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What is Orgone Energy by Charles R Kelley Ph d

What is Orgone Energy by Charles R Kelley Ph d

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Published by Giannis Fakiris

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Published by: Giannis Fakiris on May 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1WHAT IS ORGONE ENERGY? by Charles R. Kelley, Ph.D.24/01/2006 21:15:33http://www.orgone.org/articles/ax9kelley1a.htm
PublicOrgonomic Research Exchange
Charles R. "Chuck" Kelley, was the co-founder with his wife, Erica, of the Radix Institute and later, Kelley/Radix Education in Feeling and Purpose. He passed-away April 30, 2005.With his passing, the "Reichian Movement" lost one of its finest.
Reprinted from
Vol. II Nos. 2&3 September 1962with an introduction by the author July 1999Copyright © 1962 Charles R. KelleyKELLEY/RADIX13715 SE 36th StreetVancouver, WA 98683-7770, USATel & Fax: 360/896-4004; E-mail: kelley6@ix.netcom.com
was the only journal in Americain 1960-1965devoted to developingReich's work.The article WHAT IS ORGONE ENERGY? appeared in Volume 2.The articlehasbeen quoted,misquotedand plagiarized byother Reichianpublications in the 37 years since itfirstappeared.Hereit is reprinted asit appeared,with the exceptionthat two figures from theoriginalarticle depictingcloud destructionexperiments with Reich's apparatus couldno longerbe used.Theoriginal plates and photographs deteriorated too much.A new Figure 2 from the sameoperationhasbeen substituted.Charles R.KelleyVancouver,WashingtonStateJuly 1999
byCharles R.KelleyFranz AntonMesmer called it animal magnetism;Charles vonReichenbachcalled it odyle.ToHenriBergsonit was the elanvital,the "vital force;" whileto HansDrieschit was the entelechy.Sigmund Freud observeditsfunctioning in human emotionsand termed it libido.William MacDougall,the great British- Americanpsychologist of a generation ago,labeledit hormic energy.Dozens,if not hundreds,of lesser -knownscientistshave recognized itspresenceand have given it a name to characterize itsspecialproperties.Amongthe 20th-century proponents of the concept are,for example,DoctorsCharles Littlefield and his vitalmagnetism and George StarrWhite and his cosmo-electric energy .Mechanistic science in the 17th through19thcenturiesembraced manyof its essential qualitiesin the concept of the ether,whilemysticalhuman beings have embraced other essentialqualitiesof it in the conceptof god.Orgoneenergy is Wilhelm Reich's name for the substratum from which allnature is created.The best definitionthis author canprovidefor it is this:Orgoneenergy is the creative force in nature.This article willdiscuss briefly the historyof the discovery oforgone energy byReichand will describeits properties.Itwillthensummarize the evidencefor and against the concept and,finally,will undertake toexplainwhy it is that the conceptmeets suchgreat resistance.Reich's Discoveryof OrgoneEnergyOrgoneenergy was originallydiscovered byWilhelm Reichin hispsychiatric work.Asa psychoanalyst and student of Freud,Reich's point of departure was,quite naturally,Freud's conceptof "libido." "Libido" is life energy,desire,the source of humanstriving.Reichdevelopedthe libido concept,concentrating onitsphysical expressionand simultaneous psychologicalcontent,until hewas able to show the relationof bodilyattitude and emotion.This he described in CHARACTER ANALYSIS,a bookwhich wentfurther thanany work in history in
Page 2WHAT IS ORGONE ENERGY? by Charles R. Kelley, Ph.D.24/01/2006 21:15:33http://www.orgone.org/articles/ax9kelley1a.htm--------------
-58 -solving the mystery of the relation' of mind and body.Inthis great book Reichalsodescribed the mass pathology of the animalman,This pathology consists of a chronic rigidityof the musculature which blocksthe movement of energy underlying emotionand henceblocksthe emotion,thus providing the psychic or emotional underpinning of mankind's universal sickness.Reich's initialwork onorgone energy was done,then,in depthpsychology.From this it spread,quite naturally,into sociologyand political science,for Reichsaw quite clearly that the sickness of manwas sociallyor culturallytransmitted.Hisbooks,THEMASS PSYCHOLOGY OF FASCISM,THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION and PEOPLE IN TROUBLE deal with this enlargement ofhisdepthpsychologicaldiscoveries to the social and political scene.Itwas naturalfor a mind like Reich's to generalize and deepenhisunderstanding of libidinal energy,and ashedid hismedicalwork expandedbeyondthe field of psychiatry into moregeneral areas of medicine and biology.The concept of libidinal energydevelopedinto the moreconcreteconcept of "bioelectricity," which soon proved not tobe electricity and in time was renamed"orgone energy." Books dealing with this phaseof Reich's discoveries are THE FUNCTION OF THE ORGASM and THECANCER BIOPATHY.Thesebooks constituteVolumes 1 and 2 of THE DISCOVERY OF THE ORGONE,Reich's presentationtothe world of the discovery of orgone energy.Althoughorgone energy was firstdiscovered in the human body,Reichlearned throughpainstakingobservationandexperimentthat it existed in free form in the atmosphere.Withthis finding,Reich's work transcended the boundaries of biologyand enteredthe realm of meteorology and atmospheric physics.These developments are described in THE CANCERBIOPATHY,THE ORANUR EXPERIMENT,and a series of articleswhich are covered under the general title of "weather controlstudies," published in scientific journals.The finaland mostgeneral stageof ReichIs discoveries was the cosmic functionof orgone energy in the universe,and Reichhereentered the realmsof astronomy and astrophysics.Reich's books dealing with this stagewereCOSMICSUPERIMPOSITION and ETHER,GOD AND DEVIL.AsReichprogressedfrom the realm of psychiatry and medicine to biology,and from biology tophysics,hisconcept of theenergy which was the focus of allhis scientific work retaineditsessential features.Hisunderstanding of the energy grew,andnew properties werediscovered,but the properties that had been discovered in the earlier,narrower realms remained true in thenewer and broaderones.Through Reich's work runs the remarkable"red thread," the connectedness that shows eachdiscoverytobe a logical progressionfrom the previousone,and eachbroaderrealm of nature studied to include the previousmorerestrictedrealm.