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Published by: Chad Kaisryk Krysiak on May 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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seize the freeze, the team say sign with creeps while I decline deeper thantwenty leagues but I can still breatheyou seecrimson on the cheese and the cleavers on the reave, check those vets getthat clean rest in peace, while I leap with imperial fiend freaks, bleak. theyminin diamonds i achieve, forcefeed em to cows and now they eatin thehardest beef, gee willekers batman, I think they may be the badman, but I'vebeen chaotic since they stole all our motherfuckin landthere's only fifty thousand of us, they'd rather cheat em for money than holdup the blunderbuss, it's wonderous how they accept it, I guess thisabomination's gonna wreck it, but a vest won't do shit, any punk can score a3A, that shit's paper thin when it comes to the SK, gotta get them fourplates,gotta get that dragonskin, and that's the shit that my crews are equippedwithI charge in with serpents and percieve how they decieve, a furious flurry of shitty onions, they label em funyuns, it's me that's corruptin, why'd I gottaget the skeleton key why's it makin me wanna take the scythe and reap, nowthey wanna taste snake meat, protein, I make the whole planet go green, or Ishatter it with a hammer, so obscenethey see me as the harvest, they painted me the target, I could give abastard son of a satanic motherfuckin orgy, this shit is retarded. I get gorey,psychopathic on them allegories, psychotropic potions help me scribe mystories, caffeine nicotine, pistons is amphetamines, or no doz, goddamn Idone spawned an army of clones. dopplegangers, I toss em in the dangerzone and say "get that paper" then the punks are like "yo, what flavor?" it alltastes like sand they stuck in a dungeon and I broke the chains and can'tformulate a damn plan, they still don't wanna go away, they say it's not safe,so for now we make em think that the guns' in the safe, because we know theones they got aintvictor cobra constrictor, trigger finger's blistered. I hacked the sinister, I cantoss em in a twister or leave em in the blizzard, winter, winner, venemousviscous spitter, suburban wizard with a feather and a bird i influence theirwords, it's absurd like existentialist tenants, I protect itmedia's necromancy, gettin zombies and robots dancing, while we stockingon glocks and got bullets by the box like candy.yo, romanian AK, you can call it WASR. motherfuck the bugs bunny,motherfuck the doctor. the doubt in my power leads to nuclear flameshowers, I turn men into bitches and heroes into cowards

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