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Mini Chem Buster Ballast

Mini Chem Buster Ballast

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Published by Giannis Fakiris

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Published by: Giannis Fakiris on May 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1Wizzer31/01/2006 04:18:12http://www.littlemountainsmudge.com/minichembusterballast.htm
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Originally, I built this device to use as a ballast for a smaller, 1-pipe Chembusterbuilt in a sectionof stovepipe. The unit was designed to slide inside one end of thestovepipe. It consists of a mini poshaust,
anorgonitepyramid,a copperpipe (with a quart crystal in one end and a magnet in the other.the quartz xtal has magneticcompressiononit,arranged byfastening 3 smallneodymium magnetstoit with aluminum tape.aroundthe outside of the pipe is wound a coilof insulated copperwire),a cylinder of orgonite,and anEELF - Earth Energy LineFilter(which is a thick disk of orgonitewith anhourglass coiland somequartz xtalsin it).originallyIhad the body of the stovepipe connectedto the wiresfrom the coils.Sorry the picturesaren'tveryhigh resolution:)Ihave since decidedthat the device is betterwithout the stovepipe,and Ihave left the copperwire whichformerlyattachedto the stovepipe asanaerial,about16" long.still playing with it,but it seemsto workbest whenthe copperwire aerial is parallel to the ground.Iplanonmaking a few improvements tothedesign,and whenIrelease these plans it will be a slightlydifferent devicethanthis,but basically thesame concept.The device is connectedto groundwith a sectionof heavycopperwire and aniron spike.Ihave had this devicein operationfor several moths now,(since fall of 2002,it is April2003 now) andhave recentlymoved it toa location nearmy home where there is a natural energy center.Itseemstocontinuallydraw in the chemfogand dissipate it.Some days it leaves a wideclear band in the skyononesideof it,and onother days it makes a large clear hole.For the firstcouple of months it was up,itcauseda lotof fog,but that seemslargely to have passedfor the moment.IMO it was drawing in a lotofDOR/etheric ice and breaking it up,and this is what causedsomuchfog.The chemtrails still don'tgenerally stick overmy house,and it appears to have a similar effect toaChembuster,but maybe 70% aspowerful asmycb was.Iam confidant that with the secondgenerationIcanbringthat up atleast ashighasmy cb was.Ihave noticedthat it responds very well whenIhaveone of mylarge generators running,it's effect is multiplied.This applies whether or not the generatoristargeted atthe mini-Chembuster ballast.The chemfogat itsworst has not lasted morethantwo and ahalf days since Iput this deviceinto operation,and instead of burning a hole likemy Cloudbusters andchembusters did,it producesaneffect that is distributed overa wider area,in myestimationaboutthreetimes aswide.hahaha a built a ballast to put inside the stovepipe and the decided tohell with thestovepipe :)The next deviceImake along these lineswill probably be lackingthe exterior coilaroundthe cylinder oforgonite,and incorporatea mobiuscoil instead.Also,the radial pipesof the poshaust stagewillbecopper(Iused steel in the one shownabove),and a littlelarger.Still tinkeringwith it,but Iam satisfiedatthis time that is is worthwhile pursuing it,and kudos to Saso Burjafor coming up with the poshaustdesign,which Iincorporatedontothe top of this device.Not interestedin offering this devicefor saleatthis time,but willpost anupdate tothis page whenIhave finished the secondunit.Unit does not functioncorrectlywithout being grounded or withoutEELF onbase.
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