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News Politics and Bad Ideas

News Politics and Bad Ideas

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Published by Trent Clerk

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Published by: Trent Clerk on May 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 It is very difficult to believe, that individuals in the world really buy the news and politics we aresaturated with anymore. I try desperately to suffer through the modern day gossip for a glimpse atcultural latitude, but my stomach turns promptly. Why are we buying into this dolled up refuse. It is notspecifically the news, or politics, but precisely the conglomeration of efforts between the two. It is aruse, a façade wrapped in real feathers, which squawks
but doesn’t fly. Why has everything become so
commercialized and false? Everything and most assuredly
everyone has an opinion and an angle…..why
the masquerade. Rip from your skeletons those infused masks, let the fangs out, the moles and potmarks. Embellish them, parade your direction around like a drunk flaunting his genitals down the
boardwalk, because in these skewed desperately deluded moments its out and right now he just don’t
give a f**k.
I get it’s a serious business, and you are c
orning the week minded, slapping their psyche around andtaking their retirements. But I want some entertainment, the reality you are trying to create can suck,and believe me it does, but make it fun. Why should some of us sit around, and watch the misanthropiczombies shovel burnt dreams into their cortexes, they will be zombies anyways. If the President of theUnited States came on television and said,
“My fellow Americans, today………, well it’s a
sh***y day.?\? I was going to get on here, and talkto you all, and tell you a bunch of crap that
really doesn’t benefit you. But you are going to do it anyway
because you have no choice. So
just skip the pleasantries and the diplomacy, shall we. Go out thereand work for your masters, bring it home to daddy. Buy your meaningless merchandise, in pursuit of 
psychological greatness. Don’t ask
too many damn questions. Do what the hell we tell you, because inthe end we win. And by all means stop complaining about what I do, because I am not the one runningthe show. I just give you a focus. So keep looking, stop bitching. I will do what I can, but in the end I tookthe money so they own me too. Peace out, Stay
A….merican, hahaha………Yo….
dude hit the camera.”
 And when the mouth of every viewer has hung in the delicious silence long enough. And when so calledfree spirits have picketed and protested, till there spirits found weaker views. And when therevololustionists have stockpiled and marched and fired till they have tasted their own will to rule with a
lies. And the meak have reveled in their sheepishness and bahhed and bleated, till the sounds of theirown patheticness makes them beg to be crushed. And when the anarchists take to the streets to pillageand plunder, till they long for brotherhood and absolution. And when the messiahs have stood andspouted, till they too become mindless plants in need of water. And when the business leaches havesuckled and abused, till they are bloated slow and ripe for eating. And the poets and the hemorrhaginghearts have wined and waxed, till their pens are used to euthanize their hearts
directly…………………………We will still be here!!! This is the
course of humanity!!!! This epicenter of misinformation, extreme delusion, social saturation/isolation, materialistic dream we are floating in, isits course
. We are jumping in lines that haven’t even been opened, and we are charging it to the game.
 At the birth of humanity we were all born free, wild and roaming the landscapes of earth and of mind. Slowly as time elapses another and anot
her mighty lasso is pulling us in……One day one must ruleall…We may never
know who directly, and such cleverness must be shrouded behind an unknownsymbol of the future.
It’s the symbols we follow, not the man. Lest we call it….a flag…corporate logo…a
sun, we must have something, in which to weave our hopes. We must have something to inflate withthe decaying sickness of our fear. But it is our momentary fate, most likely a very brief moment, inwhich, we may unravel ourselves again. How magnificent, the
suspense……the ride. The question is are
we climbing to the summit, with the psychological build up, of the fall, the anticipation that makes theair thick and the spine cold. Or are we cresting, where the pull has paused and we find ourselvesweightless hanging
in time space and mind, ready…..ready to fall. To ride the beast of humanity into
every twist, bank, and roll the wild fate has in store for us.In general observation, the twists and turns take generations, and our routines often growbored with the waning of the everyday common happenings. The most crumbling, pulverizing force toour vision, our passion and inspiration is the everyday. The continued rise and fall of celestial bodies, inthe batter of the routine and mechanic grindings of days. You wake up, take care of the kids, go to work,kiss ass, keep quiet
, don’t be to
loud, don’t make wave
s, come home, eat dinner, watch TV, ingestbullshit, remind yourself to stay motivated, battle demons, fight your desire to be lazy and go to sleep.
Don’t forget to do it again and again, because the routine keeps the clothes on your wretched back,
food in your diseased stomach, and sanity in your twisted turbulent mind. Meanwhile
,… loving your
family, in every sense of the word; being in their personalities, their problems, needs, wants and secretdesires. Do so with heavy eyes, callused hands, strained back, swollen feet, indifferent thought, tattered
heart, and uncivilized mind, and calculate………..Not what you want, but the minuscule minutes you have
in the infant hours of the morning, the time when love and responsibility is sleeping. And cloaked likethe vandal you are, mining the time from your rest to feed your mind. The historians pretend to becritics, but they often forget to close their eyes and feel the fall through the years. But outside of occupation we are falling, spinning through the years, and our lives, blowing footholdless in the gusts of bills, emotions and responsibilities. Is it any wonder, everyone forgot to watch c-span, or pull up thelatest bill scheduled in the hopper. Or for the briefest of breathes consider the context in which wereceive information and from who. This is the modern news and political feasting grounds. The killingfield of your mind, which begs to be ravanged by the cheap garbled information of the pumpers of badcrude. Eat it oxen, but do not complain of indigestion and claim to be baffled by your destination. Youwere behind the yoke the whole time, weather you knew it or not is not the point. You just wanted tofeel involved. You just wanted to feel humanities progress, and acceleration in the universe, negative or
positive. You did have the time or the will to think and choose for yourself. Blah…Blah….Blah!!!!! So at
least make it interesting, the barnacles will still cling to the hull of your ghost ship. The armies will stillmarch mindlessly into the greed of old men. Make it fun. All parties involved are just spinning in natureswill pretending to have their own, and greatness simultaneously.We release you news anchors, politicians, media moguls, and zombies alike, go and in yourreturn, return free of your
inventions. Let it out, don’t hold it in
, you of all us deserve to be flesh andblood, demented and tormented human beings like the rest of us. We love the brilliant sheen of yoursmile and your sex appeal ratings and your bulls**t. Who spends 500 million dollars to get a fewhundred thousand a year job,
hear your motivations your secrets make your vanity fun, and do notbe ashamed? You wish to sit at tables with Alexander the Great, Hitler, Khan, and god, high in yourthrone, but lost on your own. Senators, Congressman and aids did you believe in making the world abetter place, or bettering your place in the world. We love your smugness and air of nobility, andprobably your aids too if given the chance. My how you wickedness moves us, or would give you let itout from under your blanket. Dutch oven us with your stench, like days of kings and lords, we desire youfoulness and respect you more for it. But really, in all my exalting, it is the shock that I wish to
taste……more absolutely than any othe
r flavor. In my own jaded opinion we need it, not that in any casemy opinion matters or the sincere satisfaction I would annex from such a damasking. I have grown tiredof my own facial garb, and exceedingly feverish of everyone and everything
. I get the purpose andall the pretty little pointed things to the snake head beast of delusion, and masquerade balls, andmasquerade lives, but find them rather vapid for my own fastidious regard. Must we continue to pointat a chair and call it a table, but agree on wood?
bathe in our treachery so one crisp morning we

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