss pd r vrddun prgrs nd vrd brrs.”
While some scrutinize
unp fr vdngh sg f rsng xs b rsng fs, Bunn sdh “unbundng” f xshrugh h pnnf fs s u r
Lone fair tradeVillage in NYSpreps for WFTD
 New York state’s rst and
n dsgnd fr rdunp w b br-ng ng wh h rs f hwrd n Surd, m 14, mng tr iprs wh vs fr Brnrd Dng, Zbbwn rs whrn vd  h s.Bsn Sp s h nvg, wn r  n hs wh h dsnnnd h nnh n h US, sdK andrsn, prprr f mng tr, d  12Wshngn Sr.Dng w b n hndfr 1 p..  3 p.. dn-srng hw  k s f hs rfs.“W’v bn rrng hswrk pr uh snw’v pnd. H’s knd f r fr rd suss sr,”sh sd.andrsn sd mngtr pnd s  fr rd busnss nd ws n f hbrs f h Bsn Spfr rd srng ,h  hpng g Bsn Sp dsgndwh h Nrh arn Fr trd Fdrn. th fdr-n hps h US nd cnd s w nnd whfr rd prdurs, supprsnd whsrs, sh sd.“i’s  vn nd sn wrnss pgn hnnus  pk up s,”sh sd.andrsn sd chg wsrn wrdd h dsgn-n, kng  h 23rd “fr rd wn” n h US.mg Kngh, br f Fr trd twns cn ndn f h brs f hsrng   hpg Bsn s dsgnnsd fr rd rfrshns,dnd fr cff Pnnd h Whsng K sw s mng tr iprsw b n hnd. a k, dwh fr rd  w bdnd b h mng tr,s w.“ Wrd fr trd s n - prn w f dng busnssh rs rsns nd frrsnd ds krs nh dvpng wrd fr.i nsurs rnsprn,” sdKngh.Fr rd s  prvrkng fr dvpngunrs s h n sgds n n dv-pd unrs.Sh sd  prs fr wgs nd gd wrkng n-dns fr dus nd hdrn,wh s us nd shnd hv  fr rrn.Kngh, wh ws n  - f bu sx pp, sd pr f h rqurn  b- dsgnd s  fr rd
town was to get ve business
sng w r r fr rd
items and two organizations
 srv fr rd gds. Nw
close to a dozen business and
hr hurhs quf fr fr rd dsgnn, sh sd.“ths s  vn h s
denitely expanding beyond
Bsn,” Kngh sd.th twn f Bhh,h Gns Fs chdrn’smusu nd Sn cgr  skng dsgnn,sh sd.in ddn mng trs s brng s ffhnnvrsr, hnthursd, m 5, n WrdFr trd D.Rd r bu WFtDnd h ff brk :frrdrsur.rg/wfd/ff-brk/ .
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May 12-18, 2011
theballstonjournal.com LOCAL NEWS Ballston Journal
Police Blotter 
The following arrests and citations were made by the BallstonSpa Police department 
Weapons charge
David D. Farr
, 20, f 16 Hh S., crnh wsrrsd n tusd, m10  h Srg cuncur hus fr  dr/x-r hn d-d n unknwn wpnn h subj’s bkpk wsdrnd  b  s f brssknuks. Frr ws hrgdwh rn pssssn f wpn, ws prssd ndrsd wh n pprnk fr vg ur.
Trafc violations
Alonzo A. Williams
, 21, f 103 es Hgh S. ap. #3,Bsn Sp ws kdfr spdng nd fr drvngwhu nsurn n Frd,m 6. H s shdud rspnd n vg ur nm 23.
Jenna C. Smith
, g un-knwn, f 54 cbrdg Rd.,Grnwh ws kd fr spdng n Surd, m7 nd shdud  ppr nur n m 16.Knnh Gd, 58, f 1283esrn av., W. chrnws kd fr spdng nSund, m 8 nd shdud rspnd n vg ur nm 23.
