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potensial listrik

potensial listrik

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Published by: Komang Isabella Anasthasia on May 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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5(5Cepe| lmceoehg Be~ecef
Cm`eoeh zmpk| bm|}zeoeh nihpif h{epe `e|k e`eh{e omlm|e`eeh ck~p|ko( Zmpk| bm|}zeoeh fe~kc zmcmze~eh b}epeh ck~p|ko `k eweh( Mhm|gk {ehg `kcmze~oeh zmpk| pm|~ml}p ~ehgep lm~e| ~mfkhgge bmhkbl}coeh nefe{e zehe~ `eh l}h{k gmcmge| {ehg~ehgep om|e~( Lefoeh pmgehgeh ck~p|ko {ehg lm|e~ec `e|k zmpk| `ezep bmhgfk`}zoeh d}peeh omh`e|eeh `eh pmhp}h{e bmblehp} omfk`}zeh beh}~ke(Omfk`}zeh beh}~ke ~m|khg lm|f}l}hgeh `mhgeh ck~p|ko( Ck~p|ko {ehg okpeg}heoeh ~mfe|k"fe|k e`ecef ck~p|ko ck~p|ko {ehg bmhgeck| epe} `khebk~( ]hp}o bmceweh ge{e ck~p|ko pm|~ml}p( Okpe bmbm|c}oeh ~ml}ef mhm|gk {ehg `ezepbmceweh ~}ep} ge{e ck~p|ko( @mhgeh oepe cekh okpe bmbm|c}oeh ~}ep} mhm|gk {ehg`kzm|c}oeh }hp}o bmbkh`efoeh ~ml}ef b}epeh( Mhm|gk pm|~ml}pcef {ehg`khebeoeh mhm|gk zipmh~kec( Mhm|gk zipmh~kec pm|~ml}p lm|f}l}hgeh `mhgeh zipmh~kec ck~p|ko `eh lm`e zipmh~kec( @kbehe zipmh~kec ck~p|ko bm|}zeoeh mhm|gk zipmh~kec zm| ~ep}eh b}epeh & ])u+# `eh lm`e zipmh~kec bm|}zeoeh z|eopmo `e|k zipmh~kec ck~p|ko pm|~ml}p(
5(<\}b}~eh Be~ecef
@e|k cepe| lmceoehg `kepe~# beoe pkbl}cef lmlm|eze |}b}~eh zm|be~ecefeh#{ekp}45(<(5Ezeoef {ehg `kbeo~}` `mhgeh zipmh~kec ck~p|ko# mhm|gk zipmh~kec ck~p|ko# `eh lm`e zipmh~kec95(<(< Ezeoef f}l}hgeh ehpe|e zipmh~kec ck~p|ko `eh lm`e zipmh~kec95(<(>Legekbehe ai|b}ce~k zipmh~kec ck~p|ko ze`e b}epeh pkpko `eh ze`e zipmh~kec`k~p|kl}~k b}epeh95(<(0Ezeoef f}l}hgeh ehpe|e bm`eh ck~p|ko `eh zipmh~kec ck~p|ko9
5(>P}d}eh Zmh}ck~eh
E`ez}h p}d}eh `e|k zmh}ck~eh zezm| khk e`ecef ~mlegek lm|ko}p45(>(5Bmhgmpef}k zmhgm|pkeh `e|k zipmh~kec ck~p|ko# mhm|gk zipmh~kec ck~p|ko# `eh lm`e zipmh~kec(5(>(<Bmhgmpef}k f}l}hgeh ehpe|e zipmh~kec ck~p|ko `eh lm`e zipmh~kec(5(>(>Bmhgmpef}k ai|b}ce~k zipmh~kec ck~p|ko ze`e b}epeh pkpko `eh ze`e zipmh~kec`k~p|kl}~k b}epeh5(>(0Bmhgmpef}k f}l}hgeh ehpe|e bm`eh ck~p|ko `eh zipmh~kec ck~p|ko(
5(0Behaeep Zmh}ck~eh
Behaeep `e|k zmh}ck~eh zezm| khk e`ecef }hp}o bmblm|k zehgmpef}eh omze`e ze|e zmblene ~mfkhgge zmblene `kfe|ezoeh `ezep bmhgmpef}k pmhpehg zipmh~kecck~p|ko ~mne|e bmh`eceb(<
<(5Zmhgm|pkeh Zipmh~kec Ck~p|k
Zipmh~kec ck~p|ko bm|}zeoeh lm~e|eh ~oece| {ehg lm|oekpeh `mhgeh om|de `ehmhm|gk zipmh~kec ze`e bm`eh ck~p|ko( Zipmh~kec ck~p|ko d}ge `ezep `ke|pkoeh ~mlegekom|de c}e| {ehg `kceo}oeh }hp}o bmbkh`efoeh ~}ep} b}epeh `e|k ~ep} pkpko om pkpko cekh `eceb bm`eh ck~p|ko ~m|pe bm|}zeoeh o}ehpkpe~ ~oece|(
Geble| <(5
Zipmh~kec Ck~p|ko 
@mhgeh oepe cekh `ezep `koepeoeh lefwe zipmh~kec ck~p|ko bm|}zeoeh mhm|gk zipmh~kec zm|~ep}eh b}epeh( Bk~ecoeh `k ~}ep} pkpko `eceb |hm`eh ck~p|ko Ĝ`kpm|hzepoeh ~}ep} |h}epeh zm|nileeh u# |heoe zipmh~kec ck~p|ko Q `k pkpko kp} `ezep`kh{epeoeh `mhgeh |}b}~ 4Q2]u@mhgeh ] bm|}zeoeh mhm|gk zipmh~kec `eh u bm|}zeoeh b}epeh( Zipmh~kec ck~p|ko bmbkckok ~ep}eh Qicp &Q+# `kbehe Qicp bm|}zeoeh Di}cmNi}cibl
^ep}eh khk`keblkc `e|k hebe ~mi|ehg kcb}weh Kpecke# zmhmb} lepm|ek &mcmbmh qicpe+ {ehg lm|hebe Ecm~~eh`|i Qicpe(
<(<Mhm|gk Zipmh~kec Ck~p|k
Mhm|gk zipmh~kec ck~p|ko e`ecef mhm|gk {ehg `kzm|c}oeh }hp}o bmbkh`efoeh~ml}ef b}epeh epe} `mhgeh oepe cekh bmceweh ge{e ck~p|ko pm|~ml}p( Zmhdmce~ehbmhgmhek mhm|gk zipmh~kec ck~p|ko ~m|}ze `mhgeh zmhdmce~eh bmhgmhek mhm|gk zipmh~kec eoklep e`eh{e bm`eh g|eqkpe~k( Mhm|gk zipmh~kec ck~p|ko eoeh pkbl}c dkoe>

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