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Or Gone Generators

Or Gone Generators

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Published by Giannis Fakiris

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Published by: Giannis Fakiris on May 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1Orgone Generators25/01/2006 02:09:31http://educate-yourself.org/dc/orgonegenindex.shtml
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Orgone Generators
Holy Handgrenades, Tower Busters, Chembusters, & Powerwands
More Orgone Tools:Terminator & Silver TerminatorThe Succor Punch Harmonic Protector PendantBy Ken Adachi <Editor@educate-yourself.org>http://educate-yourself.org/dc/orgonegenindex.shtmlThe combination oforganic material (cured fiberglass resin, or soil, or wood, or cotton, etc.) and metal chips provides a matrixwhich has the capacity to attract and capture orgone energy as Wilhelm Reich's research demonstrated in the 1930's/40's anddiscussed in Reich's book,
. Adding a crystal intensifies that process and allows you the opportunity to'program' the crystal with your mind (and intentions) to direct that energy towards a specific task or goal.Don Croftfound a website that identified the combination ofresin and metal chips as "orgonite". Don and his wife Carol found that these orgonite/crystaldevices can tansmute 'DOR', the negative polarityoforgone energy, into 'OR', the positive polarityoforgone energy. Initially, Donexperimented by adding the fiberglass resin/metal chip matrix to hisTerminatorboxes to enhance its action, and Carol, who can seethe human aura, noticed that the auric field ofDon's body had expanded when he was wearing the Terminator. She also noticed thatplacing an orgone generator in the vicinity ofa nuclear power plant had the effect of 
the size ofthe DOR orgone field thatsurrounds all nuclear reactors. After noting the changes to his aura by using the resin.metal matrix in the Terminator, Don starteddeploying a larger orgone generator called a HolyHandgrenade (HHg) to neutralize the DOR field surroundingELF (cell phone)towers, Reptilian portals, satanic ritual sites, and nuclear reactors. Later on, Don realized that he could use much smaller orognegenerators called Tower Busters (TBs) and still neutralize the DOR orgone field ofa typical 'cell phone' tower ifplaced (buried isbest) within 1300 feet ofa tower. You can read more about Don's use ofthese generators in
.You can make your ownChembuster, Tower Buster or HHg from scratch. You should readDon Croft's latest construction update on making Tower Busters, HHgs, Etheric Peace Pipes, and Earthpipesif you plan on making your own.Chembusters (CB's) are used to break up chemtrails and can dramatically improve the growth ofplants within its immediate area. APowerwand is a type ofenhancedSuccor Punchwhich can be used for both defensive and
purposes (but only againstthe forces ofevil). As is the case with all ofthe orgone gnerators shown here, you can choose to make your ownPowerwand, but if you don't have the time, you can obtain them readymade (see below).Many people notice positive emotional effects in the presence oforgone generators. Mood and emotions tend to elevate. Somepeople who have trouble falling asleep report that theycan sleep better and more soundly with an orgone generator in the bedroom.Many people have noticed that plants grow more vigorouslyin the vicinityofan orgone generator. I saw a Kirlian (aura photo)photograph ofan HHg that revealed a large dome ofblue aura energy surrounding the HHg. It's definitelyemiting some form of energy that seems to be positive in nature. This energy may be identical to Reich's description oforgone energy or it may be someother form ofenergy that interacts with orgone. It's fascinating to observe its effects on people unaware ofits capabilities. Somepeople bring them to work and notice that the office environment becomes friendlier and less competitive. One guy, who took it tocourt, was winning his case and swaying the jury until the judge ordered him to remove the HHg (which he foolishly set out in plainview on the Defendant's table) from the courtroom. You can obtain these orgone generators in either a natural finish or the
(with felt-covered base) for a more attractive display piece. I originally categorized these TB'saccording to the size ofthe paper cup I had used for the mold, but now I classify them according to their actual weight in ounces.Contact me byE mail if you wish to obtain anyofthese orgone generators as premium gifts:Editor@educate-yourself.org.Wheninquiring, always tell me your country ifoutside the USA or your ZIP code ifinside the USA so I can give you an accurate shippingquote.
Page 2Orgone Generators25/01/2006 02:09:31http://educate-yourself.org/dc/orgonegenindex.shtml
Holy Handgrenades (HHg)
with 5 Double Terminated Quartz Crystals
All styles ofHHgs contain one large crystal which is embedded near the top and orientated in the verticalplane. The remaining four large crystals are located closer to the bottom and are laid out in the horizonatalplane forming a "+" design. The bottom ofthe HHg is covered with felt. If you wish to add the optionalcoils, the innercone shaped 3X Royal Cubit spiral coil is placed near the top ofthe HHg and the 3X SBBcoilis placed at the very bottom. Styles A & B direct the orgone energy both laterally and radially into agenerally diffused dome shape while Styles C and D Pyramid HHg focuses the orgone into a much tightervortex at the tip and shapes the orgone into an inverted pyramid configuration above the HHg. For generalarea coverage, Styles A or B is probably the better choice, while the greater focused energy from thePyramid style will be more advantageous for healing or radionics work or anysituation where aconcentrated orgone vortex is desired (such as placing the pyramid under the bed for an ailing individual). The 45 oz. Style CPyramid HHg contains 33% more resin, metal, and larger crystals and is the most powerful HHg .1.
: 30 oz. Natural Finish HHg with 5 large DT crystals,
each, (
w/coils). Quantity discount: 3 or more,
each (
: 30 oz. Patina Finish,
. (
w/coils) Quantity discount: 3 or more,
each (
Patina Finish only,
w/coils); Quantiy discount: 3 or more,
each (
Natural finish Pyramid with coils
Quantitydiscount: 3 or more,
: Mini Pyramid
30 oz. Natural (
with Copper Patina (
31 oz. Copper PatinaFinish
45oz. Pyramid Natural w/ coils (
Page 3Orgone Generators25/01/2006 02:09:31http://educate-yourself.org/dc/orgonegenindex.shtml 
Mini Pyramid HHg (
When you cut a piece of wire to a specific length known as the"cubit" length, that wire will
or act as a transformer tospecial cosmic energies and draw that energy into the wire. Thereare many different "cubit' lengths used by advanced civilationsdown through the ages. In a phone conversation withSlim Spurlingin February of 2005, Slim mentioned that he found that the ancientEgyptian
+/- 2mm) to be more useful for
and Hans Becker's
) more useful for
. SinceI'm adding at least two coils to the larger orgone generators withthe coil option, I've decided to make one coil based on the Royalcubit length and the second coil based on Hans Becker's Lost cubitlength. I designate a
ofthe original cubit unit by use oftheletter "X". For example, a
Lost Cubit coil equals
. Any multible length ofthe cubit unitwill produce the desired results. You can also use a 1/2, 1/3, or 1/4fraction ofthe cubit length to give you a similar resonant effect, but usually not as stong as the whole cubit unit length. Dependingon the gauge of the wire used, I can usually fit a double or triple multible cubit into the TB or HHg. When you coil the wire, you

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