Jaclyn C. Breidenstein
,23, f 78 lvrk av.,lnsr, Ny ws kdfr spdng n Sund, m8 nd shdud  ppr nvg ur n m 23.
Mary A. Griesche
, 50,f Nskun ws kdn Wdnsd, m 11 fr fur  prpr ffx  rg-srn skr  hr r vh. Sh s shdud ppr n ur n m 23.
Outstanding warrant
P rrsd
Keith D.Ramsey
, 23, f 1216 msr S., Shnd n nusndng bnh wrrnssud b Vg f BsnSp twn cur. H wsrrgnd nd rsd bsdn  prr D.W.i. hrg.
P rrsd
Jamey L.Houck 
, 40, f 9 PrksdDrv, m fr grnd r-n n Surd, m 7. Hws prssd nd rsdwh n pprn k fr m 16.P rrsd
Shantel L.Dupont
, 21, f 83 mlnS., Bsn Sp fr burgr.Dupn ws rrgnd n v-g ur nd rndd 
the Saratoga County Jail in
u f b.
fromthe County D.A.
 Information provided by the Ofce of the Saratoga
County District Attorney
K Prk cnUp D
FaNS (Frnds nd Ngh- brs f Bsn Sp) nup f K Prk nd Kds’crksd Vg w b nSund, m 15 fr 1-4 p.. chdrn r w vunr wh du su- prvsn. Vunrs shudr  brng rks, shvs,gvs, nd pnbrushsnd b sur h  prsn prpr s bd wh hwnrs n. FaNS w prvd h dgs nd sd.th prk s d  39Rph S., Bsn Sp nr h Vg P.
th nnu ng f h Fsr H crassn w b hd nSurd, m 7  2:00 p.. h Prvdn Bpschurh, 7153 Fshhus Rd.,mdd Grv. Fr dr-ns,  584-4859.
cpur csss
th twn f Bsn c-un lbrr s ffrngpur sss n mn mnd, m 16 6-7:30 p.. B; tusd, m 1710:30-12:00 p.. mS ex2010 Pr 2; mnd, m23 6-7:30 p.. Pd tuh;tusd, m 24, 10:30-12
 p.m. Picasa Part 1. Class size
s d nd rgsrns rqurd. th brr sd  2 lwr ln,Burn Hs. Ps  399-8174  rgsr.
th NurnKhn:lvngGun-Fr
lrn bu h prnf dhrng   gun frd fr hs wh hv gunnrn r  dss,suns  n br-rrs, nd hw  rd fdbs nd fnd hs hddngun surs. ths prgrw s k  k  srs nd rsurns h rfrnd  gun fr ndss w s prvd hh,gun fr rps  k h. Prsnd b alsk, Rgsrd Dnn mnd, m 2 fr12-1 p.. n h SrgHsp Brd R s prf h hsp’s undun urh. Rgsr n-n  srg.rg r bng 580-2450.
th Swdsh VaSa dg tgnr # s hdng Swdsh arn PnkBrkfs n Sund, m15 fr 8:00 ..  12:00nn  h Burn Hs FrDprn, 811 R. 50,Bsn lk. th nu,undr suprvsn f Swd-sh chf andrs Fskgnuds swdsh pnkswh ngnbrrs, hks wh p srup,susg, ju nd ff.evrn wh n Swdshrs r nrs s nvd  nd nj  gr brkfs, rub bws,nd nj shrng hughsnd ds wh s rSwds. cs $6.00 fr dus, $3.00 fr hdrn5-12 rs d nd hdrnundr 5  fr. tk u svb.
th wn fr h BurnHs Und mhdschurh, R. 50, Burn Hs,r hsng  vrd dsh p-n unhn n Wdnsd,m 11 bgnnng  nn nKngh H. ths ndngshud brng  dsh  pss ndb srv. Bvrgs nddssr w b prvdd. a1 p.., Dbb Frsr w prsn  prgr bu Rsnd Wsd,  uh gru-ur nd un srv prgr n Shnd. anffrng w b kn  sup- pr h prgr. th pubs nvd  nd.
