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Orgone Bioenergy and Radionic Circuits

Orgone Bioenergy and Radionic Circuits

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Published by Giannis Fakiris

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Published by: Giannis Fakiris on May 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1Orgone, Bioenergy and Radionic circuits31/01/2006 04:12:37http://www.littlemountainsmudge.com/radionics.htm
Wizzers Desk
Personal Bioenergy Tools - Orgone Matrix Material Ergonite Orgonite Organite - Construction info & sales-Radionics Stations -Mobius Coils - EM Pollution Control - DIY Plans & More! -
Site Map/Products/Info/Ebooks/Contact/ Legal/Links/Orgonite/Radionics
Orgone fieldscancarryinformationinthe form ofwavepatterns
.Bioenergyand magnetism are only slightlydifferent formsof the same Aether.Aetheris a cosmic omnipresent energy that is successivelysplit down into a spectrum throughout materialexistence.Different ranges in the spectrum derivedform Aetherare manifest asmatterand the electromagnetic spectrum.Bioenergyis part of the Electromagnetic spectrum.Bioenergyand the magnetic field generated byelectrical currentare closetoeachother in the spectrum and closely mutually influence eachother.My research has led metobelieve that Bioenergyis moremagnetic thanelectrical in itsnature and may indeed be simply a true form of whatwepartially conceive of asmagnetism.Magnetic fieldscancarry information,radio wavesare anexample of this.When a wave carries information througha magneticfield it is called a radio transmission.When a wave carries information througha Bioenergyfield it is called radionic data.
Devices which bothgenerate bioenergyand emitbioenergy wavepatterns canbe thoughtof as transmitting antennas
,and the wave pattern is the signal to be transmitted. Imagine that the Bioenergy wave pattern (radionic data) produced by acertain element from the periodic table is used as a signal and transmitted. To varying degree, the presence of that elementappears to be “simulated” in the area covered by the effect. I theorize that a subtle projected image of an atom is producedwhich can, under correct circumstances,behave at least partiallylike a real atom in a chemical process.In fact,if you have everheard of quantum physics thenyouwould probably say that's exactly what anatom is anyway.
With further research into this aetherochemical effect, it is possible that many industrial dependencies onpharmaceuticalsor petrochemicals could bereduced or eliminated
. The potential industrialapplications for this technologyare virtually unlimited. Every day around the world a growing ever-growing number of people use radionics + homeopathy +alternative energy methods for healing and other purposes. With the advent of Orgone Matrix Material, Radionics machinesbecame muchmorepowerful.
The designsonthis page are simple
,easy-to-put together from readily available materials,and well withinthe range of anytinkers' skills.Inourinfosection,youcanlearnmoreaboutorgone.Radionicsinformation is below.Please feel free tocopy thesepicturestoyour hard drive if youfind them useful.Ihope that these schematicswill demystifysome of the simpleraspects of aradionics machinefor youdo-it-yourselfers out there who wantto maketheir own,or for those of you simply curious abouthow itworks.
Insimpleterms,this kindof orgoneradionics machine is basically a closedloopcircuit,whichyoutunebyadjustingthedials
.Itmay not make sensefrom a conventional electronicsstandpoint,but that is becauseit is a radionic circuitand not anelectronic circuit.When you put a sample into the witness well,youare introducing interference into that circuit.When youadjustthe dials sothat the circuitis resonantto a component of the interference youhave introduced,thenyouare 'tuned in' to thatsample.This state of resonance with the sample producesa change in the way that the EM fieldsof the machineand your bodyinteract,causing the 'stick' where your fingers stick tothe pad.Witha bitof practice,anyone canuse a stick pad.Alternately,youcoulduse apendulumoverthe stick padand dowse todetermine whenthe dials are adjusted correctly for a givenpurpose.
