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Adjective Clause

Adjective Clause

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Published by wayjepara

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Published by: wayjepara on May 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Adjective Clause
 Adjective Clause
dinamakan juga RELATIVE
(anak kalimat) yang digunakan/berfungsisebagai adjective yang menerangkan keadaan noun atau pronoun.Contoh:
I have read the book (that) you just mentioned 
Main Clause
: I have read the book.
: (that) you just mentioned.
 Anak kalimat menerangkan kata benda the book, disebut dengan Adjective ClauseThe lesson (that) she is learning is very difficult 
Main Clause
: The lesson is very difficult.
Subordinate Clause
: (that) she is learning. Berdasarkan pada the
yang ditunjuk oleh introductory words (kata-kata pendahulunya),Adjective
dapat diklasifikasikan menjadi 2 macam, yaitu:1. Relative Pronoun2. Relative Adverb
Kata GantiKata PengantarContoh Kalimat
1. RelativePronouns
Fungsi:OrangWho, Whom, Whose, That
He paid the money to the man who / thathad done the work
Objek Kata Kerja:
He paid the man whom/that he had hired.
Objek Kata Depan:
He paid the man from whom he hadborrowed the money.
Kata Ganti Kepunyaan:
 This is the girl whose picture you saw.Benda,BinatangWhich, that
Here is a book which/that describesanimals.
Objek Kata Kerja:
 The chair which/that he broke is beingrepaired.
Objek Kata Depan:
She was wearing the coat for which shehad paid $2,00. 
2. Relative Adverbs
 WaktuwhenThis is the year when the Olympic Gamesare held. TempatwhereHere is the house where I live.AlasanwhyGive me one good reason why you didthat.
 1. Relative Pronoun
Adalah Adjective
dengan memakai kata penghubung Relative Pronoun.Contoh:
The boy is called Bob. He gave me a present 
The boy
gave me a present is called Bob. atau
The boy
is called Bob gave me a present.Beberapa contoh Adjective
The boy
radio was stolen is a student.
The girl whom I gave a special reward is a bright student.
The bike which I borrowed last week was sold.
2. Relative Adverb
Pelajaran tentang ini dibahas lebih lengkap pada Relative
Hal-hal yang perlu ditambahkan di sini,yaitu:1. Kata
(yang menunjukkan alasan) yang menjadi Adverb penghubung, mungkin (kadang-kadang)dapat digantikan dengan that atau kadang-kadang dapat dihilangkan dalam kalimat.
The reason (that) I came should be obvious to you.
The reason (why) I came should be obvious to you.
The reason I came should be obvious to you.2.
atau Where Bering dapat Baling ditukarkan dengan Preposition yang menunjukkan tempat (apreposition of Place) ditambah dengan
The small town in which (= where) I was born has grown to a large metropolis.
The day on which (= when) they were to leave finally arrived.Kadang-kadang that dapat menggantikan where atau when.
The day that (or when, on which) the trial was to take place was a stormy one.
Please suggest a good place that (or where) we can meetBeberapa Hal Penting yang Berkaitan dengan Adjective
Clause1. Perubahan dari Adjective Clause menjadi Adjective Phrase.
dapat dirubah menjadi Adjective Phrase yang menjelaskan noun tanpa adaperubahan arti kalimat.Hanya Adjective
yang mempunyai subjek pronoun: who, which atau that yang dapat dirubahmenjadi Adjective Phrase.Adjective
dengan subjek: whom tidak dapat dirubah menjadi Adjective Phrase.Perhatikan Contoh berikut:a. Adjective
The girl who is sitting next to me is Lisa.
The boy is playing the piano is Bent.b. Adjective Phrase

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