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Table Of Contents

Introduction to Surfer
New Features
Screen Layout and Window Types
Opening Windows
Object Manager
Using Surfer
File Types
Grid Utilities
Map Types
System Requirements
A Note about the User’s Guide and Online Help
Installation Directions
Network Installation
Troubleshooting Installations
Updating Surfer
Uninstalling Surfer
Getting Help
Online Help
Context-Sensitive Help
Technical Support
Tutorial Introduction
Tutorial Lessons
Understanding How to Use Surfer
Starting Surfer
Lesson 1 - Creating an XYZ Data File
Opening an Existing Data File
Creating a New Data File
Saving the Data File
Lesson 2 - Creating a Grid File
Lesson 3 - Creating a Contour Map
Opening the Map Properties
Changing Contour Levels
Changing Contour Line Properties
Adding Color Fill between Contour Lines
Add, Delete, and Move Contour Labels
Modifying an Axis
Saving a Map
Exporting 3D Contours
Lesson 4 - Creating a Wireframe
Changing the Orientation of a Wireframe
Changing the Scaling of a Wireframe
Adding Color Zones to a Wireframe
Lesson 5 - Posting Data Points and Working with Overlays
Creating Post Maps
Changing the Post Map Properties
Selecting an Overlay and Assigning an Object ID
Adding Labels to the Post Map
Lesson 6 - Introducing Surfaces
Creating a Surface
Adding an Overlay
Adding a Mesh
Changing Colors
Introduction to Surfer Data and Worksheet Windows
Data Files
Working with Data
Entering Data into a Cell
Moving the Active Cell
Pasting Data
Opening Data Files
Editing the Data Files in the Worksheet
Tips on Selecting Cells
Editing the Worksheet
Modifying the Worksheet and Data Files
Formatting the Data
Saving Data Files
Use Caution when Saving Excel Files!
File Names, Formats, and File Extensions
Saving ASCII Data Files
Page Setup
Creating a Data File with Digitize
Worksheet Technical Specifications
Worksheet Size and Memory Requirements
Numeric Limits
Introduction to Grid Files
A Gridding Example
Creating a Grid File
Filter Data
View Data
Grid Line Geometry
Grid Limits
Grid Density
Cross Validate
The Cross Validation Process
Using Cross Validation
The Cross Validation Dialog
Statistics Note
Cross Validation References
Grid Report
General Gridding Options
Breaklines and Faults
Gridding Methods
Inverse Distance to a Power
Minimum Curvature
Modified Shepard's Method
Natural Neighbor
Nearest Neighbor
Polynomial Regression
Radial Basis Function
Triangulation with Linear Interpolation
Local Polynomial
Choosing Gridding Methods
General Gridding Recommendations
Choosing Methods Based on the Number of XYZ Data Points
Exact and Smoothing Interpolators
Weighted Averaging
Producing a Grid File from a Regular Array of XYZ Data
Gridding a Function
Grid Files
Introduction to Variograms
Variogram Components
Kriging and Variograms
The Variogram Grid
The Variogram
Creating a Variogram
Editing Variogram Properties
New Variogram Properties
Variogram Properties
Default Linear Variogram
Exporting a Variogram
Using Variogram Results in Kriging
Suggested Reading
Introduction to Contour Maps
Drawing Contours
Contour Map Components
Creating a New Contour Map
Editing Contour Map Properties
Contour Map Properties
Contour Lines
Assigning Gradational Line Properties
Setting Line Properties on a Frequency Basis
Assigning Line Properties to Specific Contour Levels
Index Contours
Color Fill
Assigning Color Fill Based on a Fill Spectrum
Assigning Color Fill to Specific Contour Levels
Setting Fill Properties on a Frequency Basis
Creating a Filled Contour Map Containing Blanked Areas
Displaying a Filled Contour Map without Contour Lines
Color Scale Bar
Adding a Color Scale Bar
Editing a Color Scale Bar
Color Scale Bar Visibility
Removing a Color Scale Bar
Displaying Contour Labels at a Regular Interval
Assigning Labels to Specific Contour Levels
Setting Label Properties on a Frequency Basis
Label Spacing
Removing All Labels
Editing Label Positions
Setting Hachures on a Regular Interval
Setting Hachures on Specific Levels
Setting Hachures on a Frequency Basis
Removing All Hachures
Smoothing Contours
Export Contours
Introduction to Base Maps