used to makeradionics machines:it is not necessary that theybe calibrated dials,any variableresistor willwork.They(variableresistors) are called potentiometers.Ihave successfullyused dials ranging in size from tiny little PCB mounttuning pots upto your average volumedial for a home stereo.Ialsouse slide controls.Larger dials likethose used for volumecontrolsonaudio equipment are moredurable thanPCB mount pots,but either will work. 
Any potentiometer will work
.Itmatters that youhave variableresistance.A potentiometeris justa variableresistor.Theydonot have tobe calibrated dials.However,the number combinations that youwind up with (onthe dials)will be unique toyourmachine.Keep notes onthe rates for various samples.Theywill always be the same onyour machine,but they willnot be thesame number combinationontwo machines,unless the two machines are identical in componentry,right down tothe lengthofwiresused toconnect the parts and pieces together.
Many potentiometers have3 leadsinthefootprint
. These are the kindIhave shown here.Often,the center lead is theoutput,and for that reason Ihave drawnthe circuits here with the center lead shownasthe output.When youget your dials,it isa good idea tocheck and makesure that you know which terminal is the output,and proceed accordingly.The easiestway to dothis is to testwith a multimeter and check the resistance between 2 different leadsat a time.Testleft -cent,right - center,andleft- right.Turn the dial asyoutest the resistance and see if it changes.You will findthat two of the leadshave either noresistance or a fixed resistance between them,while one of the leadshas variableresistance that changes whenyou adjust thedial or slide onthe potentiometer.The one that changes is the one that Iam calling the 'output' onthis page,and Ihave shown ittobe the center lead in these schematics.Of the remainingtwo leads,it doesn'tmatter if theyare asshownin the pic below orinverted.
Page 2Orgone, Bioenergy and Radionic circuits31/01/2006 04:12:37http://www.littlemountainsmudge.com/radionics.htm
Apotentiometer ofthis typeis designedto runa supplycurrentacrosstwoofthe leads
(that's whatthe two outside terminalsdo) and allow a variableamountof that currentto passthroughto the center terminal.Either linear or logarithmic willwork.
As forthe resistance value ofthe potentiometers
, Ido not seethat it matters a great deal atthe simplestlevel of application.Ihave used manydifferent resistor valuesfor this kindof a circuit,between 100ohms1 Mega Ohm max resistance ought to work.Irecommend for simplicity 0 -20K or 0-50K pots.You shouldn'thave too muchtrouble finding dials,astheyare fairly common,and easilysalvagedfrom old electronics,or bought from anelectronicssupplystore. 
Simple 3 Dial
This diagram shows a basic,easy-to-make radionics tuner
.This circuitincludesa witness well and a stick pad.Incircuits likethis Ioftenuse a 3.5mm2-conductor audio jack toconnect tothe mobiuscoil output.You couldalternately connect the output from this circuitdirectlyto your mobiuscoil,andleavethe jack out.Solder or crimp the connections markedwith a dot.
The stick pad
is made from a simplepiece of copperflashing,covered byalayer of plastic.Use plastic tape or thinplastic sheet.Touse it,yougently rubitwith the fingers or thumb of one handwhile adjustingthe dials with the otherhand.When youget the dial 'tuned in' youwill feel a different sensationin thefingers which are touchingthe pad. 
For thewitness well
you canuse either a simplepiece of sheet metal asabove but with no plastic covering for the witness well,or a smallmetal can,cup or bowl.Copper pipe end capswork well.
If you want a more advanced and powerful output
for this circuit that employs Orgone Matrix Material, you canMake an Orgone Field Pulseror checkout theRing Generator.
Simple 9 Dial
The circuitbelow isa bitmore complex
,it incorporates 3 mobiuscoils arounda commonquartz core.Invery simpleterms,the outputis a 3 channel scalar interferometer.2 channels are used tomodulate information and 1 channel (center)is used asacarrier.The diagram shouldalsogiveyou anidea of how tomount the mobiusonthe crystal.If youare making the simple circuitabove,you canjustuse onemobiuscoilinstead of the 3 shownbelow. 
Topof thecircuits is a 'target' circuit.
This decides where tosend the energy.Itis the one with 3 dials,and it drives theuppermostmobiuscoilonthe xtal.The coil is in the outgoing stream of energy.

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