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Published by Giannis Fakiris

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Published by: Giannis Fakiris on May 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1Wizzer31/01/2006 02:42:25http://www.littlemountainsmudge.com/artorgoniterecipes.htm
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Personal Bioenergy Tools - Orgone Matrix Material Ergonite Orgonite Organite - Construction info & sales-Radionics Stations -Mobius Coils - EM Pollution Control - DIY Plans & More! -
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Experimentand form your own opinions.You are responsiblefor your ownsafety.Note - "resin" in recipesrefersto catalyzedpolyester'fiberglass' resin,if applicable.Insome recipes,extracatalyst is needed,and givenasa percentage value above theregularmixratioEg.catalyst +10% meansto use the normal amountof catalyst,plus anextra10% ontop of that.The normalresin/catalyst rationfor your resinis markedonthe sideof the container youbought your resinin.Particlesizesare givenasfollows :fine= 0 - 1mm dia.,small= 1 - 5 mm dia.,large =5 -15 mm dia.
Proportions of ingredients are approximate.
Basic LD Er oniteIngredientAmountin arts
Copper - Fine .05 - .1Mix the catalyst intoresin. Add all otheringredients, stirringcontinually and pour intomold.Useful for creating a path of lower resistance inside of a device, in order tocontrol the flow of energy. On a more basic note, all HHGs and TBS benefitfrom a thin layer of something like this at their base. Also works nice ascosmetic second coat for orgonite pieces, and has a bit more output than if just resin were used for the second coat. Also some applications in linkingmodules for radionics devices.Quartz Powder- Fine.05 - .1Resin 1Catalyst +50%
Basic MHDEr oniteIngredientAmountin arts
Aluminum -Lar e1.5Mix dry steel and aluminum together. Place mixture into molds. Add xtals / otherinternal components as applicable. Mix catalyst and resin. Add Quartz Powder tocatalyzed resin and stir thoroughly. Pour resin Over metal particles and allow toseep down. Repeat layers as necessary.A good all-purposeorgonite recipe.Other items can beadded as desired.Steel - Small 1Quartz Powder -Fine.01 - .25Resin To fill molds
Basic HD Er oniteIngredientAmountin arts
Steel - Small 1Mix all dry ingredients together thoroughly. Add catalyzed resin a bit at atime until until there is enough resin to just cover the surface of the particles.The mixture should have the consistency of thick oatmeal, and have justenough resin that all the particles are covered. Allow it to sit for a few minute.If there is more than 1/8" (2mm) of resin covering the surface of theparticles, add more steel until the mixture is an even thick slurry likeoatmeal. Pour into molds. Stir constantly, including while pouring.A good basic recipe foruse in either heavy-dutyTBs and HHGs, or inactively stimulatedorgone generators.Different primary andsecondary ingredientscan be used as desired. .Secondary metal -Fine(copper or pyriteor bronzesuggested).1 - .25Resin .75 - 1.15Catalyst(if using copperor paramagneticearth )+50%SecondaryMineral - Fine.1 - .25SecondaryOr anic - Small.1 - .25
Basic XHD Er oniteIngredientAmountin arts
Process Comments
Page 2Wizzer31/01/2006 02:42:25http://www.littlemountainsmudge.com/artorgoniterecipes.htm
Primary Metal -Fine1The particles must be fine enough to suspend in the resin. One way todeal with it if this is not the case is to catalyze the resin, wait until itgels, and quickly mix in the other ingredients. Another is to use athickening agent. In some cases, the thickening agent and thesecondary organic can be the same.Premix all dry ingredients thoroughly, and the add the dry ingredientsto the catalyzed resin, stirring continually. Add the dry ingredients a bitat a time. You should get a creamy thick liquid that pours slowly intothe molds and still is liquid enough to smooth itself off at the surface.If the particles are settling out, there is too much resin. Usually, resinto dry ingredients should be about 1 to 1, sometimes a little more orless depending on the absorbency of the secondary organic.A useful recipe for makingorgone generators designed tobe driven by outside powersources like zappers, magneticpulsers, radionics machines andso forth. Also useful in makingsmall orgonite devices to becarried in a pocket and handleda lot.SecondaryMetal - Fine1Resin 3 - 4SecondaryOrganic - Fine1.3Quartz Powder -Fine.4SecondaryMineral - Fine.3Catalyst ifusing copper+ 30% - 50%
Basic EHD Er oniteIngredientAmountin arts
Process Comments
Primary Metal -Small1Mix the catalyst into the resin. Add the fineingredients to the resin. If it is not thick enough atthis point to suspend the primary metal particles, adda bit more flour until it is.Mix all the small ingredients into the resin, a bit at atime. It should come out looking like a thick slurry,with bits of metal visible in it. The metal should not allpile up on the bottom. Internal components ofdevices (like crystals) need to be supported in someway during curing since this orgonite will most likelynot hold them in place during curing like MHD will.It may take a bit of messing around to get thisrecipe working right, but it has (especially whenmade with wheat flour) a gentle, people friendlyfeel to it. This orgonite is good for many things,since it basically behaves like MHD. EHD standsfor expanded high density. Good for devices whichare meant to be used indoors in living space, and / or handled by people a lot. Useful for both passiveand active roles.SecondaryMetal - Fine.10Resin .75 - 1Quartz Powder- Fine.10SecondaryMineral - Small.25 - .5SecondaryOrganic - Fine(wheat floursu ested).75 - 1
Wood S riteIngredientAmountin arts
Process Comments
Pitch Resin 2.5 - 3Melt the pitch slowly over a heat source with no open flame. Thefumes from melting pitch may be flammable. Don't burnyourself, wear gloves. Once the pitch is melted, Premix all thedry ingredients except for the citrine. Add the dry ingredients tothe pitch and stir well. Then add the citrine. Spoon carefully intomolds and allow to cool. You generally have a few minutes onlybefore the mixture sets up once removed from the heat.Charge with either sunlight or a charged water bath (or both)while cooling.A lot of work, but well worth it.Strong connection to the earth, havegotten many obvious reactions fromanimals when gifting this kind oforgonite to natural energy centers.Also a nice kind to have indoors ifprotected form hot sun. Mixture willmelt if exposed to high heat.Chalcopyrite orPyrite - Small.5Aluminum - Lar e 1.5Steel - Small 1ParamagneticEarth - Small orLar e.5Dried CrumbledSage orChaparral - Small.3 - .5Citrine - Fine .01
Chocolate ShineIngredientAmountin arts
Process Comments
Steel - Small orLar e1Mix all the fine ingredients together. Mix catalystinto resin and add fine ingredients. If the steelparticles are large, then place them in the moldand pour the resin mixture over them stirring asyou pour. If the steel particles are small, addthem to the resin mixture and stir constantly asyou pour the mixture into the molds.Charge with 15Hz and / or Schumannfrequencies while curing.Cosmetically appealing and highly EM responsive HDor MHD orgonite. Good for TBS and HHGS as well asgenerators. Has a warm feel to the energy. Especiallysuited for work on Geopathic lines, ley lines, Curry Hartman lines etc. Provided the paramagnetic earth ofis sufficient quality, this general recipe has beenproven to reduce EMF by conventional testing.Brass orCopper - Fine.3Paramagneticearth - Fine.3Citrine Powder- Fine.05Quartz Powder- Fine.1Resin 1.25 - 1.3Catalyst +100%
Water BabIngredientAmountin arts

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