Base Map File Types
Creating a Base Map
Editing Base Map Properties
Base Map Properties
Base Map
Changing Line, Fill, Font, or Symbol Properties in a Base Map
Assigning Coordinates to a Bitmap File
Placing Boundaries on Other Maps
Limits and Scale
Masking Portions of a Map
Creating a Blanking File with the Digitize Command
Introduction to Post Maps
Post Map and Classed Post Map Components
Data Files Used for Posting
XY Coordinates in the Data File
Z Values in the Data File
Data Labels in the Data File
Symbol Specifications in the Data File
Symbol Angle Values from the Data File
Creating a New Post Map or Classed Post Map
Editing Post Map or Classed Post Map Properties
Post Map and Classed Post Map Properties
General - Post Map
General - Classed Post Map
Updating the Data File
Classed Post Map Legends
Display Legend
Edit Legend Properties
Legend Properties Dialog
Classed Post Map Legend
Scaled Symbols
Introduction to Image Maps
USGS Elevation Files
Image Map Components
Creating a New Image Map
Editing Image Map Properties
Image Map Properties
Image Map Overlays
Color Scale Bars
Introduction to Shaded Relief Maps
Shaded Relief Map Components
Creating a New Shaded Relief Map
To create a new shaded relief map:
Editing Shaded Relief Map Properties
Shaded Relief Map Properties
Shaded Relief Map Overlays
Introduction to Vector Maps
1-Grid Vector Maps
2-Grid Vector Maps
Vector Map Components
Two-Grid Vector Map Data
Cartesian Data
Polar Data
Creating a New Vector Map
Editing Vector Map Properties
Vector Map Properties
Data - 1-Grid Vector Map
Data - 2-Grid Vector Map
Clipping Symbols on Vector Maps
Clipping and Map Limits
Vector Length Legend
Editing the Vector Length Legend
Introduction to Wireframes
Wireframe Limits
Wireframe Grid Files
Wireframe Components
Creating a New Wireframe
Editing Wireframe Properties
Wireframe Properties
Z Levels
Specifying Lines
Line Properties
Line Property Precedence
Z Line Levels and Properties
Specifying Evenly Spaced Z Levels
Adding, Deleting, or Modifying Z Level Values
Assigning Z Level Properties Based on a Line Spectrum
Assigning Properties to Individual Z Levels
Color Zones
Specifying Color Zones
Assigning Color Zones based on a Line Spectrum
Assigning Line Properties to Specific Color Zones
Adding and Deleting Color Zones
Wireframe Base
Smoothing a Wireframe
Blanking on a Wireframe
Wireframe Overlays
Introduction to Surfaces
Surface Components
Creating a New Surface
Editing Surface Properties
Surface Properties
Surface Base
Base Properties
Surface Overlays, Bases, and "Stitching"
Surface Memory Requirements
Surfaces and Zoom Levels
Surfaces and Printing
Introduction to Common Map Properties
Opening Map Properties
View and Overlays
Field of View
Setting the View
Using the Trackball Command
Setting the Scale
Using Scaling to Minimize Distortion on Latitude/Longitude Maps
Adding a Scale Bar to a Map
Limits and Wireframes
Limits and Axis Scaling
Limits and Map Scale
Limits and Post Maps
Limits and Base Maps
Limits, Scale, and Overlaying Maps
Setting Map Limits
Masking with Background
Introduction to Axes
Selecting an Axis
Displaying Axes
Axis Scaling
Axis Limits
Positioning Axes
Axis Titles
Axis Ticks and Tick Labels
Major Ticks
Major Tick Spacing
Minor Ticks
Tick Labels
Tick Label Format
Axis Tick and Line Properties
Grid Lines
Introduction to Color Spectrums
Opening the Color Spectrum Dialog
The Color Spectrum Dialog
Reusing a Color Spectrum
Using Color Spectrums in Map Series
Know Your Data
Creating a Color Spectrum File
Using the Color Spectrum File in Other Maps
Level Files
Contour Maps
Creating Level Files
Introduction to Positioning and Overlaying Maps
Recalculating a Grid
Grid Filtering
The Neighborhood
The Digital Filtering Dialog
Linear Convolution Filters
Nonlinear Filters
Edge of Grid
Blanked Nodes
Grid Filter References
Grid Mosaic
Grid Mosaic Dialog
Resample Methods
Joining Grids
Mosaic Tips
Blanking a Grid File
Blanking Inside or Outside a Polygon
Blanking Outside Multiple Polygons
Blanking Individual Grid Nodes
Grid Node Editor
The Options Menu
Using the Grid Node Editor
Grid Convert
Converting Grid File Formats
Grid Extract