Fr Vgcrassn
th nnu ng f hFr Vg cr as-sn w b hd n tus-d, m 10  6:30 p.  hh f lws Shuhr,17 od Gr ln, BsnSp. Fr drns, ps 885-9254.
Bu  Ppp
Ppp Ds w b bsrvdhs nh, whn h brgh
red memorial ower will be
ffrd  h pub b - brs f Hnr crn Un#234, arn lgn aux-r, Bsn Sp. Fshnd b hnds f dsbd vrns,n h vrns hsps,hrughu h Und Ss,
the owers are recognized asa national ower of remem
- brn fr h n whsvs hv bn s n wr. t
nd out where to purchase or 
dn,  hrprsn crFrrr, 932-5746.
mnhPrgh S
chrs h Svr Prsh,349 esn Rd. Bsnlk, s hvng s nh prgh s n tusd, m10.P/hs, surkru,nd frr’s hs prghsw b vb fr pk-upfr 11:30 ..  1 p..advn rdrs r hghrndd. c 363-0001(nw nubr) wh ur rdr  prr  h d d r sd nqurs n b d h hurh, 885-4681.
Fr lunh
 th m Rdg Undmhds churh w hd fr unh n Surd, m14  h churh d 729 m avnu exnsn,m Rdg. Sup, snd-whs, dssr nd bvrgsw b srvd  n hrgfr11:30 ..  1:30 p..Fr nfrn r drns ps  h churh  581-0210.
indr Frrs’mrk
th s ndr BsnSp Frrs’ mrk wk p n Surd, m7 n h crn cprvexnsn udru  50Ws Hgh S., Bn Sp, 9.. un nn. ths rk
has Mom in mind with owers,
 pns, jwr, sp, nds,dus gur fds ndu bkd gds vb purhs. ths nh, kds
can plant ower seeds to take
h nd wh grw. musw b prvdd b h usn t chnr. Fr nfrn bu h up-ng udr rk ssn 
start on June 9, please visit the
BSBPa wbs www.bsn.rg r  885-2772.
Gr espFundrsr fr Kp
 Hp churh hs dup wh h Gr esp’s“csrs fr  cus” fund-rsr. th Gr esp k-s r n $19.99 h ndn b usd n n f ghnds; upgrdb  h dr fr ssn psss. $5 frvr k w g wrds“ur us”: Psr Kp,urrn n h Va Hspn h Brnx, hd  bdn s m h hs f
him paralyzed. He is in need
f dqu rnsprnnd husng  b  h prnn. tks w bfr s n frn f o’Brn’sPhr n Frd, m 6fr 4-8 p.. nd Surd,m 28 fr 8:30 .. -11.. yu  s purhs
tickets by calling Jill Miller 
 527-5186 r vs www.hpfr kp. fr rnfrn.
cr Wsh
th Bsn Sp HghSh css f 2012 w b hvng  r wsh n
Sunday, June 5, at the Malta
Rdg Frhus, srng 9 .. th s w b $6.00.Fr qusns, ps kshw@bssd.rg
Senior Citizens
th Bsn ar Snr 
Citizens will be hosting a
dn fr dus n Surd,m 14  h mn cu-n cnr, 310 Nrhn Rd,Bsn Sp, 7:00 p..–10:00 p.. wh us urs f “th Pfu cunr Bnd”.th pub s w; d-ssn s $5.00 pr prsnnd fr fr brs f h
Ballston Area Senior Citizens.
c 885-6740 n thursdsfr r nfrn.
turk Dnnr 
th Bsn Sp eks rhsng  turk Dnnr nFrd, m 20, 4:30 p..– 7:00 p.. Srvng urk,
stufng potatoes, vegetables,
rs nd dssr. $8.00 fr gs 12 nd dr; $7.00 fr snrs nd hdrn undr 12. th dg s d  10Hn S., Bsn Sp.
