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Zero for Love (incomplete)

Zero for Love (incomplete)

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Published by Rudolph James Juan
16-year-old Zero attends a summer sports clinic to learn tennis, but strangely enough, he instead gets involved in a series of marriage meetings.
16-year-old Zero attends a summer sports clinic to learn tennis, but strangely enough, he instead gets involved in a series of marriage meetings.

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Published by: Rudolph James Juan on May 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Zero ForLove
(When you put a clueless kid in unfamiliarterritory, interesting things happen)
 After one year of practicing the sport of tennis on his own, 16-year-old Zero decides to expand hishorizons by joining a summer sports clinic which offered a special discount for that year. He had no ideathat more than tennis training was going on in there, however, until he gets involved in the whole mess.On his first day, he starts off well, getting to the intermediate level and looking to go up to theadvanced level soon, until he is met by a female player with her brother and invited to eat at a restaurant,where the brother openly declares his approval of Zero being his sister's boyfriend, making the latter confused. He eventually finds out that the summer clinic was just a cover for the children of rich people toget together and arrange who they will marry, and various dates with different kinds of girls start to followas if it were an ordinary, everyday occurrence.Being the only one who went for the discount and not for the wife, Zero knows that he should notmeddle with the affairs of these rich people, but the bachelorettes and the dates just keep piling up. Willhe be able to get out of the summer clinic program single and unscathed? Or will he experience love for the first time in the person of one of the many daughters of the businessmen who started the whole messthat's starting to drive him crazy?
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Tennis is a sport where players run around a huge court with large rackets in their hands,pursuing a ball and hitting it in an attempt to try to get it out of his opponent's reach within the court.Compared to other sports, tennis was played by a particularly small fraction of all the sportsmen around,but there were still many of them. Among the people in the world who play this sport in particular was oneteenager.³Sis, this is it! Finally, the start of the summer sports clinic! I'll have to do my best and learn asmuch as I can to improve my game!´His name is Zero, a 16-year-old high school student. After one year of self-studying by doingshadow tennis and playing against a wall using a cheap beginner's racket, he had decided to learn moreby joining a tennis summer clinic program.³Zeroooo,´ came a voice from behind a blanket in front of him. ³Can you please shut your trap?I¶m trying to get some shut-eye here, geez.´Her name is Anna, Zero¶s older sister. Only the two of them were around at the house for theentire summer vacation because their parents were out.Zero scratched his head and faced his older sister, who was still lying in her bed. ³Oh, sorry aboutthat. Anyway, I¶ll be borrowing your water jug, okay?´³Yeah, sure. You didn¶t have to wake me up just for that.´Zero took the jug and headed for the door. ³Okay, thanks. See you later, then.´ After hearing no replies, Zero exited the door. After half an hour of walking, Zero reached the tennis courts. From where he entered was a largeclubroom with a registration counter and a mini-cafeteria to his left, a locker room, a rest room, a gym far out in front of him, and several benches to his right. Farther toward this direction was a door that ledoutside to the open-air tennis courts. The boundary separating the benches and the courts was made of barbed wire, so people could watch from inside.Zero saw quite a lot of players his age, accompanied by their parents.
 And to think I wanted momand dad to go with me, or maybe sis at the very least«
he thought for a moment. But the vast majoritythat he saw were kids ranging from 12 to 15 years old. There were others, he also noticed, that lookedolder than him, but none that looked past 18.
 A wide variety of players«I gotta do my best to satisfy my competitive spirit with those older guys,
he told himself before entering the clubroom.Once he was inside, the first thing he noticed was the shower room at the far end.
What the hell, I didn¶t know about this. Guess I¶ll have to bring an extra set of clothes and a towel starting tomorrow.

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