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Acteva's Lead Management Case Study from Marketo

Acteva's Lead Management Case Study from Marketo



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Published by Jon Miller
Learn how Marketo is helping business develop a simplified lead management strategy. http://www.marketo.com/b2b-marketing-software/lead-management-software.php
Learn how Marketo is helping business develop a simplified lead management strategy. http://www.marketo.com/b2b-marketing-software/lead-management-software.php

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Published by: Jon Miller on Sep 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Acteva “considered every product out there” when choosing a marketing automation solution that wouldallow the company’s lean marketing team to get more out of its marketing by reaching and nurturingmore prospects. With Marketo Lead Management, Acteva has increased the volume of its marketingactivities by 300%, doubled its landing page conversion rate, and generated signicant revenue through anew channel partner program, which would not have been possible without Marketo.
Acteva Customer Success Story
Online Event Registrationand Payment ManagementServices
Software as a Service
Marketo LeadManagement
The Challenge:
 Cost-eectively increasecustomer demand
 Easily track and nurture interestwithout additional demands onmarketing team
 Measure e-marketing activity toincrease revenue
The Solution: Marketo LeadManagement
After disappointing results withanother marketing automationcompany, Acteva Director of Product Marketing Elias Terman,“considered every product outthere” when choosing a newsolution. Over the course of athorough selection process,Marketo met Acteva’srequirements better than anyother vendor and stood out for itsease-of-use, completeness of solution, and superior customersupport.
The Results:
 300% increase in volume of marketing programs
 Rapid development of strongchannel program
 Successful deployment of newvertical strategy
The Challenge
Acteva, and Elias Terman, director of productmarketing at the company, wanted to launch twonew initiatives to grow the business: the “ActevaReferral Program,” a channel marketing eort fororganizations such as chambers of commerce,webmasters, and event planners whose clients andcolleagues might be interested in Acteva’s servicesand a new vertical strategy targeting wineries. Forboth of these new projects, as well as to enhanceexisting marketing eorts, Acteva needed acost-ecient way to increase customer demand,track and nurture interest, and measure e-marketingactivities to increase revenue.Elias and Acteva knew the referral program woulddemand quick development of ad-hoc marketingcampaigns customized to each partner and eachopportunity. In addition, the success of the initiativewould also depend on Acteva’s ability to buildrelationships with partners by creating mutuallybenecial, co-branded materials and demonstratingreal results. “Initially, we were just going to send newleads from the referral program to the main Actevasite, but when we signed up one of our rstpartners, we realized we needed a landing page sothe leads wouldn’t get lost,said Elias. “The old way,creating landing pages was too much of a hassle,and without them, we didn’t know who wasinterested until they created an account. We wereoperating in the dark.With the wineries campaign, designed to speak directly to wineries hosting events, Acteva realized itwould be critical to capitalize on the potential of every single lead that came through the door inorder to solidify and then grow the company’sposition in the new market. To ensure that not asingle lead was wasted, Acteva needed a solutionthat would enable growth in the new marketthrough lead nurturing and targeted follow-up.Flexibility and ease-of-use were equally important toensure Acteva could get new campaigns up andrunning quickly and adapt marketing eorts as thenew vertical strategy evolved.
The Solution
After disappointing results with another marketingautomation company, Elias and Acteva “consideredevery product out there” when choosing a newsolution. Elias comments, “We had a wholespreadsheet with all the companies and productfeatures. We were so thorough we probablyannoyed everyone.” Throughout a careful andsystematic selection process, Marketo met Acteva’srequirements better than any other vendor andstood out for its:
Intuitive ease-of-use and exibility
Comprehensiveness in addressing marketingneeds
Superior customer support
Acteva provides online event registration, ticketing and payment management services. Since 1998, morethan 12,500 customers, including Bausch & Lomb, Pzer and SAP, have trusted Acteva for service for more than215,000 events. Acteva’s completely automated registration process helps organizers increase attendance,reduce administrative burden and provide an outstanding online experience for organizers, attendees andother event participants.
© 2008 Marketo, Inc. All rights reserved.
”We’re getting more leads, higher quality leads,and a lower cost per lead.” 
Acteva’s marketing eorts are driven by a leanmarketing team that likes to be very hands-on, soMarketo’s easy-to-use interface was especiallyimportant. “We couldn’t aord to implement asolution where we’d need to designate one personas the guru,explains Elias. “We’re very hands-on.Marketo is very easy to learn and very easy to use.Everyone in marketing uses it.
The Results
Elias and his marketing team at Acteva were able tointegrate Marketo into their daily workow quicklyand seamlessly, creating their rst landing pagesafter just one brief training session. Marketo nowsupports Acteva’s marketing activities on a dailybasis, but in particular, Marketo has added value inthe following ways:
300% increase in volume of marketing programsenabled by intuitive ease-of-use
Successful deployment of new vertical strategytargeting wineries
Rapid development of strong channel program
300% Increase in Marketing Volume
Overcoming the challenge of low user-adoptionrates, Marketo delivers a solution that peopleactually want to use. With an intuitivedrag-and-drop user interface that saves time andmakes creating landing pages and automatednurturing campaigns easy and painless, Marketo hasallowed Acteva’s marketing team to drasticallyincrease its level of activity.“Looking at everything from landing pages to emailsto entire nurturing campaigns, we’ve been able toincrease the volume of our marketing campaigns by300%. Easily,” says Elias. “And the result is that we’regetting more leads, higher quality leads, and at alower cost per lead.”
Key to the Success of the Partner Program
Because Marketo makes developing custom landingpages and tracking lead sources a snap, the softwarehas been critical to the deployment of Acteva’s newchannel marketing initiative, the Acteva ReferralProgram. Since the start of the initiative inSeptember 2007, a few months before Acteva beganusing Marketo, the program has generated $100,000in gross revenue for Acteva.“Marketo allows us to get more out of each partner,comments Elias. “We probably wouldn’t have beenable to deploy co-branded marketing programs topartners without Marketo – it just wouldn’t havebeen worth it. Creating landing pages andpersonalized marketing campaigns for each partnerwould have been at least ve times more expensive.With Marketo, Acteva can treat each partnerindividually and create a unique bundle thatresonates with the partner’s particular package,pricing and messaging needs. For instance, when anon-prot partner wanted to include Acteva in itsweekly newsletter for 175,000 subscribers, Elias wasable to create a custom landing page on the y tospecically welcome the organization’s newslettersubscribers to the Acteva website, and he alsodeveloped an accompanying ad-hoc lead nurturingcampaign. Due to the landing pages Elias’s team isproducing with Marketo, Acteva expects to see a100% improvement in landing page conversionrates for the year.In addition, Marketo allows Elias to track which leadsare coming from the custom landing page so thathe can report back quickly to the partnerorganization on the success of the relationship.
“Looking at everything from landing pages toemails to entire nurturing campaigns, we’vebeen able to increase the volume of our marketing campaigns by 300%. Easily. “  
© 2008 Marketo, Inc. All rights reserved.

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