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the Quantum Activist Workbook

the Quantum Activist Workbook

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Published by Jana Dvorakova

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Jana Dvorakova on May 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Amit Goswami, Ph.D.
By Amit Goswami, Ph.D.
Illustrated by Ri Stewart
This workbook is wrien to assist enthusiascviewers of the documentary lm
The Quantum Acvist
to go deep into theexploraon of quantum acvism. It is dedicatedto all present and future quantum acvists—aspecial breed of people who will transformthemselves and the world using quantumprinciples with skill. For best results, theworkbook should be studied in a group with agroup leader who will lead the discussion. Dostudy sessions for at least a few weeks. We havegiven references for further reading and groupdiscussion and some pracces to be done bothindividually and in groups.
Quantum Physics andthe Quantum Principles
What is the vehicle the acvist rides? It beerbe quantum physics that equips the acvistwith causal power—downward causaon. InNewtonian physics, objects are determined thingsmade of maer; their movements are determinedby material interacons among the base levelobjects called elementary parcles, which makethe world boom up—upward causaon. Butin quantum physics, objects are not determinedthings—they are quantum possibilies forconsciousness to choose from. This consciouschoice is downward causaon.Okay, these are important sound bites; thereis much to explore in the quest for understanding.So our rst workbook quesons are:
What is a quantum?
A quantum is adiscreet quanty rstused by the physicist
to denote the ideathat energy exchangebetween bodies can takeplace only in terms of discrete quanta—onequantum, two quanta etc.,but never half a quantum.A photon is a quantum of light. You can think of anelementary parcle as a quantum of maer.In our everyday usage, money is quanzed.We cannot exchange money in a lesserdenominaon than a cent in this country. But dorealize that this quanzaon of money is arbitrary;it is not a physical law. Banks do exchange moneyin denominaons of fracons of a cent!The word quantum packs much morepower since it began to be used to denote adisconnuous movement. The physicist NielsBohr theorized that when an electron jumpsfrom one atomic orbit to another, it does not gothrough the intervening space. The electron’smovement is disconnuous; Bohr called it aquantum leap.
What is a quantum possibility?
A quantum possibility is shorthand for aquantum wave of possibility. To understand theidea, consider how an electron behaves whenreleased in the middle of a room.When you throw a pebble in a pool of water,water waves spread out from where the pebblelands, right? The electron spreads out in asimilar fashion but three dimensionally; this iswhat quantum mathemacs says. However,suppose we put a three dimensional grid of Geigercounters (you have seen them; they go ck-ck-ck when electrons fall on them) in the room.Will all the Geiger counters go cking? No. In agiven experiment only one of the Geiger counterswill ck. In another idencal experiment, anotherGeiger counter may ck, and so forth. So is theelectron smeared all over the room? Yes, as themathemacs say, but to make sense of it we mustagree that the electron is in many places at thesame me only in possibility. Hence the namepossibility wave.
What is a quantum? What is a quantum possibility? What is consciousness? 

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