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Published by Elie Wolfe

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Published by: Elie Wolfe on May 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  Y   O  U  N   G  I   S  R   A  E  L   O  F   W  E   S   T  H   A  R   T  F   O  R  D
Editor: Judie PatelE-mail: bulletin @youngisraelwh.orgEditors Emeritus: Sam Leichtberg & Moish TrencherRabbi Brahm Weinberg 860-233-3084 orrabbi@youngisraelwh.orgJudith Hessing, Coordinator 860-233-6042 or judith.hessing@gmail.com
 Affiliate of the National Council of Young Israel Synagogues, Member of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, Sponsorof West Hartford NCSY, National Conference of Synagogue Youth, Kashrut Commission of Greater Hartford,Mikveh Bess Israel of Greater Hartford, Eruv of West Hartford
Web Site: www.youngisraelwh.org
בוט לזמבוט לזמ
to Esther Rachel Wolfe on herengagement to Nosson Lange of Detroit.
בוט לזמ
to joyful parents, Jason Wolfe & VeraSchwarcz, and to Vicki, Gavi, & Ruby; Eli, Elie andNoam; and Tovah!
Rabbi’s CornerThis week was a real whirlwind. After a packed
full of
Elana and I left for Montreal so thatwe could attend and so that I could officiate at the unveilingfor my late grandmother. It was quite the trip back andforth and it was an emotional time. Things worked outnicely and it was meaningful to be there, to participate, andto pay tribute to my grandmother who I miss so much.As we retuned we were ushered in to the sadness ofYom Hazikaron and then the sheer joy of Yom Ha’Atzmaut.Rabbi Ari Weiss deserves so much credit for comingup with the idea of getting together as a community to tran-sition from Yom Hazikaron to Yom Ha’Atzmaut in the “FromDarkness to Light” ceremony this week. Thanks to StevenBernstein and Shayne Kesler for working hard to make it areality. I am proud of our shul members both for taking alead role in organizing the event as well as in attending.The moment of transition is a difficult one and it is impor-tant to mark it. I believe we were the only ones in the areawho did so. At the monthly GHRA (Greater Hartford Rab-binic Association) meeting this week the Orthodox shulswere applauded for having initiated this event and it seemslike there is interest in the broader community to either par-ticipate with us in the future, or plan similar events of theirown.This was also a week of an awesome shul event: TheYIWH Yom Ha’Atzmaut BBQ at our house on Tuesday!! I amthrilled that we had such great weather and such a greatattendance with over 110 people who came and made theholiday so special.As I looked around my backyard during the BBQ Iwas reminded of how proud I am of our shul. It was so niceto see children playing together, teenagers of differentages and temperaments talking to one another, hangingout, and being there for each other. I saw adults who neverinteract in shul sitting together and sharing the moment.We had people of all ages including Mr. Greenland fromSummerwood and people from around the community. Wehave a shul that is full of so much life and vibrancy. Al-though it was just a BBQ, I saw a lot of passion for Israel andfor our values come through and that was inspiring to see.This is what makes us special and this is what YIWH is allabout. May we celebrate many milestones of the State ofIsrael’s accomplishments together in the future.Continued
Shabbat Parshat Behar 
May 14th, 2011
10 Iyar 5771Kiddush this ShabbatIs Sponsored bySandy & Mark Trencherin honor ofAliza & Eyal’sfirst wedding anniversary,and the birth of theirGranddaughterLydia Sarina!