 Nrh mncrassn
th Nrh mn crassn w hd s an-nu ng n Wdnsd,m 11, 2011  7:30 p.. h h f anhn Zn.th purps f h ng
is to elect ofcers, and to
ndu n busnss h s bfr h assn. c584-0456 fr r nfr-n.
annu Snr lunhn
The Saratoga County Ofce
fr agng s psd  hsh nnu snr n tusd,m 24  h Srg ccnr d n N. Brd-w n Srg Sprngs.Drs pn  11:00 .. ndunh s srvd  12 nn.th h s “a cbrnf ar” wh v us
and door prizes. Menu in
-uds frd hkn, shd ps nd grv, rn, -sw, rnbrd nd pp p  d fr dssr. tksn b purhsd   rsnr  ss r th of-
ce for the Aging, $4.00 each.
tks r rqurd  nd.
Please call The Ofce for the
agng fr ds, 884-4100.
 jpublisher@theballstonjournal.comManaging Editor
dan@theballstonjournal.comTowns of Ballston and Milton
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richard@theballstonjournal.comTown of Malta
 jesse@theballstonjournal.comSpecial Features–
sam@theballstonjournal.comSpecial Features–
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news@ebasnjna.lEttErS or oPiNioNS
Ballston Journalc/o Editor, PO Box 319Ballston Spa, NY 12020
Fax: 518.885.3752
Rndph D. Fnnr, 48, f 9 Bwn av., Rund lk wssnnd n Wdnsd, m 11   srvd nd 5 rs prbn nud drug rn ur sng fr hs D.W.i. rrs n htwn f m n D. 1, 2010.
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$72 mill. budget, 3 candidates, up or vote May 17
th sh dsr’s prpsd72.87 n budg, ngwh hr ndds, w f wh r nubns, w bup fr v n tusd, m17.th Bsn Sp cnrSh Dsr budg rpr-sns  0.6 prn nrsfr s r’s pn, wh nsd x v nrs f 2.5 prn, rdng  nfr-n fr h dsr.th budg s s fr rdun f 33 ps,nudng 28 hrs.on Wdnsd, m 4, h
district held its nal budget
hrng prr  h v.th hrng, whh, rd-ng  s w us b hd
14 days prior to the nal school
 budg v—hs r, m17—ws unvnfu, drwng sn udn nd n pubn.a h hrng’s nd, nd
Jeffrey Blake asked district Su
 perintendent Joseph Dragone a
qusn bu sff ffs.“is  p  hs hrngsn  k bu rduns nsff?” skd Bk.Drgn sd h brd sn rqurd  rhsh hw
it arrived at the nal budget
nubrs.“th’s wh w g hrughhs s ng, fr h ddf Fbrur un nw,” h sd,nng h nurus pubngs hd hrughu h budg prss h hd rdxpnd h brd’s d-sns.in f, Drgn sd, hn nw nfrn h brds rqurd  prsn  h
nal public hearing is tax rate
 prjns nd h hr-pr budg pnns.as fr h prjd xrs, h wns f mn ndm r xpd  nrs1.5 prn, wh h wnf chrn n xp  1.6 prn jup. th wn f Bsn s xpd  drs2.7 prn.th pprx x pn h vrg h ssssd $220,000 s bu $43 (hds n nud StaR—hs’s sh x rf pr-gr—xpns).Hwvr, Drgn rnddh udn h h u xr wudn’ b knwn unaugus whn dsr prpr
assessments are ofcially re
-sd.as fr h hr-pr budgpnns: dnsrvxpnss  $7.8 n rdwn 2.4 prn; prgrspndng  $53.2 n, up1.0 prn; nd p ss $11.9 n, up 0.9 prn.
