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Orgone Matrix Density Grades

Orgone Matrix Density Grades

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Published by Giannis Fakiris

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Published by: Giannis Fakiris on May 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1Orgone Matrix Density grades31/01/2006 03:55:17http://www.littlemountainsmudge.com/artorgonitetypes.htm
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Not all Orgone Matrix Material is the same. The size of the particles used makes a lotof difference to the finished product. At left are 3 samples of different densities ofOrgonite, and below is a short description of some of the different grades of Orgonitewith whichIhave worked. Orgonite can be used for different devices, and theintended function of the device determines what kind of Orgonite is best to use.Different materials offer differing amounts of resistance to the orgone as it flowsthrough it, and the different grades of Orgonite have sequentially higher 'orgoneresistance' values. At left are shown from top to bottom: Extra High Density Orgonite,High Density Orgonite, and Medium Density Orgonite.
LD - Low Density Orgonite
This is a picture of a small device I made to use as a varja. It is made from LowDensity Orgonite. Low Density Orgonite offers very little resistance to the orgone as itflows through the device. This means that the device is not very suited to cleaningthe orgone, it will not convert DOR to OR with much efficiency. But, since it attractsthe orgone and allows it to flow through it very easily, low density Orgonite is usefulfor sending and receiving orgone energy, and for collecting and moving orgoneenergy from one place to another. One place I often use LD Orgonite is to make achannel or layer of LD Orgonite within an orgone device, which actslike a wire to conduct the orgone along a chosen path inside thedevice. LD Orgonite also works well as an orgone 'antenna' to sendand receive orgone energy within a network of devices. LD Orgonitedoes not work well on its own for making TBs and HHGs, but a thinlayer of LD or VLD (Very Low Density) Orgonite at the base of anHHG or TB assists the device in grounding to the earth moreefficiently. Note the size of the metal particles and the amount ofspace between them. LD Orgonite will release some orgone whenexcited, but not very much. The cone in this device is about 3"across at the base. The big brown thing on the base is a rather large Moquis Marble I got from my friendChris atdiviningmind.com.
MD - Medium Density Orgonite
At left are some samples of MD Orgonite. MD Orgonite offers enoughorgone resistance to foster the cleaning action for which Orgonite iswell known, and works as a material from which to makeTBs andHHGs. Note particle size and the space between them. The cylindershown on the bottom of the picture is 1" in diameter. MD Orgonite has adense enough matrix to convert DOR to OR, but does not work veryefficiently in an orgone-on-demand generator. It offers low enoughorgone resistance to function well in a passive mode, and high enoughorgone resistance to still afford the 'scrubbing' action which isdesirable. MD Orgonite will release some orgone energy when excitedby external energy sources, but like LD Orgonite, still not not verymuch. The orgone resistance is low enough in MD Orgonite that muchof the energy used to excite it either passes through it or is attenuated.
Page 2Orgone Matrix Density grades31/01/2006 03:55:17http://www.littlemountainsmudge.com/artorgonitetypes.htm
It is more suited to use in devices which are meant to operate in a passive mode. TBs, HHGs andChembusters are generally meant to operate in a passive mode. While MD Orgonite may not be theabsolute best thing from which to make TBs and HHGs, it will work nonetheless.
MHD - Medium High Density Orgonite
At the right are some samples of MHD Orgonite. MHD Orgonite is imo themost efficient type of Orgonite from which to makeTBs, HHGs,Chembustersandother devices which operate in a passive mode. MHD Orgonite offers just low enough orgone resistance to operate in apassive mode, but offers high enough orgone resistance to maximize the'scrubbing' action while still in a passive mode. MHD Orgonite willconvert DOR to OR efficiently without being excited by external energysources (other than a potential of DOR to convert into OR). Because ofits higher density, MHD Orgonite will also release orgone when excited,and it will do so with more efficiency than MD Orgonite. MHD Orgoniteworks well to construct devices which are intended to operate in bothpassive and active modes. Note the particle size, the amount of spacebetween the particles, and the combination of small and large particles. The spaces between the largerparticles are filled with smaller particles.This is the grade of Orgonite to make most HHGs and TBs from. See the 3 small pics above? MHDOrgonite can be gotten by either using smaller particles, as in the two cases on the left and center, orby addingsuperfine particlesto the resin and then using larger metal particles which would ordinarilyproduce MD Orgonite, as in the case on the right. You can just make out the small black flecks, whichare the largest particles in a mineral powder which has the consistency of flour. In the cases on theright and center, most of the particles are about 2 to 5 mm diameter. In the case on the right, the metalparticles are about 5mm x 15mm, and the superfine particles were added to the resin before pouring.Either way will produce MHD Orgonite. I use about 2 teaspoons of mineral 'flour' to a liter of resin.
