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Excerpts From Chapter 3

Excerpts From Chapter 3

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Now we start understanding what the terms related with numismatics cited in the literary works of the period denote. The original citations are quoted and the terms are discussed one by one in detail.
Now we start understanding what the terms related with numismatics cited in the literary works of the period denote. The original citations are quoted and the terms are discussed one by one in detail.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Jee Francis Therattil on May 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Da
n of Indian Co
Excerpts fromter 3 of the monographe Francis Therattil
 Gāndhāra is in therecorded in Behistun inscr at all, making Gāndhāra aII Mnemon, we can se
 
the Indian, as one amongwhich, we can be sure thBC, as in the case of India.An inscription in this residence, speaks of br grandis; page 240, GlossIndustrial Research, New
Representation of GāndApadānam,
We are not sureoverlordship. Since 336 BIn 334 BC, the new MacePersians had to face severeAlexander destroyAlexandria ‘in the Caucasdefeating the forces of theon account of his distinguihim - paragraph 111, The19
place among 23 ‘lands’ inherited by Dariiption [column 1, line 16], where there is noredecessor to India in that matter. In the tome the relief of a Gāndhāran [identifiable
- meaning ‘this is Gāndhāran’] [A2Pa8 persons who bear the throne of Artaxerexest the satrapial status of Gāndhāra continued,e palace at Susa [DSf], in which Darius describnging
Ya ka a 
- Teak [?] -
in Sanry of Indian Medicinal Plants, Council of elhi, 1956] timber from Gāndhāra.
āran delegation: relief on the wall near the easternārsā.
Photo: University of Chicago [cropped-out image].
when exactly did Gāndhāra get slipped, Persians had to face threats from Macedonionian king - Alexander the Great - joined hissetbacks and finally in 330 BC, Persepolis wased and later refounded Kapisa in 329 BC aus’. In 326 BC, the Macedonian king conquthen king Poros [who was made prisoner in a f shed merits, had the administration of his kingItinerary of Alexander the Great, J.W. McCus the Great, asention of Indiaof Artaxerexesby the script] by the side of II Mnemon, byat least till 358es how he builtskrit - TectoniaScientific and
stairway at
out of Persianns and Greeks.troops and theset to ruins.nd was namedred Sindhu byierce battle; butdom restored torindle, Ancient
India: As Described in Classical Literature, Westminster, England: Archibald Constable,1901 @
Project South Asia 
] and returned to the west [where he died on 11
June 323BC]. Gāndhāra and Sindhu were given in-charge to Seleucus, one of his generals, wholater gave up the eastern regions in 304 BC to the Magadhan king Chandragupta Maurya[321 - 297 BC], - the founder of Mauryan Dynasty - in exchange for five hundredelephants.
A DThe most celebrated and sophisticated mosaic from antiquity, measuring 5.82m by 3.13mcomposed from over a million small tesserae, depictingthe battle between Alexander the Great[vertically above A, on horseback] and the Persian king Darius III [vertically above D, in achariot]. Discoveredduring the excavation of Pompeii in 1831.The original is on display in the National Archeological Museum of Naples, Italy.
We know one treatise called Arthashāsthra, written in Sanskrit by Kautalya[Kautilya], the Chief Minister of Chandragupta Maurya, where detailed information isgiven regarding coinage and weight scales.Manusmrthi [‘Memoirs of Manu’ also in Sanskrit], even though compiled a fewcenturies later, but on the basis of ‘authentic’ [established / older] books, provides us, upto a very great extent helpful information on the subject.

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