The nal statewide school
 budg v s shdud fr tusd, m 17 fr 7 .. 9 p.. Rsdns f mn,Bsn nd chrn shr vs  h Bsn SpHgh Sh, wh rsdns f m v  h m twnH.th ndds skng ps-
tions are Jeanne Obermayer,
skng hr hrd r n h brd, Frnk twn, wh hsspn 23 rs n h sh
 board and Julia Jewles Ritchie,seeking her rst term, accord
-ng  nfrn fr hdsr.tw ss r vb, hfr hr rs, bgnnng n
twn prvus srvds brd prsdn nd v prsdn nd s urrn br f h brd’s p. twn wns ndprs h Whr FunrH nd s  br f hBsn Sp Rr cub. Hvs n Bsn Sp wh hswf, nd hs w sns, bhgrdus f Bsn Sp, -rdng  h dsr.obrr hs srvd wrs nd s h brd’s v prsdn. Sh srv n h brd’s xuv nd hs hd psns n h
nance, policy and nominating
. a mn rsdn,sh hs w hdrn ndngh hgh sh. Sh s h prsdn f h brd f hBrksd musu nd wrks Sn cg, rdng nfrn prvdd b hBScSD.Rh vs n BsnSp wh hr husbnd nd hr dughr,  mn trr Nrh enr Shsudn. Sh hs prpds  “r hr” nd hsh’s bnkng prgrnd bk fr, nd h Prnthr assn. Sh hsxprn subsu hngnd hs d pprns n vsn sns s fshn nsun, rdng h dsr.th nx sh brd -ng w b hd Wdnsd,m 18  7 p..  h hghsh brr.
Ballston Journal LOCAL NEWS theballstonjournal.com
May 12-18, 2011
Are You a
Let’s talk.
Angela McFarlandPublisher jpublisher@theballstonjournal.com
May 13
Town of Ballston, 9:30 a.m.Highway Committee with BH-BL School District 
May 17
Malta 6:30 p.m. Planning Board
May 18
Ballston Spa School District,7:30 p.m. Board of Education
May 23
 Village of Ballston Spa,7:30 p.m. Board Meeting
UpcoMingTown MeeTings
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May 13
Free equipment demos! Free introductionto Pilates Mat Classes. Rafe Drawingsor lululemon athletica, Tower classes,private sessions and mat classes! OpenHouse attendees receive exclusive couponor one hal price private session! 30% oall lululemon athletica! Special Rates allweekend on Private Sessions!
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Jeanne ObermayerFrank TownleyJulia Jewles Ritchie
Awareness and appreciationat the heart of EMS Week 
Wh h un s spnd-ng h wk f m 15  m21, emS Wk, hnkng wrk-rs fr svng vs, h - brs f h emS un rf-usd n wh h wk s rbu: Pub wrnss.cun ergncrps, d n Bsn Spws rd obr 14, 1966fr h s purps f prvd-ng bun srv  hVg f Bsn Sp, twnf mn, nd pr f h twns
of Ballston and Greeneld.
 Nw,  s prpng n hwrnss nd pprnwk.“th nss s u hrnd h nss s nvr gng g w,” sd R on,drr fr h cunergn crp n BsnSp. “Pp r gng  gsk; pp r gng  ghur. i’s n f hs hngswhr u nd  hv ppwrkng   prfssn v prvd h r h s n-ssr nd  r h pns.th’s shng h emSWk s rng  d s gng u hr.”R Gndr hd bn d sn h ws 18 rsd. Srng hs rr s d n h r, h sdhr ws n dub n hs ndhs s wh h wnd  d.thr r  fw hngs h hcun ergn crpsds durng emS Wk. thrs  rn  h epr
State Plaza honoring the fallen
emts. thr r s prsn-ns  h nr shs shw h kds h h rhr  hp. ths nuds brngng h buns h nd gvng h  ur.“W g up  h shsnd pu n  prsnn f h qupn h w us.Fr us h’s ur emS Wk,”sd Gndr. [th kds] rsrd f us whn w  sh pn s fr h n  bsrd f us; w’r n hr hp h.S emS rps  up
with the local re departments
 pu n dnsrns n r dns durng emS wk,nd wh pr ssn rund
the corner, ofcials said it’s
 prf ng.cun ergn hsrspndd  r hn 21,000
calls, ofcials said.
