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Orgone Generator FAQ

Orgone Generator FAQ

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Published by Giannis Fakiris

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Published by: Giannis Fakiris on May 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1Orgone Generator F.A.Q24/01/2006 19:11:52http://educate-yourself.org/dc/dcorgonegenfaq26feb02.shtml
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Orgone Generator F.A.Q.
By Don Croft < zapper16@earthlink.net>http://educate-yourself.org/dc/dcorgonegenfaq26feb02.shtmlAugust, 2002I’m beginning this FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS essay because it tears my heart out to consider the pain that newcomers tothe Chembuster forum are experiencing as theywade through the volume ofposts to glean a basic understanding ofthe process weChembuster aficionados are involved in (http://forums.cloud-busters.com). I’ll keep adding to it as new questions arise. Our originalcloudbuster chat forum at yahoo was sabotaged by covert agents who prevented me from posting and moderating the site. Theyalsodeleted importantt messages and cut people off from posting on a regular basis. So we mostlypost our current messages at the new siteabove, since we have a secure server there. It's still worth going to the old site, however, to look at the early messages and search thearchive for many good articles and photos. The old cloudbuster forum is located at:http://groups/yahoo.com/group/cloudbusters.This is NOT, NOT, NOTa scientific essay or to be used to formallypromote our ideas and I’m the first to admit that I don’t fullyunderstand what I’m doing, but I have gathered some observations over the past year ofmy Chembuster career that I’d like to share inthis format. You must use your discretion and not blindlyaccept anyofthese ideas or conclusions.‘Orgone
’ is a term I’m using advisedly, ofcourse, since all things are generated from orgone. In fact, these devicesprimarilydraw in unbalanced orgone, revitalize it, and send it back out again. There are other things happening, but I’m going toconcern myself mainly with that process in this essay.‘Orgone
’ draw in and concentrate orgone and send it back out again. When theydraw in unbalanced orgone, theysendit back out as unbalanced orgone, so one needs to use them in a place where there is more good orgone than the bad stuff.I made orgone accumulators for a time before I investigated more information about orgone generators which I learned aobut from acustomer ofmine who had obtained a small device from the internet and had paid quite a bit ofmoney for it. ‘Hey—it's nothing butmetal particles embedded in epoxy!’ My customer was a little irate, since he paid a lot ofmoney for that, but I was elated bythepossibilities, since this device was obviouslyputting out a lot more orgone than the accumulators I was making and using.In fact, orgone generators are made bymixing equal parts, by volume, ofmetal particles and organic matrix material, such as epoxyresin and polyester resin. ‘Organic’ means ‘hydrocarbon,’ not necessarily something from a garden that you eat.The metal in the mix can be ANY metal, but very fine particles, like the brass grindings from a key-making machine, and very largepieces, are less effective than BBs and spiral shavings and particles from a machine shop.Contrary to the vehement objections ofsome researchers, aluminium is perfectlyalright to use for orgone accumulators and orgonegenerators. I used nothing but aluminum foil and saran wrap for my numerous accumulators and the effects actually exceeded (in myopinion) the effects ofthe very bulky accumulators conventionallyused byReich devotees, probably because theywere moreadaptable, compact, even portable. This is just one instance ofmy karma running over someone else’s dogma. I wasn’t the onlyperson making effective orgone accumulators with aluminum, ofcourse.I’ve requested a rational explanation from the Reich experts who told me that aluminum is forbidden as a component in orgonedevices, but have been met with stoic silence from them on that subject. I refrain from mentioning their names out ofrespect and Idon’t want to embarrass them. These experts have had plenty to say to me otherwise, so maybe someday they’ll produce a rationalargument—possiblyafter at least one ofthem has tried our newer methods.
