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Will Natural Gas Fuel America in the 21st Century?

Will Natural Gas Fuel America in the 21st Century?



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Geoscientist David Hughes (formerly of Geological Survey of Canada) shatters the myth that U.S. natural gas can be a "bridge fuel" from high-carbon sources of energy like coal and oil to a renewable energy future.
Geoscientist David Hughes (formerly of Geological Survey of Canada) shatters the myth that U.S. natural gas can be a "bridge fuel" from high-carbon sources of energy like coal and oil to a renewable energy future.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Post Carbon Institute on May 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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About the Author
J. David hgs is a gscinis  as sdid  ngy scs f Canadaf nay f dcads, incding 32 yas i  Ggica Svy f Canada as ascinis and sac anag. h dvpd  Naina Ca Invny  din avaiaiiy and nvinna cnsains assciad i Canada’s ca scs.As a ad f ncnvnina gas n  Canadian Gas Pnia Ci, cdinad  cn picain f a cpnsiv assssn f Canada’sncnvnina naa gas pnia.ov  pas dcad  as sacd, pisd, and cd idy n ga ngyand ssainaiiy isss in N Aica and innainay. h is a ad  f Assciain f  Sdy f Pa oi and Gas–Canada and is a F f  PsCan Insi. h cny cnid 
Carbon Shift 
, an angy did y tash-Dixn n  in isss f pa ngy and cia cang, and is  asn fad in
Canadian Business
and  agazins, as  as g ppa pss, adi, visin, and  Inn. h is cny psidn f a cnsancyddicad  sac n ngy and ssainaiiy isss.
tans a d  Pfss And mia f  univsiy f tn and ngy anayssPa Sas and mic Ginas,  ciicay vid  fina anscip and ffdany pf sggsins. As mi and Dani lc f  Ps Can Insipvidd any addiina cns and diia assisanc. Ps Can Insipvidd fnding, ic ad is p pssi.Cpyig © 2011 y Ps Can Insi. A igs svd.Ps Can InsiSana rsa, Caifnia, uSA.pscan.g
Naa gas as incasingy n d as a “idg f” f ig-can scs fngy i ca and i  a na ngy f. tis is asd n nd piis n aiiy f izna diing and ydaic facing  accss naa gas f pvisyinaccssi sa gas dpsis. A vi f  as  (2011) f  u.S. engyInfain Adinisain (eIA) vas a a ggs av n pacd in  sa gasas in s f f g in u.S. gas pdcin. wi sa gas, u.S. dsic gaspdcin is pjcd  fa y 20% g 2035.Sa gas is caacizd y ig-cs, apidy dping s a qi ig ngy anda inps. t is cnsida cnvsy a  ipacs f ydaic facing n cnainain f sfac a and gnda, as  as  dispsa f xic diingfids pdcd f  s. A ai as n pacd n sa gas diing in NY Sa. o anayss pac  agina cs f sa gas pdcin  av cngas pics, and av  eIA’s pic asspins f s f  nx qa cny. Ananaysis f  eIA’s gas pdcin fcas vas a cd vs f diing i qid  aciv i, ang i incn nvinna ipacs. F-cyc gns gas(GhG) issins f sa gas ay as  s an pvisy ndsd, and pssiys an ca.evn assing  eIA fcas f g in sa gas pdcin can  acivd,  isi scp f sa pacn f ca f ciciy gnain  i f anspainin is . rpacing ca d qi a 64% incas f -48 gas pdcin vand av 2009 vs, avy vics a f 24% and ig vics y an 76%. tisd as qi a assiv id  f n infasc, incding pipins, gas sagand fing faciiis, and s f. tis is a gisica, ggica, nvinna, and financiapip da.Ag a sif  naa gas is n a siv ,  a any  avns acan yid  GhG issins and f qins and s ipv ngy sciy.m an af f  ca-fid ciciy gnain f is  an 42 yas d. manyf s pans a infficin and av f if any pin cns. As c as 21% fca-fid capaciy i  id nd n u.S. envinna Pcin Agncy (ePA)gains s  a ffc in 2015. bs-in-cass cngis f  naa-gas- andca-fid gnain can dc Co
issins y 17% and 24%, spcivy, and dc pans. Caping as a f s pans f disic and pcss aingcan pvid f incass in va fficincy. t ipan  f naa gas f ss an ciciy gnain in  indsia, ccia, and sidnia scs, iccnsi 70% f cn naa gas cnspin and f ic  is n ssi a isi, s as  p in ind. Naa gas vics a iy  incas in a nic  fig-iag, s-a appicains.Sagis f ngy ssainaiiy s fcs n dcing ngy dand and piizing s f  fs a s  n. A  nd f  day, ydcans a an’ npdc n issins. Capia- and ngy-innsiv “sins” sc as can cap andsag (CSS) a qsina a s and incnsisn i   nin f ngyssainaiiy a s.

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