-59 -Reichdid not set out todiscover "cosmic" truth;he was never attempting to revolutionize scientificthought;hewas not attempting to make"great" discoveries.Reichsimply observedand experimented from dayto day,settingdown whathe found,studying it honestly,and organizing the facts asthey appeared,without forcingthem into any pre -conceivedframework.What he foundwas that the same energy which flowed in the sexual embrace was present in allnature,"living" and "non-living," and that it governed the mostsignificant and widespreadnatural functions.Reichfoundthat the sameorgone energy underlay eachof these classes of phenomena:1.ConsciousnessSensationEmotionPerceptionThought2.LifeAnimal movementBiogenesisReproductionEvolutionGrowth3.Atmospheric and cosmic processesClouds
Page 3WHAT IS ORGONE ENERGY? by Charles R. Kelley, Ph.D.24/01/2006 21:15:33http://www.orgone.org/articles/ax9kelley1a.htm
StormsAtmospheric electricityCreationof matter atevery scale(atom,planet,star,galaxy)Thesethree realms correspondtothe sequence of Reich's discoveries,from hisbeginning in psychiatry throughbiologytophysics,eachrealm includingthe previous.Theyare in inverse order with respect to ourknowledgeabout them,however;forReichexplored the realm of psychiatry in breadthand depth,the broaderrealm of biologyin a muchmorelimitedway,and onlymade a good startin hisexploration of atmospheric and cosmic processes.-60 -Properties of Orgone-EnergyOrgoneenergy,the creative force in nature,is not a form of electromagnetism norof matter but is fundamentalto both.Itis thespecific life energy,but life is only one particular manifestationof it.Our knowledgeabout it is partialand fragmentaryin majorrespects,and is nodoubt in some measure erroneous.Nevertheless,a clear and consistent picture of what orgone energy is andhow it functions arises from Reich's work.The following ten properties of orgone energy werededucedbyReich.1.Itis mass free.Orgoneenergy itself has no inertia or weight;i.e.,it is mass free.This is one of the reasonsit is difficult tomeasureusingconventional techniques.Mass is,however,intimately dependent onthe characteristics of the mass-free orgoneenergy field with which all matteris surrounded.Measurements of weightor inertia reflect the characteristics of this field aswellasof the object contained in it.2.Itis present everywhere.Orgoneenergy fills all space.Itis present in differing degrees or concentrations(or "charges") butis nowhere absent.Itis present in vacua,whether withinthe atmosphereor in outer space.Itis in this respect likethe ether ofpre-20thcentury physics.3.Itis the medium for electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena.Again,like the ether.,orgone energy is the substratum ofthe mostfundamentalnaturalphenomena.Itis the medium in which light movesand electromagnetic and gravitational fieldsexertforce.One of the majortasksof orgonomy is to integrate ourknowledge of orgone energy with the facts about thosephenomena knowntoorthodoxphysics.4.Itis in constant motion.The continual motionof orgone energy canbe observedunder appropriate conditions.There are atleast two characteristic typesof motion,a pulsation or alternatingexpansionand contraction,and a flow,normally along a curvingpath.5.It"contradicts" the law of entropy.Orgoneenergy is attracted toconcentrations of orgone energy.Unlike heator electricity,which always show a direction from higher to lower potential,orgone energy flows from lower orgonotic potential to higher.Inathermalsystem in which outside energy is neither added norsubtracted,heatis lost byhot objectsor materials and absorbed bycool until everything withinthe system is the same temperature."Entropy increases" asthe heatis distributed moreand moreuniformly.Heat,after all,leaves the sunand goes out into space;it does not collectfrom space and flow into the sun.Inthe sameway,a heaterradiates heatinto the room;-61 -heatdoes not flow from the room into the heater.These processesare in accordance with the law of entropy.Orgonoticprocesseswork in the opposite direction.Highconcentrations of orgone energy attract orgone energy from their less-concentrated surroundings."Entropy decreases" asorgone energy is distributed moreand moreunevenly.Itwould be a mistaketothink that the flow of orgone energy from lower tohigher potential is only the reverse of the law ofentropy or totry torepresent these processes bythermodynamic equationsbyreversing the signof the time parameter.Non-entropic orgonotic processesdo not runtheir course mechanically;theyare qualitativelyentirely differentfrom entropicprocesses.Theyare,in fact,the processesresponsible for the growthof livingthings,for the process of learning,and for theevolution from simpleto complexspecies.Innon-livingnature theyare responsiblefor the growthof clouds and stormswithintheatmosphere,and ona cosmic scale,for the growthof galaxiesand the stars withinthem.This leads into the next property oforgone energy.6.Itforms units which are the foci of creative activity,Orgoneenergy units may be livingornon-living;e.g.bion cloudcell stormplant planetanimal star

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