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The Need for Introspection

The Need for Introspection



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Published by BORIS

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Published by: BORIS on May 14, 2011
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The need for introspection
Great Gospel of JohnBook 5Chapter 125Jakob Lorber
[GGJ 5.125.1] (The Lord) "So then do act accordingly; make every effort and check everything tosee whether you have forgotten something, so that in the end you will not have to say: Look here, Ihave now done everything for a full ten or twenty years that the new teaching directed me to do,yet I am still in the same spot and feel within me no special enlightenment or a so-called eternallife! What is still lacking?[GGJ 5.125.2] That is why I tell you: Check very carefully to see whether some strong thoughts of worldly advantage have not assailed your heart, whether temporal arrogance, a certain too extremethriftiness "a younger sister of avarice "ambition, sense of judgment, bossiness, salaciousness andthe like have not captured your heart and thereby also your soul! As long as that is the case for oneor another, he will not attain to the promise, that is, to its complete fulfillment for him.[GGJ 5.125.3] Look at the cider and the pure wine in a keg or a skin, full of spirit. As long as thecider contains coarse and foreign particles, it will ferment and not achieve any purity; but as soonas these are eliminated, it becomes more and more quiet in the keg and the cider clears and becomes pure wine, full of spirit.[GGJ 5.125.4] Many a person is not far from attaining to the Kingdom of God within his soul, yetif he does not examine himself to see whether something material still clings to his soul, he will notsucceed. On closer self-searching he may find that he is still very touchy and easily hurt by sometrifle.[GGJ 5.125.5] Someone says: 'Well, is a man not meant to have a sense of honor at all?' Oh yes,say I, man can indeed have a sense of honor, but it must be of the noblest kind. If a man who is stillweak in his spirit offends you, do not be angry but go and tell him: 'Friend, there is nothing withwhich you can offend me, for I love you and all people. I bless those who curse me, and to thosewho do evil to me I do good to the best of my ability. But it is not decent for one man to offendanother; therefore, leave that be in future for the sake of your own salvation. With your increasingtendency to offend, you could one day run into one who would really take offence and cause yougreat trouble; for that you would then only have to blame yourself.'[GGJ 5.125.6] If you speak thus with someone who has offended you, without the least grudge inyour hearts, you have then completely justified the noble and divine sense of honor in your heart.But if you do not notice even a tiny type of small grudge in yourself and are bitter and unfriendly to people, that is another consequence of a small arrogance hidden in your soul, which alone issufficient enough to prevent the union of your souls with My spirit of light in you.[GGJ 5.125.7] Or one and the same poor man demands from you several times some considerablealms. You have it indeed, and could give the poor man a thousand times over what you havealready given him; but his particular brazenness embitters you and you show him the door and tellhim not to accost you so often expecting alms whenever he asks for it

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