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The Royal Shackup

The Royal Shackup

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Published by Dan L White

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Published by: Dan L White on May 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Homeschool Helpers
Issue 183, May 12, 2011From Homeschool HelpersIn association with Pass It On Ministries
 By Dan L. White
Subscribe to this free e-newsletter.The royal wedding was held recently. The ceremony was full of pomp, grandeur andgrandiloquence.I was so disgusted I couldn't watch it.The royal couple, William and Kate, before they were married, lived together for monthsin a small farm house on the island of Anglesey in North Wales.From The Telegraph of London:
"The Archbishop of York backed Prince William and Kate Middleton’s decision to livetogether before marriage, saying that many modern couples want to “test the milkbefore they buy the cow”. Dr John Sentamu argued that the royal couple’s public commitment to live their livestogether today would be more important than their past. … In a television interview, Dr Sentamu was asked whether it was appropriate for the Prince, who is in line to become head of the Church of England as King, to have beenliving with his bride before marriage. He said he had conducted wedding services for “many cohabiting couples” during histime as a vicar in south London.“We are living at a time where some people, as my daughter used to say, they want totest whether the milk is good before they buy the cow,” he said. “For some people that’swhere their journeys are.“But what is important, actually, is not to simply look at the past because they aregoing to be standing in the Abbey taking these wonderful vows: 'for better for worse; for richer for poorer; in sickness and in health; till death us do part.’” 
First of all, can you imagine the absurdity of living together and then going to getmarried? You each get up in the morning, shower and shave and get presentable, havecoffee and eggs together, and then – Hey, Hon, – let's go get married!
 A million people showed up to see the wedding proceedings. They all thought like the vicar that
The Telegraph
quoted. They, and countless millions around the world watching on the internet, approved what the unrepentant bride and groom had done.Such a witty saying the vicar had! Couples who live together without getting married want to
“test the milk before they buy the cow”.
To many people of shallow mind andeven shallower character, that makes wonderful sense. We like to drink goat's milk rather than cow milk and we have done just what the vicarsaid. Almost all goat milk tastes like – goat! The milk tastes like a goat smells, more orless. We had one Saanen doe where that was not true at all. Her milk had absolutely nogoaty taste, not even a hint. Every other goat we milked and all other goat's milk I havedrunk tasted like a goat smells. I have a strong sense of smell and taste, perhaps owingto the size of my smeller, and I cannot drink most goat's milk. My wife has a sorry smeller and can drink any goat milk.Therefore, when we bought a dairy goat, we took a sip of her milk first. We wanted totest the milk before we bought the goat, along with the vicar's thinking.However, God is not a goat. Or a cow. A marriage is a covenant between an unmarried man, an unmarried woman, and God.This covenant lasts until the death of one of the parties. In no way whatsoever is it liketaking a sip of milk or buying a cow. Fornication and adultery are sins against God thatlead to death.This is how God looks at shacking up.Deuteronomy 22:13-29 GNB(13) "Suppose a man marries a young woman and later he decides he doesn't want her.(14) So he makes up false charges against her, accusing her of not being a virgin whenthey got married.(15) "If this happens, the young woman's parents are to take the blood-stained weddingsheet that proves she was a virgin, and they are to show it in court to the town leaders.(16) Her father will say to them, 'I gave my daughter to this man in marriage, and now he doesn't want her.(17) He has made false charges against her, saying that she was not a virgin when hemarried her. But here is the proof that my daughter was a virgin; look at the bloodstainson the wedding sheet!'(18) Then the town leaders are to take the husband and beat him.(19) They are also to fine him a hundred pieces of silver and give the money to the young woman's father, because the man has brought disgrace on an Israelite woman.Moreover, she will continue to be his wife, and he can never divorce her as long as helives.(20) "But if the charge is true and there is no proof that she was a virgin,(21) then they are to take her out to the entrance of her father's house, where the men of 
her city are to stone her to death. She has done a shameful thing among our people by having intercourse before she was married, while she was still living in her father'shouse. In this way you will get rid of this evil.(22) "If a man is caught having intercourse with another man's wife, both of them are to be put to death. In this way you will get rid of this evil.(23) "Suppose a man is caught in a town having intercourse with a young woman who isengaged to someone else.(24) You are to take them outside the town and stone them to death. She is to die because she did not cry out for help, although she was in a town, where she could have been heard. And the man is to die because he had intercourse with someone who wasengaged. In this way you will get rid of this evil.(25) "Suppose a man out in the countryside rapes a young woman who is engaged tosomeone else. Then only the man is to be put to death;(26) nothing is to be done to the woman, because she has not committed a sin worthy of death. This case is the same as when one man attacks another man and murders him.(27) The man raped the engaged woman in the countryside, and although she cried forhelp, there was no one to help her.(28) "Suppose a man is caught raping a young woman who is not engaged.(29) He is to pay her father the bride price of fifty pieces of silver, and she is to becomehis wife, because he forced her to have intercourse with him. He can never divorce heras long as he lives.Fornication and adultery are not only sins against God, but are devastating sins againstthe sinners themselves.1Co 6:18 World English Bible(18) Flee sexual immorality! "Every sin that a man does is outside the body," but he whocommits sexual immorality sins against his own body.Doesn’t it make sense that a loving Father would warn his children of danger? Sexualsins destroy the lives and bodies of the sinners. Diseases are spread by such behavior.Emotional trauma occurs when shack ups ship out, and then this is repeated over andover. Children result from these shack ups, and they are either aborted or transportedfrom home to home and from relationship to relationship, ruining their whole lives justas they are beginning.The vicar went on the say:
“But what is important, actually, is not to simply look at the past because they aregoing to be standing in the Abbey taking these wonderful vows: 'for better for worse; for richer for poorer; in sickness and in health; till death us do part.’” 
 Whether or not this marriage vow is kept depends on the moral character of the people who make the vow. People who don't respect God before marriage don't respect Himafter marriage and will not pay much attention to that vow. Almost all couples whoshack up together split before marriage. Almost all couples who shack up and then get

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