HD - High Density Orgonite
To the left are some examples of HD Orgonite. HD Orgonite offers a muchhigher orgone resistance than MD or MHD Orgonite. Thescrubbing actionprovided by HD Orgonite is plentiful, provided it is excited in some way.TBs and HHGs made from HD Orgonite need to be placed in an area withextreme inimical energy problems if they are to do much. They also benefitfrom being electrically grounded, though I suppose it is not absolutelynecessary. TBs and HHGs made from HD Orgonite can be a bit smallerthan ones made from MHD Orgonite, and still do the same job, providedthey areexcited in some way, either by external energy sources or by aLARGE potential of DOR to convert into OR.TBs and HHGs made from HD Orgonite work well on or near householdelectrical appliances. To make a long story short, HD Orgonite processesorgone more efficiently than MHD Orgonite, but you need to'push on it'in order for the orgone to gothrough it very fast at all. See the small pics below? Note that there are few if any large particles, andthat there is not very much space between them. The turquoise beads shown in the HHG are about 3 x6 mm, and they are the largest particles.
Page 3Orgone Matrix Density grades31/01/2006 03:55:17http://www.littlemountainsmudge.com/artorgonitetypes.htm
HD Orgonite does not work very well for devices which are meant to operate in a passive mode, but itdoes work well fordevices which are meant to operate in an active, or 'powered' mode.HD Orgoniteworks well to make orgone-on-demand generators which convert other forms of energy such as heat,light, sound, EM or scalar waves into orgone. HD Orgonite works well to make intent amplifiers. HDOrgonite can also be used inside an orgone device made from lower density Orgonite to control thepattern of energy flow by offering more resistance at select places inside the device, acting like an'orgone pressure valve' so that orgone will not pass through it until it has reached a sufficient intensity.HD Orgonite is the highest density at which Orgonite will work both in the passive and active modes,but is more suited to the active or 'powered' mode.
XHD - Extra High Density Orgonite
To the right are some samples of XHD Orgonite. XHD Orgonitedoes not work very well in a passive mode, and does notappear to be doing much of anything until it is excited bysome form of external energy. When excited by heat, light,physical motion, sound,EM fields, electrical current, scalarwaves, etc., XHD Orgonite is VERY efficient at producingorgone energy. XHD Orgonite has uses in the internalcomposition of orgone devices built from lower densities ofOrgonite, just like HD Orgonite, but is especially suited tomakingorgone-on-demand generatorswhich are designed tooperate in an active or 'powered' mode. Note the particle size, all of the particles in the samples shownhave gone through a 1 mm sieve, the largest are about 1.5 x 1 mm, and the majority of the particles arein the form of a fine powder like flour. When making HD or XHD Orgonite, you can add the organic partof the Orgonite in the form of small particles, and just use enough resin to hold the mass together. Ofthe 4 small pics shown above, the two at the top have the organic material added in the form of apowder, and the two on the bottom have only metal particles ( copper and iron pyrite, respectively) andresin. While XHD Orgonite works very well formaking devices which operate in an active mode, it doesnot work very well at all for devices which operate in a passive mode, except as a small part of thefinished device or when incorporated into adevice using CaDenscascading densities.
EHD - More infoEXD - More info
Whilemanypeople nowuse polyester resin
and metal particles from a machineshop,there are manydifferent materials from which Orgonite canbe made.Inmy experience,notallof these combinations produce a very durable substance,but in some cases producemoreorgone thanthe basic polyester resinand metal filing mixture. From the top:HD withpitchresin,metal shavingsand mineral powder...MD with paraffin and spiral brass nails...MD with beeswax and steel nails...( 2 smallsamplesof XHD and HD with polyresinandcrushedmineral powder for boththe metal and the organic)...MD and MHD with latexpaintand metal shavings,HD and MD with polyresinand metal shavings.

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