“W’r  rd  hsf” sd Brn Hn, whhs bn wrkng 13 rs whh emS.on nd Gndr sd hp-ng pp, nd prvdng hwh nfrn bu whh d, s pr f wh h k n hr rs.“i wn  hnk h -un fr hr nnudsuppr nd f nbd hs nqusns  h hv  d ssk,” sd on. “W’r hrnd vb fr nswrngqusns n nd f pphv nrns, w’r r hgus  .”
“It’s nice that they recognize
us bu w dn’ d ur jb  b
recognized. I’ve always wanted
 hp pp; i’v bn d-ng hs fr  ng ,” sdGndr.
Photo by JeSSica bennett
Ray Gandara, Brian Heaney, and Matt Fogarty standing in ront o an ambulance at Ballston SpaCommunity Emergency Corps.
Ocials remember rstUnion death in Civil War
One hundred and fty years
g, n m 24, 1861, h
rst soldier to die ghting for 
h Unn f hs rk nhsr. on m 24hs r, m ndmhnv wbr h f f cn er es-wrh, hr “nvsn.”“th gvrnr ndh s gsurhv drd m24, 2011, cner e. eswrhD,” m twnHsrn PuPrru d hm Hsr Prs-rvn Rvwcssn  smnd, m 9,ng.eswrh ws brn n m napr 11, 1837, bus burd n mhn-v, whr hgrw up. H vd n Nw yrk c ndhn chg, whrh wrkd s  wrk.eswrh b  nf chg’s Nn Gurdcds nd s sudd w
in Abraham Lincoln’s ofce,
hpng lnn wh hs1860 prsdn pgn.eswrh wn wh lnn Wshngn, D.c., fr h prsdn ws d.as  ung n h suddr sn nd hpdrn vunrs. ms fus-, h rsd h 11h Nw yrk Vunr infnr Rgn(h “Fr Zuvs”) fr Nw
York City’s volunteer reght
-ng pns. H rurnd Wshngn s hr n.Whn h mrsh Hus innhr rsd h cnfdr
ag above its roof, Ellsworth
nd fur hrs hrgd n  udwn h bnnr. eswrh wsn hs w dwn h srs wh
the ag when the inn’s owner,James W. Jackson, killed him
wh  sng shgun bs h hs.ths d eswrh,  g
24, the rst soldier to die in
h Unn us. “Rbr eswrh” b  prsgn, nd h 44h Nw yrk Vunr infnr Rgnd sf h “eswrhavngrs,” s w s “thPp’s eswrh Rgn.”Prru nd hs hv bn wrkng fr nhsn vrus vns  -r h f f hr sbrd sdr.“on Surd, m 14, ww b drng  h mcv Wr vrns’ grvs,”Prru sd. “thn nSund, m15, hr w b rnn f eswrh’sfunr n mhnv.”th rns w bgn  9..  h mhnv HghSh. trnsprn w b prvdd fr hr  hHudsn Vw cr, whrh Sns f h Unn Vrnsw rn h funr.“Hundrds f pp w bhr,” h prdd.eswrh uhd n fwr hn fur funrs. a h WhHus, hs funr wsndd b brs f h lnn f ndbrs f h prsdn- bn. addnrns wr hd c H n Nw yrk c, h S cp
in Albany, and nally, in
mhnv whr hws burd.a sp ps n-n, drwn b 
artist J.C. Parker, will
 b vb n tusd,m 24, fr 10 .. 2 p.. usd h mtwn H. a s ps
ofce will be set up there.
“yu n brng n pf ppr, snr, nds n,” Prru d hssn. “i us
have a rst-class stamp
n . thn u nrv h nn,whh s  pur f es-wrh wh h wn nd d.”as n m 24h,  7 p..,Prru w spk  hBrksd musu n BsnSp. H w shw  PwrPn prsnn dng es-wrh’s hsr.
Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth, born in Malta, was the rstUnion soldier to die in the Civil War.

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