Page 2Orgone Generator F.A.Q24/01/2006 19:11:52http://educate-yourself.org/dc/dcorgonegenfaq26feb02.shtmlMy daughter, Nora, was living with me when I started experimenting with orgone generators three years ago. She went through deathat age five and was able to see subtle energies after that, so I put her to work when she was eleven, evaluating the energy patterns andstrength ofthe various orgone generator configurations I was making. Nora’s living with her mom now, but my new wife, Carol, alsohas the gift ofseeing subtle energies and she and I came up with the configurations we’re using for theChembuster,Holy Handgrenade, St. Buster’s Button, andHarmonic Protector(thereapeutic orgone generator, used on the body). SO—here are the basic components ofan orgone generator: equal parts resin and metal particles, quartz crystal/s aligned in thedirection you wish the orgone to travel (crystals also inherentlyorganize
chaotic energy
and act as extensions ofa person’s will). Pipesopen on one end, the other embedded in the generator, are added to enhance the orgone flow and/or the draw ofunbalanced orgone,and the lengths, diameter and number ofpipes are a factor.We are pioneers with this technology, but are by no means experts, nor do we fully understand the process. We’re happyto leave thatto others who are more intelligent and have the inclination to analyze it correctly.As pioneers, though, we’re apparentlyway ahead ofanyone coming to this from even the most august and reputable ofscientific, evenmetaphysical backgrounds. The long trail ofletters behind one’s name won’t open the door to understanding this essentiallysimpleprocess, I’m sorry to say, and only one’s own experiential observation and instincts will bring understanding.Among the current Chembuster veterans, there are the unemployed and unskilled, as well as doctors, engineers and scientists, and theformer are certainlyno less successful in their efforts than the latter. In fact, the latter actually are struggling with a handicap, since alot ofwhat is happening in front ofthem contradicts their science paradigm, and that tends to hamper their integration process a bit.There’s a lot to be said for formal education, but one who has earned letters does need to contend with ‘the dust ofacquiredknowledge’ that tends to obscure the human heart and instincts.Assuming that you’ve read the instructions for the orgone generating devices, I’ll just start listing the Qs and As. Please excuse theapparent disorder. Maybe some inspired soul with a better sense oforder will organize and edit this someday.1. Enough said about the type ofmetal yet? Copper works a little better than alminum, gold works a little better than copper, butavailability ofmaterials and costs are a more important consideration, in my opinion.2.
Some people want to try other substances as a matrix for the metal, but I think that resin and epoxywork best because they’re madefrom organic compounds and harden quickly by catalytic reaction. The resin/metal mix doesn’t put out nearly as much energy whilethe resin is in a liquid state as it does after it hardens. I don’t know why. Cement has a high mineral content, snot is mostlywater,other materials that may be suitable but need to drymay take years to drycompletely. Wax would probably work, but would liquefyon a hot day, reducing it’s effectiveness and the pipes in the CB would fall over.3.
This is a fun topic for Carol and I, as there is so much superstition connected to the use ofcrystals. Whenever I hear that stuff, I startrevving the engine in my karma, setting my sights on that dogma crossing the road. I feel okay about that, since I’m performing aservice to my fellow humans who otherwise might be excluded bythis exclusive posturing by would-be gurus and grand poobahs.In truth, anyone can clear anycrystal, anytime, with a little bit ofdirected intention. People who like to engage in rituals and dogmaare free to do so, and this works as well, but not better, than just imagining the crystal in a cleared, energized state and ‘making itso.’ PUH-LEEEEEZE!!!! My wife, Carol, is an accomplished witch, and uses rituals a lot, but she doesn’t waste time spinning herwheels, so why should you?In another truth, crystals in the vicinity ofANY orgone generator automatically get cleared of‘negative’ energy because orgonegenerators mindlesslydraw in anyunbalanced energy within range and send it back out as balanced energy. It should go withoutsaying that crystals within an orgone generator are no longer capable ofholding unbalanced energy.4.
I consider this the ultimate test for the orgone generator. Everyone who works with orgone
knows that theymustn’t beused within many miles ofa nuke, so we made an effort to drive close to one awhile back to see what would happen.We picked the big one north ofPortland on the Columbia River near I-5. I was driving the Zapporium, which has seven pyramid-shaped orgone generators over the cab and a very large orgone accumulator under the entire floor in the back; Carol was followingclose behind in the car, which has a middle size pyramid orgone generator in the back window (she uses this to find her car in mallparking lots bylooking for the big blue dome oforgone in the distance).When we got within about fortymiles, Carol said orgone field ofthe pyramid suddentlyexpanded outward and became denser, thenshe looked at the Zapporium and saw the same thing on a much bigger scale. I stopped by the highwayright beside the nuke toconfer with her and she was quite astonished at the magnitude ofthe healthy orgone field emanating from the vehicles. AS we droveon, the fields diminished again to their normal range and strength.