Next Sunday, May 22ndFrom 1:00 -4:00 PMWalk for IsraelIsrael Festivities at the JCCIsraeli BoutiqueLive Music and Israeli DancingBoot CampIsraeli food for purchase, and much more!Free and open to all
At 4:30 PM this afternoonat the home of Vivian Zablotsky44 Miamis Road
Rabbi’s Corner, continued
Thanks SO much to Tsion Cohen and MattBraunshweiger for bringing tables and chairs andstanding for so long cooking the food near the hotBBQs. We couldn’t have done it without you guys.Thanks to Fran and Gene Wittenberg for ordering allthe food and to Judith Hessing, Sarit Hessing andElana, my wonderful wife, for helping to set up.Thanks to Steven Bernstein and others for sitting outfront and taking in the money.Shabbat Shalom - Rabbi Weinberg
BUY SCRIP! BUY SCRIP!BIG Y SCRIP & SHOP RITE SCRIP AVAILABLE NOW!Don’t forget Crown & Stop & Shop too!Let's support our
by buying scrip!Every dollar counts!Contact: Judith Hessing (860-233-6042)at 18 Grenhart Street
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AMAZON.COMWhen ordering online, try to buy from Amazonthrough the YIWH website. It is another painlessway for the Shul to make money!SODA BOTTLE COLLECTIONEliza Katz is collecting bottles, cans, and glass toraise money for the Rabbi’s Fund. Please bringempties to her address: 24 Miamis Road;860-680-9847
COMMUNITY TRIBUTE TO MAIMONIDESThursday, May 26that 7:30 PMat Chabad HouseCelebrating the 29th conclusion of the Global DailyStudy of Maimonides’
Mishnah Torah
 Speakers include Rabbi Weinberg, Rabbi Gopin,and Rabbi Ari WeissWOMEN’S
GROUPWill be held on Sunday evening, June 5that YIWH at 6:30 PMPRE-SHAVUOT FLOWER ARRANGINGSunday, June 5th at YIWH at 7:30 PM$10.00/PersonRSVP: Steven Bernstein 860-263-7669, orbernsteinstj@mail.ccsu.edu
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAcknowledgment donations should be sent toDebbie Luger at 37 Miamis Road
Susanne & David GelbIn memory of Annette Wolk's father Sidney Becker
 Due to complications the ERUV has beenRE-ROUTED for a few weeks.The Eruv
DOES NOT INCLUDE (i.e. - do not carry in the following areas):
 -The North Sidewalk of Mohawk from Norwoodto Mohegan-Both sides of Mohegan from Mohawk toEmanuel Synagogue-Lyman Rd East of Mohegan and all ofSeminole Circle
SAVE THE DATEHHNE ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP DINNERHonoringRabbi Philip & Mrs. Ruth LazowskiWednesday, June 1st at 6:00 PMat the Emanuel SynagogueYAHRZEIT LECTURE
Sunday, June 12th at 7:30 PMNechama Liss-Levinson, PhD
Talking to Children About Death
As in past years, Yahrzeit booklets will be distributed that in-clude the names of family members and others whom wewish to remember on this occasion. These booklets are thenused when remembering departed loved ones duringYizkor services.For inclusion in the Yahrzeit Commemorative Booklet, pleasecomplete your submission form, on the letter or on our website,
no later thanWednesday
May 25
. Even if you areunable to take part in the booklet, there is no cost toattend the lecture and it is sure to be both aneducational and inspiring evening.
Dr. Liss-Levinson is a psychologist and psychoanalyst whohas spent many years helping people learn to cope with thedifficulties and complexities of life, will be our keynotespeaker. She has written extensively on helping familiesgrieve, especially dealing with children facing loss. Herbook,
When a Grandparent Dies: A Kid's Own Remembering Workbook for Dealing with Shiva and the Year Beyond
(JewishLights Publishing) has helped thousands of children and theirfamilies and is now in its fifth printing. Dr. Liss-Levinson re-cently won the 2009 Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award forher children's book,
When the Hurricane Came to New Or-leans,
a story about a young Jewish girl, Gertie, and her fam-ily, who must evacuate New Orleans when Hurricane Katrinaarrives.
