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Jesus Christ and the Pretenders' 'Show Me'

Jesus Christ and the Pretenders' 'Show Me'

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Published by Jonathan Janssen
This short essay reveals some interesting truths about Jesus Christ and unconditional love hidden, like a gem, in the Pretenders song 'Show Me'.
This short essay reveals some interesting truths about Jesus Christ and unconditional love hidden, like a gem, in the Pretenders song 'Show Me'.

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Published by: Jonathan Janssen on May 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jesus Christ and The Pretenders’
Show Me
Let me begin by saying that I am sure the Pretendersdid not intend for their song to have this meaning, but Ifound it so overwhelmingly fitting that I had to make noteof it. It is important to establish that this essay iswritten under the assumption that the song is about findingthe meaning of love. It also works off of the assumptionthat Jesus Christ is a divine, other worldly being thatembodies pure love, and who entered our world in a humanform.So, the song begins with the chorus:
Show me the meaning of the word Show me the meaning of the word 'Cause I've heard so much about itThey say you can't live without it
This is a relatively straight forward plea to be shown thetruth about love. In this context it can be seen as a pleato the divine, for in a Judeo-Christian context, God islove and is able to transmit this message to petitioners.The line stating ‘
I’ve heard so much about it’
infers aperson who has yet to experience true, unconditional loveand is perhaps jaded.The song continues:
Welcome to the human race
With it's wars, disease and brutality You with your innocence and graceRestore some pride and dignity To a world in decline
These lines play so easily into a Christian reading of thesong, for God sent himself as Jesus to experience thehorrors of the material world first hand. This was all inhope that Christ’s pure, divine nature would act as a forceto change the world for the better. The song goes on to say:
Welcome to a special placeIn a heart of stone that's cold and grey You with your angel faceKeep the despair at bay Send it away,
Much Christian symbolism has always involved allowing Jesusinto your heart, to begin to change you. The speaker isagain referencing their hardened heart, closed to love, andasking Jesus to enter it, where his ‘angel face’, anotherreference to his divine nature, can begin to restore theirlost faith.After another repeat of the chorus, the song says:Welcome here from outer space
The milky way still in your eyesYou found yourself a hopeless case

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