Page 3Orgone Generator F.A.Q24/01/2006 19:11:52http://educate-yourself.org/dc/dcorgonegenfaq26feb02.shtmlA few months later, we were on a beach on Plum Island, Florida and Carol noticed that theTerminatorshe was wearing was puttingout an extraordinary amount oforgone (it has a smallorgone generatorin it, so we wondered if there was a nuke nearby. We drove tothe other end ofthe island, forty miles away, and at the halfwaypoint found the nuke.The next week we put a crude HolyHandgrenade in the bushes on the nuke property. This one was made in a little Terminator box,1”x2”x3” with a couple ofquartz crystals lined up together in it. Carol said the dead orgone field had extended about forty miles untilwe put the device in the bushes, then the field stopped right there in a spherical form, centered in the reactor, apparently. In this casethe effect was instantaneous, but at some ofthe other nukes we visited later with our more refined, cone shaped holyhandgrenades, thehealing process took up to a week to be completed. These were built on natural vortices, though and are probably not the norm. It’s agood idea to keep a couple ofmodest HHgs with you when you travel so you can have the opportunity to restrict a deadly energy fieldthis way and thus take a significant part in the planet’s healing process.Dr. Reich proved that the worst effects ofnuclear reactors is the deadly orgone fields theycreate, which can’t be shielded, rather thanthe radioactive aspects. We believe that ifhe knew about orgone generators, he certainlywould have used them.5.
This is an important concern if you’re using one ofthe Cloudbusters made according to Dr. Reich’s parameters, and onlyskilled,knowledgable people should consider using those.Ours, however, though we sometimes call them Cloudbusters, onlyapproximate the function ofDr. Reich’s invention. We like thename, ‘Cloudbuster,’ to honor Dr. Reich, who was martyred bythe alleged US govermnent for his courageous spirit and monumentalservice to humanity in 1957, after his books were publicly burned and his character viciously slandered bythe prostituted press andacademia.In fact, since these are essentially‘energy balancers,’ theyonly assist the dialogue between the earth and its atmosphere which, whenunhampered byhuman intervention, regulates the rainfall and temperature in the environment. Note that nearly everyone who has aChembuster in operation and has sufficient powers ofobservation, has reported regular, moderate rainfall and/or snow, mildertemperatures, absence or reduction ofstrong winds, very little lightning during storms (plenty ofthunder, but generally muted),reduction or absence ofsmog, greatlyimproved ambience for miles around, not to mention the destruction ofchemtrails and HAARPeffects.It’s extremely important to note that in order for our Chembuster to complete the process ofre-introducing theearth-to-atmosphere dialogue, we must remove all major sources ofenergy pollution in the region. Dr. Reich was aware ofthis, too,though many, if not most, ofthe Reich Cloudbuster users apparentlyhaven’t yet learned how to do this.We’re finding that all ofthe energy polluting sites are either man-made or are natural vortices corrupted byhuman activityand will.Simplyplacing a HolyHandgrenade on or as near as possible to each ofthese spots, such as Masonic and Mormon Temples,courthouses, nuke plants, universities, satanic ritual sites, some churches, sites ofmassacres, prisons, transmitter arrays, corporateheadquarters, Federal Reserve Banks, stock exchanges, all major government buildings, etc., will assure that your Chembuster willbring balanced weather to your region.In major cities more than one Chembuster may be required. If you have a Chembuser on or close to a major natural vortex, the effectwill be a lot stronger and the range will extend much farther than ifthe CB were in a less energizing location.6.
Can you hear the engine revving again?Carol and I waxed scientific last summer for a moment and did a controlled experiment to help us resolve this question for our ownunderstanding. Some people we know who are very spiritual and ofsound character, but who were unable to see the effects oftheChembuster, agreed to have one in each oftheir yards.The two live about 15 miles apart, too close, really, to compare their individual Chembuster's effects, but we noticed that thechemtrails began disappearing within hours after theywere in place, and the smog was gone within a week from that metropolitan area(it’s still essentiallygone, though it was the fifth worst smog location in the nation before that). There was regular rainfall throughoutthe summer as well, and milder temperatures, though the city is close to the edge ofa desert. The desert, bythe way, up to a hundredfifty miles away, had new green plants throughout the summer, too, which is entirelyunheard offor that region.These fine people are still completely unable to see that the Chembuster has had anyeffect at all. Maybe Dr. Sharon’s assertion thatthis deficit in awareness is a function ofthe low DHEA level in the blood is the operative factor here, but we are now convinced thateven if the CB owner is not aware ofthe operation ofhis/her own CB, it will still work very well.Don’t be discouraged, though, you who wish to proudlyflythe banner ofmetaphysics—a person who is more aware ofwhat his/herChembuster is doing will get better results, proportionate to his/her state ofawareness. That’s a pretty good incentive, since the merepresence ofan orgone generator, especiallyone as big as a Chembuster, will heighten one’s awareness and speed up one’s ability toingtegrate information/energy.

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