The Extract Grid Dialog
Extracting Grids
Grid Transform
The Transform Dialog
Terrain Modeling
Differential and Integral Operators
Fourier and Spectral Analysis
Grid Calculus References
Introduction to Volumes, Areas, Cross Sections, and Residuals
Volumes and Areas
Volume Accuracy
The Grid Volume Report
Net Volume
Planar Area Calculations
Surface Area Calculations
Volume Reference
Calculating Volumes and Areas
Calculating the Volume between Two Surfaces
Calculating the Volume of a Lake
Volume of a Blanked Grid
Cross Sections
Cross Section Data File
Cross Section Blanking File
Blanking Files
Creating Cross Section Data
Plotting Cross Sections
Calculating Residuals
Calculating the Value of the Surface at a Point
Introduction to Importing and Exporting
Importing Objects into Surfer
Import vs. Base Map
Import Options
Paste Special
Exporting Objects
Export Options
Specifying File Type During Export
Bitmap Export
Coordinates and Scaling During Export
Spatial Formats
Suggestions on Selecting Export Formats
Introduction to Creating, Selecting, and Editing Objects
Creating Objects
Rounded Rectangle
Selecting Objects
How to Select Objects
Bounding Boxes
Selection Handles
Deselecting Objects
Object Properties
Modeless Property Dialog
Setting the Properties for a Single Object
Setting the Properties of Multiple Selections
Tips on Properties of Multiple Selections
Setting Fill, Line, Symbol, and Text Properties
Label Properties
Custom Line, Fill, and Color
Setting Default Properties
Arranging, Combining, Rotating, and Aligning Objects
Changing the Order in which Objects are Drawn
Changing the Order in which Maps are Drawn
Combining Objects
Rotating Objects
Aligning Objects
Object IDs
Assigning an ID to a Map
Deleting Objects
Moving and Resizing Objects with the Mouse
Using the Keyboard to Simulate Mouse Operations
Advanced Transformations
Transform Dialog
Transform References
A Brief Introduction to the Major Surfer Objects
Surfer Version 6 Object Model
Introducing Scripter
Scripter Windows
Working with Scripts
Using Scripter Help
Writing Scripts
The Scripter BASIC Language
Code, Class, and Object Modules
Creating Dialog Boxes
Type Library References
The Object Browser
Compatibility with Visual BASIC
Running Scripts
Running Scripts from Scripter
Running Scripts from the Command Line
Debugging Scripts
Viewing Errors
Run-Time Errors
Script Runs Incorrectly
Stop or Pause
Viewing Variable Values
Changing Variable Values
Creating and Printing a Contour Map
Opening, Saving, and Closing Documents
Modifying Axes
Introduction to Preferences
Selection Group
Default Attributes Group
Miscellaneous Options
Rulers and Grid
Dialog Defaults
Formats for Attribute Values
Fill Properties
Font Properties
Symbol Properties
Numeric Label Properties
Using Custom Setting Files
Introduction to Mathematical Functions
Formula Calculation
Mathematical Functions
Trigonometric Functions
Bessel Functions
Exponential Functions
Miscellaneous Functions
Statistical Functions of an Interval of Columns
Boolean Expressions
Transforming Data in the Worksheet
Introduction to Math Text
Math Text Instruction Syntax
Math Text Instructions
Instructions that Change Typefaces, Sizes, and Styles
Instructions that Change Text Color
Instructions that Change Text Position
Instructions Used to Insert Special Characters or Date and Time
Examples of Math Text Instructions
Introduction to File Formats
Grid File Formats
GS ASCII Grid File Format
GS Binary Grid File Format
Surfer Grid and Surfer 7 Grid File Format
Level File Format
Color Spectrum File Format
Import and Export File Formats
Golden Software Boundary Files
Golden Software Blanking Files
Golden Software PlotCall Files
Golden Software Interchange Files
USGS SDTS Topological Vector Profile Files
USGS Digital Line Graph Files
Atlas Boundary Files
ESRI ArcInfo Export Format Files
ESRI Shapefiles
MapInfo Interchange Format Files
AutoCAD DXF Files
Data File Formats
ASCII Data File Formats
Excel Data Files
SYLK Files
Lotus Data Files
Introduction to Line Styles, Fill Patterns, and Colors
Line Styles
Fill Patterns
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