June 14th at 5:30 PMYIWH CRUISE DINNERSeptember 11th at 6:30 PM
Page 3
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin www.ohrtorahstone.org.il ~
Efrat, Israel
“You shall count for yourself seven cycles of sabbatical years, seven years, seven times; the yearsof the seven cycles of sabbatical years shall be for you forty nine years…. you shall sanctify the fiftiethyear and proclaim freedom throughout the land for all its inhabitants…. it shall be a Jubilee year foryou
(Leviticus 25:8-13).The Biblical portions in the Book of Leviticus - Tazria, Metzorah, Emor and Behar - seem to be almostfixated on the commandment to count, the commandment of
. Barely two chapters ago we werecommanded, “And you shall count for yourselves - from the day following the rest day (the first day of thefestival of Passover), from the day when you bring the Omer of the waving - seven weeks… until the dayafter the seventh week you shall count fifty days…” (Leviticus 33:15,16); the Bible has commanded us tocount each day of the seven weeks between the Festivals of Passover and Shavuot, until the fiftieth day.And now in this week's portion of Behar the Bible commands us to count the seven cycles of the sabbaticalyears (seven times seven or forty nine years) until the fiftieth: Jubilee year. Clearly, there is a significant par-allel between these two commandments of counting. Similarly, both men and women (
aswell as
) are commanded to count seven days, after which - on the eighth day they undergo ritual im-mersion and purity. All of these “countings” must in some way be related.The count from Passover to Shavuot is - at least from a clear biblical perspective - the count fromfreedom of slavery to our entry into Israel and Jerusalem. On Passover we left Egypt and Egyptian enslave-ment; however, we only got as far as the desert, with all of the uncertainties of the desert and all of thealien and difficult climatic and agricultural conditions of the desert. It is specifically Shavuot which is Bibli-cally defined as the festival of the first fruits which were to be brought to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem(Lev. 23:17). The Bible underscores the relationship between Shavuot and Jerusalem when it discusses thespecial declaration to be made by the Israelite upon bringing the fruits to the Temple altar. (Deut. 26:1,2)Passover is therefore our freedom from Egypt and slavery; Shavuot is our entry into Israel and Jeru-salem, replete with the Holy Temple……I heard it said in the name of a great Talmudic giant of the last century that the reason for this de-letion is that our entry into the Land of Israel is only destination and not destiny. I would respectfully main-tain that the very opposite is the case. Our sojourn in Egypt and even our escape from Egypt were verymuch directed by G-d and were part and parcel of Jewish fate. Our entry into Israel, our establishment ofour Holy Temple in Jerusalem and our ability to influence the world to accept a G-d of morality and peacethrough the teachings of the Holy Temple, are very much dependent upon our own desires and actions. It isthe desert which was a temporary destination; Israel and Jerusalem are the Jewish destiny of being a lightunto the nations of the world.That is why the Bible commands, “And you shall sanctify the fiftieth year” within the context of our counting of the Sabbatical years leading up to the Jubilee. And the very word Jubilee is either identifiedwith the word for Shofar, or ram’s horn - the instrument used as our call to repentance - or from the He-brew “
,” which means “he [the nation] shall lead” the entire world back to G-d. The Jubilee year is Bib-lically defined as a declaration of universal freedom and the return of every individual to his homestead, ob-vious expressions of redemption.This march from national freedom from Egyptian slavery to security in our own land from which wemust realize our mission to bring peace to the world is expressed by counting, or 
. The Hebrew root
’ also means “to tell, to recount, to clarify” - which is the real commandment of the Seder night of
sipur yetziat mitzraim
. The same root
also appears in the biblical description of the throne of the Divine at thetime of the revelation at Sinai, which is like “the white of the sapphire (
) and the purity of the heav-ens” (Exodus 24:10). From this linguistic perspective, it becomes necessary to understand the command-ment to count -
- as a commandment to become pure and to move closer to the throne of the Al-mighty.Since there is no redemption without repentance and purification, we now understand why Shavuotis also the time when we receive the Torah from G-d - our road map to purity and redemption - and why Sha-vuot is truly the festival of our destiny. We now also understand why Mystical and Hassidic literature refersto the emanations of the Divine in this world as

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